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Best Places To Visit In Germany: Attractions That will Amaze You

Germany is the home of backpackers. Basically, Germany is located in the heart of Europe. And nowadays it maintains the continent’s most powerful economy. The country consists of natural beauty, culture and history are perhaps the best adjectives to describe the essence of quintessential German best holiday destinations.

There are many best places to visit in Germany like, its small towns, historic cities, some magnificent mountains, and enchanting forests, travelers are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the best places to visit in Germany.

Everybody will be well known Germany for its world war II history and the country’s even more recent times when it was split into east and west. Probably you have known about one of the famous landmarks in the world, the Berlin Wall which came down less than 30 years ago.

The country offering a chance to get really into the nitty-gritty of Germany. So now below is mention some best places to visit in Germany.

List Of Best Places To Visit In Germany

  1. Cologne
  2. Rugen Island
  3. Munich
  4. Berlin
  5. Hamburg

1. Cologne


The city is situated on the Rhine river in the German federal state of the North Rhine-Westphalia, It is one of the most famous places to visit in Germany. Travelers are love exploring this 2,000-year-old city in western Germany. To the sweeping views of the Rhine River to stunning birds-eye views from a cable car above the city, the sights alone are worth a visit.  

The Cologne city also offers a vibrant array of attractions like

  1. Buzzing Nightlife
  2. Stellar Arts
  3. Culture Scene

The has also some impressive landmarks such as Cologne ‘s informal symbol “ Cologne Cathedral” a Gothic Church. There is also one historical landmark in the city that is Twelve Romanesque Church which is count as the best places to visit in Germany and also one of the best churches in the world.

Cologne attractions

Cologne Cathedral
Cologne Cathedral
  1. Towering Cologne Cathedral
  2. The Museum Ludwig
  3. The Cologne Zoological Garden
  4. Imhoff-Schokoladen Museum (a museum dedicated to chocolate!)
  5. Fragrance Museum (which marks the birthplace of Eau de cologne)
  6. Roman-German Modern Museum (which holds ancient Roman antiquities and mosaics)

Hotels in Cologne Germany

Hotel Mondial am Dom Cologne
Hotel Mondial am Dom Cologne

1. Hotel Mondial am Dom Cologne MGallery by Sofitel (4 Star Hotel)

Address:- Kurt-Hackenberg-Platz 1, 50667 Köln, Germany

Phone no. +49 221 20630

2. Cologne Marriott Hotel (4 Star Hotel)

Address:- Johannisstraße 76-80, 50668 Köln, Germany

Phone no. +49 221 942220

3. Hyatt Regency Cologne (4 Star Hotel)

Address:- Kennedy-Ufer 2A, 50679 Köln, Germany

Phone no. +49 221 8281234

4. AZIMUT Hotel Cologne (4 Star Hotel)

Address:- Hansaring 97, 50670 Köln, Germany

Phone no. +49 221 888760

Cologne Airport

Koln Bonn Airport, Cologne
Koln Bonn Airport, Cologne

Name:- Cologne Bonn Airport

Airport Address: Kennedystraße, 51147 Köln, Germany

Code: CGN

Elevation: 92 m

Number of runways: 3

Passenger count: 1,23,84,223

2. Rugen Island

Rugen Island
Rugen Island

The Island is located in the Baltic sea, and it is the largest and most beautiful island in Germany. That island is connected to the mainland by the Rugen Bridge and Rugen Causeway. Island is the first choice of every traveler of places to visit in Germany. Rugen island beauty stems from its diversity of landscape, including everything from flat farmland and forest-covered hills to expansive sandy beaches, lagoons, lovely peninsulas, and lakes.

But on the island, the star attraction is the Jasmund National Park, basically, it is famous for its unique chalk cliffs rising 528 feet (161 meters) over the sea.

