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How to Book Group Travel Ticket for Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines provides plenty of options to travelers, whether you are going on a holiday getaway or a business trip. Now, included in these options is group travel, which allows passengers traveling in groups of more than 10 persons to fly on Delta’s flights on the same reservation. There are, however, certain requirements that must be met and the booking procedure is a little different, too. But, we are here to help you get things done quickly and easily.

In this guide, we will see in detail how to book a group travel ticket for Delta Air Lines when you are going on an official trip with more companions.

A Brief Overview of Group Travel on Delta Air Lines

Although you can book group tickets online on Delta’s website, the number of passenger selections is limited to 9 only. This is one reason why Delta started offering a separate service that allows you to book more than 10 passengers on the same reservation, i.e., through their “Group Travel” services. You can upgrade seat on delta airlines with utmost comfort.

Thus, in order to provide a smooth flying experience, especially to passengers that are traveling in large groups, Delta tries to make this a hassle-free experience for everyone. They also have a separate customer service for this, which is called Delta Group Specialists. These experts or representatives will help you book group tickets on the go. All you need to do is simply contact them via phone to complete the reservation process.

Traveling on the same reservation along with a number of companions requires a couple of processes to be carried out effectively. These help in making your and your companions’ journey a worthwhile experience, which also includes travel expenses, services, etc. There are a few requirements or conditions to be met in order to avail of this service.

Delta’s Group Travel Policy – Requirements, Benefits, and Limitations

Before you go about booking a group reservation, there are certain things you should take note of. Their policy will help you understand more about Delta’s Group Travel policy.

Since their policy can be quite lengthy, it is thus, advised that you read them carefully by going over to Delta’s official website, then to the Contact Us section. Here, you will find a link to their Group Travel, which also includes requirements, benefits, limitations, and other important information.

But, just to give you a quick head up, we will only cover a few of these here.

  • The number of passengers must be at least 10 or more in order to book a reservation through Delta’s Group Travel. Their normal online booking allows you to select up to 9 passengers only on the same group.
  • All passengers in a group must have at least one common flight segment.
  • Later, if you plan on adding more passengers to your current group, they will have to be booked on a different fare from the main group.
  • If you book a group ticket but the number of passengers is less than 10, Delta can cancel your booking, and any deposit will be forfeited. You will then have to make a fresh booking as an individual by contacting Delta’s reservations desk via phone.
  • If your group travel involves a business trip, you can use the Delta Meeting Network. It offers 300 destinations where corporate travelers can hold meetings for 15 or more people.
  • You get the advantage of competitive fares, flexible ticketing options, and also support in booking and managing your group’s travel.
  • There are many benefits available to active members of the US military, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. A few such benefits include the Delta Vacations package, traveling with pets, bag allowance, and more.
  • Group tickets are not eligible for SkyMiles upgrades. So, your accrued mileage will be according to the SkyMiles program.
  • Discounts for children and seniors are not available on group fares. Also, fares may vary based on travel dates and destination.
  • There is a dedicated team of representatives called Delta Group Specialists that help you book, customize and manage booking, and reservations on the same flight.

In addition to the policies stated above, there is more information available on Delta’s website that you can read.

When you are on their homepage, click the “Need Help?” menu that is located in the top right corner. You will again see the “Need Help?” link under the menu, click on it. Scroll down the page again and click the “Contact Us” link. This will expand the menu option that will show you a list of categories, their contact information, and operation hours. You can make complaint to Delta Airlines customer service. Here, scroll down a little, then click “Group Travel” to view the requirements and policies.

You will also find the link to their help section at the bottom of the page.

Steps for Booking a Group Travel Ticket Online on Delta

If you are planning on flying in a group of more than 10 persons, then booking a group travel reservation should be your ideal choice.

However, the steps to book a group reservation online on Delta’s website requires a few additional clicks before you can get to the main booking page. No worries! We will show you these steps in the following section.


1. Using a computer or smartphone device, go to Delta’s website

Note: When you book a group ticket online, you will be directed to the Group Travel Request Form page. There are a couple of steps, where you will be asked to provide details and also make additional selections to the flight itinerary.

2. When on the page, click the “Travelling with Us” option, then select “Planning a Trip” and click again on the “Group Travel” option.

3. A Group Travel Request form will be displayed on your screen that will ask you to select the type in “Group Customer” from three available options. These options include Travel Agency, Organization/Company, and Group Coordinator/Leader. After selecting the option, click the Continue button.

4. In the next step, you will be asked to provide customer information. Enter the details in the fields marked as mandatory, then click the action button to proceed to the next step.

5. Next, you will be required to fill in your travel details. You can make selections from the options provided to you. After entering the details, click the action button to go to the next step.

6. The next page consists of special requests. You can make additional requests to your travel booking to fit your needs. Once you are done with this, click the action button to proceed to the next step.

7. Now, the last step here will display a summary of your booking along with fees, taxes, surcharges, and other information. Take a moment to review your booking and when you are ready, click the Submit button. Your request will be submitted for processing and may take a few minutes.

Once your reservation has been successfully booked, you will also receive a confirmation in your e-mail. You can show this confirmation at the boarding gate and when boarding the flight as well.

These are all the steps you need in order to complete your group travel booking online.

Booking Group Travel Ticket via Phone

In addition to booking group travel tickets online on Delta’s website, there is another way you make the group booking on the same itinerary. This can be done by simply giving a call to the representatives of Delta Group Specialists.

The representatives can assist you with group travel booking.

You can contact Delta’s customer service representatives at +1-800-532-4777 (USA and Canada). They are available Monday through Friday and from 08:00 – 20:00 hours (EST) to provide assistance.



Delta Air Lines’ group travel reservations make traveling with groups an easier and more convenient experience.

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