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11 Perfect Day Trips From Columbus Ohio For Family Vacation

The capital of the midwestern state of Ohio is Columbus. This large city is known for its famous university and the number of parks available. You can plan for day trips from Columbus, located between the cities of Cleveland and Cincinnati.

It has ample of opportunities for adventures in day time tripping. The city apart from the beautiful history has lots of places for trail hiking, cascading waterfalls, exploring the natural beauty,  Lake Erie, national parks, caves, museums indoor water parks, Rock And Roll, and so on.

Day trips from Ohio are with places of beautiful nature to explore for weekend vacation but have a lot to see and choose a day to cover all that beauty is quite difficult. Below is some hint of favorite day trips in Ohio, let see if it help to plan the itinerary.  

Here Are Some Options

1. German Village

german village, weekend getaways in ohio
German Village

It’s a historic place for those who enjoy more of exploring the city rather than enjoy nature.

It has a stunning preserved architecture of pedestrian neighborhoods with small towns. And doesn’t matter what time or season to visit the city. 

The beauty of German Village in Ohio is because of its architecture, local eateries, history, and unique shops. Which made it an amazing destination for tourists. 

2. Granville


Granville is a town of colors and beauty. Perfect to go when you’re searching for a quaint New England vibe. The town slogan is New England charm in the heart of Ohio.

As soon as entering eyes are catching some cute boutiques filled with local crafts and goods, charming local pubs and restaurants, basically, that small town gives you a vibe that can’t ever get in a big city. This is the most beautiful and overlooked town in Ohio with full of history and a lot to do. 

3. The Wilds

the wild, Day Trips From Columbus Ohio
The Wild

It’s an adorable place with beautiful animals but not to be called a zoo. Because of its safari park and animal conservation center where the animal can freely roam around on the estimated area of 9,154 acres. For those who enjoy day trips to Ohio, this place is offering an overnight stay imagining yourself being in African safari. This place is the home of hundreds of animals. Like; giraffes, buffaloes, rhinos and many other endangered species from all over the world.

The center helps to educate people regarding the animal rather than only providing entertainment. Options are available for enjoying safari depends on your type of enjoyment like open-air jeep ride to private tours.

One of the adventurous things that can be done is the zip line. Which is provided for those whom they want to see the animals. The reason that Wild is so famous among other zoos in Ohio is because of the availability of the exotic and rare animals. You can observe the animal through the safari distance which is depending on the tour that you prefer.

4. Clifton Mill

Clifton Mill
Clifton Mill

This is a historical feature and vintage mill of Ohio heritage of 1802 .mill is on the bank of Clifton river with the man-made waterfall which position on top of the river.

The mill is now a tourist attraction with water-powered quality. For people who are more adventurous, it has a hiking trail in John Bryan State Park. Another attraction is an old gas station that belongs to 1945 with a beautiful American restaurant on site.

5. Cuyahoga National Park

Cuyahoga National Park,Day Trips From Columbus Ohio
Cuyahoga National Park

This is a  unique park in the northern town of Peninsula and great day trips from Ohio. Biking and hiking are available within a park and there is a stretch trail of B&B bike trail. Which connects the small B&Bs across the country and providing overnight stay for the cyclist who has multi-day planning trips.

There is a railroad that offers great special events on a certain evening with the view of the national park by train. The only National Park in Ohio is Cuyahoga. Located in the north of Columbus and near to the city of Cleveland. It is a remarkable area of natural beauty near the Cuyahoga River, gives the opportunity of walking and cycling trails, waterfalls, and caves to explore.

Park has a historical first canal in the state which is stretching to Lake Erie in the north and can be traversed by foot. There is a beautiful place call Brandywine fall in Sagamore hills with the dashing view for photography. And so many amazing restaurants to hit and try which are; Courtyard in Brecksville, Casa Dangelo in Macedonia, Guosseppe’s in Northfield center and many more which are 15 minutes away from the fall for those who are foody. 

6. Yellow Springs

yellow springs
Yellow Springs

Other amazing day trips from Ohio, is Yellow Springs for summer activities, creativity and nature enthusiasts. Tourists are coming from the state and nearby areas to enjoy the local charm. And calendar festivals with so many decorations on trees.

