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Venice: City Of Canals and Water (Places To Visit In Venice)

Is Venice one of our favourite place in Italy. Why?

This city is a small and perfect compact to explore within a few days. Venice is all about everything, romantic, historic and beautiful. Venice city is located in the Veneto region of Italy that is one of the northernmost states. The city was originally built on 100 small islands in the Adriatic sea.

In one of the most attraction of this gorgeous place is the architecture. That is enhanced by the ancient canals that surround it. Venice city is one of the most attractable place in a city if you want to spend some time in your busy time then Venice is the best fit for you.

You can enjoy the best time in this city. So don’t be a miss to visit this city, just pack your bags and go for a vacation. In some places mentioned below, we are sure that it will help while you travel to the city.

  1. Rialto Bridge
  2. The Doges’ Palace
  3. Venice’s Best Bargain: The Vaporetto
  4. Get Lost In Beaten Path of Venice City
  5. Glass Workshops on Murano, Venice City

1. The Doges’ Palace

The Doges’ Palace is a palace that is built in the style of Venetian Gothic.  For moreover decades, this building is served as the residence for the Doge, the seat of the government, and a palace of justice. Nowadays, it is a museum. Don’t be a doubt, a visit to the Doges’ Palace is the best experience in Venice. The history that took place here is incredible.

Doges’ Palace
Doges’ Palace

In that place, expect large crowds of people and even a long wait in line just to get in. You may visit the Palace on your own or book a guided “Secret Itineraries” tour.

In your visit to the Palace, you will have more fantastic views of Venice. Yes, we love great views of the cities we visit, if you travel with your family and children then those places are best for you. The Doges’ Palace has some great views of Venice.

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2. Rialto Bridge

The Grand Canal, the Ponte di Rialto is the most popular bridge in Venice City. From the top of the bridge, you can enjoy the other fantastic, that gives an iconic view of this city. You may see it at sunrise, you may also see it at sunset.

Rialto Bridge Venice
Rialto Bridge

It also joins the crowds of tourists in the middle of the day. Some more things you may watch from the Rialto Bridge are as follows:-

  1. Watching the gondolas
  2. Vaporetto
  3. In the Grand Canal ferries travel up and down from this spot is mesmerizing.

You also see a spot, take lots of selfie photos, and smile because you are in Venice! You won’t be the hassle to share this space with a lot of other travellers.

3. Venice’s Best Bargain: The Vaporetto

The question is arises in our mind, What is a Vaporetto?

The Vaporetto
The Vaporetto

And the answer is, it is a water bus that takes passengers from one point to another point. Most of the people use the Vaporetto as a way to travel between the important place. It is a cheap way of travel, and it is a more fantastic way to tour

  1. The Grand Canal,
  2. Ride the Vaporetto from the lagoon through the Grand Canal,
  3. Past the Rialto Bridge, all the way to the train station.

You may take the city no. 1 Vaporetto that is (ACTV )Linea 1 from Piazzale Roma to Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square). If you want, this Vaporetto travels all of the ways to Lido Island. That also runs in all the directions, so don’t be tense, if you are coming from Lido Island, you can ride the Vaporetto from over the lagoon and down the entire Grand Canal.

This travel experience gives you so much fun and you enjoy it a lot. Vaporetto is a cheap medium of travel and explore the city. So you may see the city at a low cost.

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4. Get Lost In Beaten Path of Venice City

You may go where the big crowds and peoples don’t and you’ll explore some amazing and fascinating things.

Beaten Path Venice
Beaten Path

The last tourist area of the city is where the real Venetians live. It’s also where you will find-

  1. The most picturesque buildings,
  2. The coolest little shops,
  3. And the best, least expensive places to eat.

You may avoid the hordes of people that typically plague the city, allowing you to enjoy the true feeling of Venice. In every turn you take has the potential to reveal

  1. The wonderful churches,
  2. Campi (Venetians squares) and palaces.

And if you get to a dead-end here and there, so don’t worry. It might offer a fantastic stunning view.

5. Glass Workshops on Murano, Venice City

In all of the many islands of Venice, Murano is one of the nearest to the city, and it is simply to reach by boat.

Everyone has to dream at least it may be going to Venice for the first time should visit a glass shop in Murano, many of which offer tours of their glass heating system where you can see how glass objects of amazing beauty are made by skilled artisans.

Murano, Venice

I have still some memories of the first time when I visited a blown-glass furnace for the first time. I was in second grade. What an outstanding day trip that was!

The fact of Monaco: If you first time in Murano, I personally recommend stopping at the Osteria La Perla ai Bisatei for a bite to eat. This is a nice, cosy, and in your budget. Restaurant with great local cuisine and friendly service. It’s a place where the locals eat—need I say more?

Bottom Line

A lot has been explaining and written about Venice, so I’m sure you already know that it is a beautiful and historic city. It has too much to offer that you could spend a full month in Venice and still not be able to see it all. If you plan a trip to Venice and you don’t see these things then you anything to be seen in Venice city. So firstly you get the above things that may help in your time of travel.

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