Island Attractions

  1. Flat Farmlands
  2. Hills
  3. Forest
  4. Sandy Beaches
  5. Peninsula
  6. Lagoons

Rugen Island Hotels

Parkhotel Rügen
Parkhotel Rügen

1. Parkhotel Rügen (4 Star Hotel)

Address:- Stralsunder Chaussee 1, 18528 Bergen, Germany

Phone no. +49 3838 8150

2. Dorint Strandhotel Binz/Rügen (4 Star Hotel)

Address:- Strandpromenade 58, 18609 Binz, Germany

Phone no. +49 38393 430

3. Dorint Seehotel Binz-Therme Binz/Rügen (4 Star Hotel)

Address:- Strandpromenade 76, 18609 Binz, Germany

Phone no. +49 3839360

4. Hotel Bernstein (4 Star Hotel)

Address:- Hoch Uferpromenade 8, 18586 Sellin, Germany

Phone no. +49 38303 1717

Rugen Island Airport

Rügen Airport
Rügen Airport

Name:- Rügen Airport

Airport Address: Güttin 66, 18573 Dre Schvitz, Germany

Code: GTI

Airport Opened: 1982

Phone: +49 38306 1289

3. Munich

Munich is Bavaria’s capital and the 3rd largest city in Germany. The city is filled with art, culture, technology, education, and tourism and it is one of the best places to visit in Germany with a great cultural scene. Basically, The Munich is home to several sophisticated opera houses and theaters like the National Theatre. Munich’s city center, dominated by the imposing New Town Hall, is home to the bulk of the city’s sights, which include the Frauenkirche and the famous Hofbräu Beer Hall.

Munich Germany
Munich Germany

There are several iconic and historic churches such as-

  1. St. Peter’s
  2. Frauenkirche Cathedral
  3. Art Galleries
  4. Museum Brandhorst
  5. The Neue Pinakothek
  6. German Museum

The city is also world-famous Oktoberfest, Munich’s Oktoberfest began in 1810 with a royal wedding celebration. Nowadays, that famous beer festival draws millions of visitors every year to take part in the revelry that involves several gigantic beer tents, delicious Bavarian food and millions of liters of Beer.

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Munich Attractions

Nymphenburg Palace
Nymphenburg Palace

1. Marienplatz (Plaza in Munich)

Address: Marienplatz 1, 80331 München, Germany

2. Nymphenburg Palace (Palace in Munich)

Address: Schloß Nymphenburg 1, 80638 München, Germany

Opened: 1675

Construction started: 1664

Function: Palace

Phone: +49 89 179080

3. Hofbräuhaus München

Address: Platzl 9, 80331 München, Germany

Phone: +49 89 290136100

4. Munich Residenz (Palace in Munich)

Address: Residenzstraße 1, 80333 München, Germany

Opened: 1385

Architectural style: Renaissance architecture

Phone: +49 89 290671

Function: Museum, Palace

5. Frauenkirche (Cathedral in Munich)

Address: Frauenplatz 12, 80331 München, Germany

Height: 323′

Construction started: 1240

Opened: 1524

Architectural style: Gothic architecture

Phone: +49 89 2900820

Architect: Jörg von Halsbach

Munich Airport

Munich Airport
Munich Airport

Name:- Munich International Airport

Address: Nordallee 25, 85356 München, Germany

Code: MUC

Area: 15.6 km²

Elevation: 453 m

Owner/operator: Flughafen München GmbH

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Munich Railway Station

Munich Railway Station
Munich Railway Station

Name:- München Hauptbahnhof

Address: Bayerstraße 10A, 80335 München, Germany

Code: ZMU

Tracks: 40

Elevation: 523 m (1,716 ft)

Platforms: 17 island platforms

4. Berlin

Belin is the capital city of Germany, and this green city is five times larger than Paris, and the city is spread out over a vast expanse with forests in each direction, with the ancient buildings of Mitte elegantly coexisting with the modern Reichstag. A report says that Berlin city is ranked as 1st in best places to visit in Germany.


This German city is widely associated with world war II history and a former division of East and West Germany by the Berlin Wall during the Cold War. In nowadays Berlin is a vast, unified city diverse in ethnic groups and abundant in sightseeing attractions, culture, and nightlife. One of the famous Berlin’s structure is the 18th century Brandenburg Gate is a symbol of reunification and the famous places to visit in Germany.