Always you will find something to do in this charming town. It is Ohio’s most special town. Because there are plenty of things available to do which you can’t find in other places.

There are colorful stores, coffee shops, yoga studios, and salons, with streets occupied with so many performances ready to welcome visitors in town.

7. Amish Country Ohio

Amish Country Ohio, Day Trips From Columbus Ohio
Amish Country Ohio

One of the most popular destinations for one-day trips from Ohio is Amish Country in northeast Ohio made up of several cities and towns. Like; Charm, Walnut Creek, Berlin, and Millers-burg. Which is the largest one among many cheese factories in the area like Guggisberg Cheese and Heini’s Cheese Chalet.

There is Walnut Creek Cheese with an incredible price for cheese blocks and baking supplies in their grocery stores.

Holmes County in Amish. This is a totally different world you can see Amish communities lives in varied ways. Still, they use traditional horses and horse-drawn carriages and their local language is Pennsylvania Dutch rather than English.

8. Cleveland


The most famous place for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame which must-see is a rock from across the country. As it is famous for professional sports there are multiple things to do from attending Cleveland Browns football game, Cleveland Indians Baseball fame to enjoy yours outdoors in the beautiful Metroparks which has hiking, biking, bird watching, and ice chute park which opens only during winter.

This is amazing for the night tour because the Metroparks are connected around the city. There are few notable stops which should mention; one is Flats East Bank, Cleveland Museum of Art, Westside Market, Cleveland Zoo and sentimental Christmas story house which is now a museum itself.

The other lovely place to visit during your best day trips from Ohio in Cleveland is the West Side Market which amazes the eyes with its architecture, food and local vendors. And finally to enjoy nature’s beauty, Cleveland Botanical Garden is just amazing with colorful flowers and animals.

9. Cincinnati


This is the third-largest city in Ohio, an hour and a half away from Columbus. It’s the home of the oldest baseball team of America name Cincinnati Reds. And that should be in a must-visit list if you go to this place during summer. If you go there in fall you can be a part of the legions of football fans Cincinnati Bengals. 

The city has tourist attractions like Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal, The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in the Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education and Cincinnati Art Museum.

There is a great family spot for food and cultural scene all spread along the river bank. Which itself becomes another tourist place, people can swing on the riverwalk. While some are running or enjoying the wind at Smale Riverfront Park.

One of the reasons that give attraction view of the city is the 19th-century architectural building from memory of industrial boom days. Other places to visit in this historic city are Cincinnati zoo, Botanical garden, and Gardens of Krohn Conservatory. 

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10. Old Man’s Cave

Old Man's Cave
Old Man’s Cave

There are several hiking areas with multiple trails and easy finding right trail according to someone’s fitness level, in each that can fit both leisure hikers and those looking for a challenge. Trails like; Old Man’s Cave, Conkle’s Hollow Nature Preserve, Cedar Falls, Cantwell Cliffs, and Ash Cave which are very amazing hiking trails with many have sections provided wheelchair accessibility.

The best time in a year to go is in the fall when southern Ohio is full of vibrant colors from the leaves changing on the trees. Old Man’s Cave is the most beautiful day hiking trail in Ohio which makes you feel you are living in the movie Lord of the Rings. Approximately has a one-mile length which required one hour to complete the hiking trail.

11. Raven wood Castle

Raven wood Castle
Raven wood Castle

Are you adventurous enough to stay overnight in an antiquated castle or even dream of it? if yes then this place is exactly what you want at B&B Raven wood castle which is tucked away in spectacular Hocking Hills area and add-on to your day trips from Ohio.

It’s one of the best-kept secrets in Ohio because of the ancient Ravenwood Castle and the most romantic getaways in the state. The place is a duplicate of 12th- and 13th-century castles. This is leading you through a themed and ancient village and cottages.

Words to Sum Up

Coming to an end, need to mention that Ohio is a happening place full of adventure for making good memories and the best of your time, be it from history, sport or recreation.

In this post, we tried to cover some places which really worth to go as a day trip from Ohio but it does not sync respectively to their location distance which makes it optional choice to explore places according to your need to cheer up for a day. 

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