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How to Book Group Travel Ticket for JetBlue Airways

JetBlue Airways is a low-cost airline carrier that is based in New York’s Long Island City, United States, and operates domestic and international flights to and from the U.S., Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. If you are travelling to any of these destinations with a small or large group, JetBlue will surely offer you their lowest fares along with some benefits to complement your journey.

In this guide, we will take a look at how you can book group travel tickets when flying on JetBlue Airways flight to your destination.

Things to Know about Book Group Travel Ticket for JetBlue Airways

Traveling on a budget airliner like JetBlue, whether it’s your holiday or a business trip, will give you an experience of comfort. In addition, the airliner also provides both free and premium in-flight services, including meals and awesome baggage handling policies.

JetBlue Airways also offers bookings for groups, in which passengers may feel the need to travel with multiple companions on the same itinerary. Thus, in order to fulfil this, they offer group booking services that may also come with a few benefits.

Group Bookings

JetBlue’s group bookings allows travellers to book plane tickets for several companions on the same reservation and bound to the same destination. Such groups can usually include a limited number of 7 people, or even bigger – say, that may usually consist of 10 or more people. You can also create multiple reservations of up to 7 people at a time, if your group is a little bigger.

If you are booking plane tickets for such smaller groups, this can be achieved easily by going to JetBlue’s website. The process is almost the same as that of normal booking for a solo traveller. However, you will need to select the number of passengers that are travelling on your itinerary, and the number is limited. We have also provided the necessary steps for booking group tickets in the later section.

On the other, if you are booking plane tickets for larger groups, where the number of passengers is usually more than 10, the procedure to achieve this is slightly different. Thus, in such cases, JetBlue will recommend you to contact their Groups Desk which can be reached via phone.

There are, however, a few important things about group bookings that you will need to consider. These are given as follows:

  • JetBlue Groups start at a minimum of 10 people travelling on the same flights.
  • All group customers must be booked on the same flight on the same day. Customers travelling separately from the group are considered individual bookings and regular fare rules and restrictions apply.
  • Fare quotes are valid for up to two weeks, depending on dates of travel and time of quote.
  • Seats are held with a deposit of $50 per seat until 30 days prior to departure (60 days on international bookings).
  • JetBlue is limited to four payment transactions per group.
  • After final payment has been made, individual deviations from the group are allowed for a fee of $135 per person plus the increase in airfare. Your group will be allowed to deviate up to 20% of the total group size.
  • After final payment and customer names have been received and the seats ticketed, you may purchase Even More Space seating. Payment for the purchase of Even More Space seating is due at the time of purchase.
  • Traveller information is due 30 days prior to travel.
  • Name changes can be made for a fee of $100 per name, but name corrections can be made at no additional charge.
  • Tickets added after the original group reservation is made will be at the current fare, and payment in full may be required at the time of booking.
  • Tickets booked on the internet will not be considered part of the group, and cannot be added to the group. Internet bookings are subject to our general fare rules and restrictions.

Also, note that JetBlue does not discount group fares nor does it honour lower fares on group bookings. You can also manage your booking with JetBlue Airways.

Steps for Group Travel Online Booking on JetBlue Airways Flight

You can make a group booking online on JetBlue’s website if you are looking for smaller groups up to 8 people.

The steps required to book group travel tickets for the JetBlue flight are given below.


1. On your computer or smartphone device, open a web browser and visit JetBlue’s official website

2. When you are on their website, you will see the “Flights” menu selected by default. Here, enter the details, such as trip type, origin, destination, travel date and number of passengers in the fields, then click the Search Flights button. It will show you all the available flights on your route.

Note: The maximum number of adult passengers you can choose here is 7.

3. The flights available for your route will be displayed based on your selection. Here, you can choose your flight with the route that suits you best.

4. At the flight booking page, you will be asked to provide your personal details and contact information. Also, you can select the date of travel and the number of passengers who will be travelling with you on the same itinerary.

5. After filling up all the required details, you will be directed to the flight summary page, which will also contain payment information for check-out. Here, you can review your flight booking before the final check-out.

Note: If you add any extras, there will be additional fees charged.

6. Once you have reviewed your flight details, you can proceed to making the payment.

You will receive an e-mail with regard to your ticket confirmation. You can use this confirmation to show at the boarding gate and also in the flight.

Keep in mind that if you are booking group reservations from a third-party travel agency or travel website, the form may not be available to you. The process may differ if the travel agent books the ticket on your behalf for you.

Alternatively, you may also contact JetBlue’s customer service centre via phone at 1-888-JETBLUE (1-800-538-2583) to assist you with group bookings for less than 8 people on your itinerary.

Booking Group Travel Reservation for JetBlue Airways Flight via Phone

JetBlue’s Groups Desk can also assist you with booking group travel tickets for your companions on the same flight. You can contact the airline’s customer service centre via phone, which you can find on their website. Simply visit their Contact Us page and select the option with regard to your query. You can reach the airliner’s Groups Desk at 1-888-JETBLUE (1-800-538-2583).

Their customer service centre’s phone number will be displayed on your screen, which you can use to call one of their representatives.

Now, the steps for booking a group travel ticket via phone is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is dial their phone number, and select the option by pressing the key/button on your phone. You will be connected to a live representative shortly. You will be asked to provide details of passengers, including your information, such as e-mail and contact information.

After your request is processed and your ticket is confirmed, you will also be informed via e-mail, where a confirmation will be sent to you.

How to Book Tickets for Large Groups

In the above, we showed you the procedure of booking group tickets for a small group of travellers. However, if you are travelling with a large group that consists of 10 or more people, the process is a little different.

The steps are given as follows.


1. Using your fixed line phone or mobile phone, contact JetBlue’s Groups Desk at 1-888-JETBLUE (1-800-538-2583).

2. You will be greeted with the automated voice system that will provide a couple of options to choose from.

3. At the prompt, select option 2 to immediately get connected through to a live representative at Groups Desk.

4. When you are connected to a live representative, you will be asked to provide details of passengers, including your information, such as e-mail and contact information. Your details will also be validated and to further the process.

5. If everything goes well, you will be asked to check out and tickets will be issued to you. You will receive your tickets electronically via e-mail or have paper tickets sent to you on your mailing address.

You will also receive a confirmation on your e-mail which you can show at the boarding gate and on board your flight as well.

Booking Group Travel Ticket at Airport

You can book a group travel ticket directly at the airport where you plan to depart from. When you are at the airport, go to the airport’s ticketing counter in order to request a group reservation in JetBlue for 10 or more persons on the same itinerary.

The agent will ask you to provide your details, including a government-issued ID proof and your contact information. The contact information that you provide at the time of booking ticket at the airport will be used to send you the confirmation e-mail after your ticket has been confirmed.

You can use the confirmation sent to you via e-mail to show at the boarding gate and also during the flight boarding process.


JetBlue Airways serves some of the most popular destinations throughout the United States and its neighbouring territories. Also, their in-flight services that are offered both as free and premium, and with the option to make personalizations.

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