Berlin Attractions

Brandenburg Gate
Brandenburg Gate

1. Brandenburg Gate

Address: Pariser Platz, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Opened: 6 August 1791

Height: 85′

Construction started: 1788

Architects: Carl Gotthard Langhans, Johann Gottfried Schadow

2. Reichstag Building (Edifice in Berlin)

Address: Platz der Republik 1, 11011 Berlin, Germany

Construction started: 9 June 1884

Phone: +49 30 22732152

Architectural styles: Renaissance architecture, Postmodern Architecture, Baroque Revival architecture

Architects: Norman Foster, Paul Wallot

Function: Building, Office

3. Alexanderplatz (Plaza in Berlin)

Address: 10178 Berlin, Germany

4. Museum Island (Island in Berlin)

Location: Berlin, Germany

UNESCO World Heritage Site inscription: 1999

Buffer zone: 22.5 ha

UNESCO Site Id: 896

5. East Side Gallery (Memorial in Berlin)

Address: Mühlenstraße 3-100, 10243 Berlin, Germany

Founded: 1990

Phone: +49 30 2517159

Berlin Airport

Berlin Airport
Berlin Airport

Name:- Berlin Brandenburg Airport

Code: BER

Elevation: 47 m

Location: Schönefeld

Opened: 2020 (scheduled)

Operator: Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH

Berlin Railway Station

Berlin Central Railway Station
Berlin Central Railway Station

1. Berlin Central Station

Address: Hauptbahnhof, Europaplatz 1, 10557 Berlin, Germany

Code: QPP

Opened: 26 May 2006

Height: 197′

Tracks: 16

Phone: +49 30 2971055

Architect: Meinhard von Gerkan

2. Berlin Hirschgarten railway station

Address: 12587 Berlin, Germany

Station code: 2790

Platforms in use: 2

3. Berlin Friedrichstraße station

Address: Georgenstraße 14/17, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Opened: 7 February 1882

Tracks: 8

Owner: DB Netz

Station code: 527

Platforms in use: 4

Phone: +49 30 2971055

Architect: Johannes Vollmer

5. Hamburg

Hamburg is the second-largest city after Berlin in size and population.  Basically, it is a port city in northern Germany, and it is also the home to one of the biggest harbors in Europe. The city is the first choice of any traveler, places to visit in Germany. You may take a stroll along its many waterways and canals, and you’ll immediately see why it’s been called the “Venice of the North.”

Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is truly is one of the most picturesque cities in all of Germany. The city is also famous for its nightlife hub, “Reeperbahn,” which also houses the city’s red-light district, though this area tends to be quite a bit touristy. The traveler who enjoys art and theatre can explore Hamburgische Staatsoper, the Hamburg State Opera, or the Hamburg Ballet theatre.

Hamburg Attractions

Beatles-Platz, Hamburg
Beatles-Platz, Hamburg

1. Ladage & Oelke (Clothing store in Hamburg)

Address: Neuer Wall 11, 20354 Hamburg, Germany

Phone: +49 40 35018900

2. Beatles-Platz (a Tourist attraction in Hamburg)

Address: Reeperbahn 174, 20359 Hamburg, Germany

Phone: +49 6309 49950

3. Dialogue House (Museum in Hamburg)

Address: Alter Wandrahm 4, 20457 Hamburg, Germany

Founder: Andreas Heinecke

Founded: 1988

Director: Andreas Heinecke

Phone: +49 40 3096340

4. Feenteichbrücke

Address: Schöne Aussicht 25, 22085 Hamburg, Germany

5. Störtebeker-Denkmal

Address: Störtebeker Ufer, 20457 Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg Airport

Hamburg airport
Hamburg Airport

Address: Flughafen. 1-3, 22335 Hamburg, Germany

Code: HAM

Elevation: 52′

Passenger count: 1,76,22,997

Year built: 1911

Municipality: Hamburg

Yearly aircraft movements: 1,59,780

Phone: +49 40 50750

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Hamburg Railway Station

Hamburg Railway Station
Hamburg Railway Station

Name:- Hamburg-Harburg Railway Station

Address: Hannoversche Str. 85, 21079 Hamburg, Germany

Opened: 1 May 1897

Tracks: 6

Parking: Park and ride

Connection: Bus

Owner: DB Station&Service

Rebuilt: 1983


Above the places is one of the best places to visit in Germany. In one word we say about the country is that it is one place where you find everything. The places mentioned above are good to spend your holidays in Germany. That we say you can enjoy your holiday at your favorite holiday destination in Germany. So not to be late, just pack your bags and go!

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