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Best Day Trips From Berlin To Discern The Old Tales Of German

Berlin, the capital city of Germany holds some cool vibes with many historic sites that contrast modern life. While the capital has enough tourist attractions, still there are many cities nearby it which had to visit and explore simply by taking these mentioned best day trips from Berlin.

As you know Germany has a great history and thus places all around the country have something to tell that is certain. Germany has many places to visit including Berlin, there are numerous german cities nearby it which you should not escape to travel. A one-day trip from Berlin is enough time to know these places well and spend your day better and memorable.

So below are 10-weekend day trips from Berlin which have been shortlisted for you to call on them and check out the real beauty and charms of the place.

10 Best Day Trips From Berlin

  1. Potsdam
  2. Wannsee
  3. Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp
  4. Hamburg
  5. Leipzig
  6. Dresden
  7. Spreewald
  8. Pfaueninsel or Peacock Island
  9. Saxon Switzerland National Park
  10. Rakotzbrücke Devil’s Bridge

1. Wannsee

Wannsee Castle and many other amazing kingly estates are well worth to explore

Hot summer weekend day trips from berlin to Wannsee is just a flawless idea to spend in lakeside of the city. Inland outdoor beach, Strandbad is usually covered with tourist to take sunbath or derive the swimming fun. Though it will be a bit crowded but once you get the place it will just perfect for you.

Apart from this, the city has many things to do and explore. Numerous royal villas, historic kingly properties, parks, and gardens decorated with flora. Summer house of great German painter Max Liebermann, Liebermann Villa is something to visit must which exhibits many paintings made by him.

Moreover, the city’s downtown is filled with amazing restaurants, bars, rooftop cafes facing water which serves the ultimate food and drinks to make your trip more exciting. It will be a great experience if you stream over the lake from Potsdam which is just 3 hours by lake connecting this city add up on amazing fun in your day trips from Berlin.

Time to reach: about 40 mins to 50 mins

Distance from Berlin: 19 miles driving approx. 

2. Potsdam

Potsdam, best day trips from Berlin
Beautiful Sanssouci Palace of Potsdam

It’s german most former imperial city and its most famous among the travelers. City is flourished with beautiful gardens and lakes. Moreover, the city has many royal properties to explore and know the great history of German and its city.

The most eminent Sanssouci Park has many things to do. Sanssouci Palace, Orangery Palace, and New Palace are the three buildings within the park, which is constructed by different designs from each other.

Apart from this, the Old Dutch Quarter is perfect for the start of your day trips from Berlin. This Dutch-style architecture building is built-up by red-brick. Potsdam day tour from berlin has enough places to travel to spend some amazing time apart from regular days.

Time to reach: about 40 mins to 50 mins

Distance from Berlin: 20 miles approx. apart by car 

3. Hamburg

Gorgeous building pin with canals and bridges in Hamburg

It is absolutely the best day trips from Berlin as there are frequent trains from Berlin to Hamburg. If you want to get off the berlin but yet want to stay in metropole only, this city is excellent for them.

The city is mainly famous for its nightlife. Thus it means the city has many restaurants, bars, clubs, and cafes to make the nightlife more exciting and entertaining. Perhaps seafood and drinks over these places are just mouth-watering.

So if talk about day, you may go to Heide Park to get the twisted rollercoasters ride. Apart from this city has many antic buildings all are connected with canals and bridges.

Time to reach: about 1 hour & 10-15 mins more

Distance from Berlin: 159 miles by train approx.

4. Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp
Face with the terrific history of Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

If you are willing to know the history of Nazi concentration camp, its the ideal place where you will experience the real history of it and feel the horror and screaming prisoners over the Nazi camp.

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp is a home of more than 2 lakhs prisoners, thousands of people died due to the torture given to them. It’s been closed in 1950 and now the historic memorial of the city, Sachsenhausen. 

More or less this one day trips from Berlin will be worth it after you will get back with the complete knowledge of the history of Third Reich of WWII.

Time to reach: about 50 mins to 1 hour

Distance from Berlin: 23 miles far by car approx.

5. Leipzig

Leipzig, day trips from Berlin
Famous St Thomas’ Cathedral of Leipzig

Leipzig is a major city of the Roman Empire which holes its culture and tradition safe and sound till now. The city is cheaper and had many chillout places for your time to spend well.

The sight-seeing of the city is enough which has divers places like St Thomas’ Cathedral and St Nicholas Church are just gorgeous, beautiful zoological and botanical gardens and Battle of the Nations Memorial which is far most famous are something you should not leave to visit when you are at the day trips from Berlin.

Thus, this vibrant city is way more better than Berlin and tourists prefer to visit here due to its cool chilling vibes.

Time to reach: about 1 hour & 25 mins to 30 mins

Distance from Berlin: 94 miles by train approx.

6. Dresden

Dresden, weekend trips from Berlin
Recreation of Altstadt after the bombing of WWII in Dresden

Situated in south of berlin, this drizzling city is site on the bank of river Elbe both the side. This city has been destroyed by the bombing of WWII bu later rebuilt its glorious old heritages to hold the history of the country quite well.

The river cuts the city is two parts 1st Altstadt, the old one and the 2nd one is Neustadt, the new one; both have their own individuality which refects when you step up there. Neustadt has a culture, art, vibrant streets and shops galleries and superb nightlife, whereas Altstadt is fully recreated after the destruction of WWII exactly the way it was before. Though it’s an old city but still it feels like a new.

Dresden is a perfect place where you will get the combination of historic essence on one side and on the other side, the fun of modern life too which is making this city the best day trips from Berlin.

Time to reach: about 2 hours from train

Distance from Berlin: 103 miles approx.

7. Spreewald

Spreewald, best day trips from Berlin
Flourishing beauty of nature in Spreewald

There might not be a better place then to escape from the city life than to visit here as a weekend day trips from Berlin. Its been the most beautiful protected nature reserve with lush greenery.

This place has quite freshly vibes, which is the home of many plants and animals. Most part of the town is covered with water of Spree River and you have to communicate with the help of kayaks, same way like in Venice. Other than that you can go roam around by walking, cycling, biking which is also a great way of exploring this natural place.

Furthermore, visit Lübbenau, most popular tourist center. To call of nature, Lehde is a lagoon village and has trails of them, and last this cute little fishing village  Leipe will just make your trip complete which will delight you for sure.

Time to reach: about 1 hour, 30 mins

Distance from Berlin: 56 miles on car approx.

8. Pfaueninsel or Peacock Island

Schloss Pfaueninsel, a historic white castle in Pfaueninsel

Pfaueninsel is well known by Peacock islands cause, place is countless numbers of peacock roam around you when you were there. This cute small nature reserver, based on bank of river Havel and is best for your weekend picnic with your family.

The beautiful white color Castel, Schloss Pfaueninsel is 1.5 km in length and width of 0.5 km. This historic architecture is surrounded by a green large park and wildlife too which is a great place to spend time for your one-day trips from Berlin.

Apart from this historic spot, there is another ancient monument, Kavaliershaus in the middle of the island, build in the 19th century is well worth visit. By going away from the city, in front of the river and enclosed in the greeneries, you will get to have some fresh air to breath and enjoy the natural beauty.

Time to reach: about 45 mins

Distance from Berlin: 18 miles by car approx.

9. Saxon Switzerland National Park

Saxon Switzerland National Park
Bastei Bridge of Saxon Switzerland National Park

On-site of river Elbe, Saxon Switzerland National Park is located over trails of ranges. The scenic view is just breath-taking making this the best landmark for weekend trips from Berlin.

Bastei Bridge is the most popular about this park. Bridge is built over the cliff, rocky pillar which is something to come and see for sure. From the bridge, you will have a panoramic view which is just mind-blowing.

Apart from this, the park is also known for its natural beauty, hiking tracks, lush greenery, flora and fauna. Even more, get to face many species of birds and small animals which make your weekend fantastic with one-day trips from Berlin.

Time to reach: about 3 hours  

Distance from Berlin: 153 miles by car approx.

10. Rakotzbrücke Devil’s Bridge

Rakotzbrücke Devil’s Bridge, day trips from Berlin
19th-century Rakotzbrücke Devil’s Bridge is just stunning to see

As the name reflects but the places totally get contradict when you reached there to see, its a great piece of attraction in the town, Kromlau. Rakotzbrücke Devil’s Bridge is a most picture-perfect place for your Instagram photos and collect memories form the day trips from Berlin.

Devil’s Bridge is located in the large landscape of Kromlauer Park. It is a stone arching over the lake in a semi half circle form which refects on water making it a complete circle. Though, the visitors were not allowed to walk over the bridge cause it’s quite risky.

Apart from this, you must visit Kromlau Castle in the park itself. At the time of autumn park, the view is more gorgeous due to red yellow trees all around. Whatever you will face here is just mind-blowing and fascinates you to come over again and again.

Time to reach: about 2 hours & 10 mins to 15 mins

Distance from Berlin: 99 miles by car drive approx.


Thus at the end of the blog, you have a list of some of the vibrant cities of the German which are just nearby the capital, Berlin. And if you are finished with the berlin city then you must catch out these places with day trips from Berlin.

All the cities are full of life, culture, fun, enjoyment, and entertainment to do which will make you weekend day trips from Berlin more perfect. Many historic archeological buildings and ancient Royal Empire are there to gather the history of German. Moreover, there are also numerous lakes and gardens with incredible flora making these cities the best day trips from Berlin, German

So, travel safe and sound, along with collecting memories.

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