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22 Day Trips From London To Enjoy Your Royal Holidays In The U.K

Everyone wants to be in the United Kingdom for at least once in a lifetime.  In the U.K, just never ever imagine leaving for your day trips from London without feeling the royal experience of visiting some of the historic and beautiful places.

The capital of the UK, London has the link to all those attractions where anyone can get fond of the charming streets, historic castles and cities along with the taste of exceptional and greeting nature of the people around the United Kingdom. 

The royal taste of the UK can best be observed in the day tour by visiting the following exceptional places where it seems like going into the great history of the time.  

Places to visit In The Day Trip From London

Stonehenge|Cotswolds |Bath|Windsor Castle|Edinburgh Castle|Hever Castle & Gardens|Leeds Castle|Oxford|Blenheim Palace | Cambridge | Brighton|Bristol|York|Stratford-upon-Avon| Canterbury|Colchester | Tunbridge Wells|Salisbury| Whitstable|Isle of Wight |Painshill Park|Paris

1. Cotswolds


A nice, scenic and old town of Cotswold can surprise you with its historical-geographical landscapes. Just in the south-central part of Great Britain, this rural area is so beautiful that it can best be wandered around by a complete day tour by car.

Cotswold medieval villages, churches and stately homes built of distinctive local yellow limestones can make you feel like lost in the history of the time. 

The 102-mile Cotswold Way walking trail can lead you to a scenic journey of the rolling hills sidelined with the charming old houses and natural beauty.  

How to reach Cotswolds?

From London’s Paddington Railway Station, there is a 1 hour 39 minutes journey to the Cotswolds. 

1. Stonehenge


A historical landmark in England and one of the best places to visit in the world and a must in the day trips from London, Stonehenge is an awesome attraction for tourists that are amazed by seeing the historic ring of standing stones.

The Stonehenge in the town of Wiltshire is believed to be from the Megalithic period (approximately around 4000 years ago) and each one stands with the same height of just about 13 feet. A world heritage site, these magnetic stones in amazing ring formation are also known as the best prehistoric monument in Europe.    

How to reach Stonehenge?

The best option to reach Stonehenge is to take the train from London to Salisbury, and then catch a shuttle bus service to the destination. 

3. Bath


From the day trips from London, the most popular place to visit is to bath yourself in the charming honey-sweet city of Bath. Situated in the countryside of southwest England, the city is greatly admired by the 18th-century Georgian architecture and natural beauty of hot springs.

A famous landmark, Bath Abbey is the glorious example of the town’s tremendous architectural work. 

The fascinating museums, history of the great Romans, natural thermal spas, boutique shops, etc; are some of the town’s other fascinating spots where you can complete your trip and make it most memorable. 

How to reach Bath?

The town of Bath can be reached by 1½ hour train journey from London’s Paddington station.   

4. Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle

In the English county of Berkshire in Windsor lies a beautiful and charming Windsor castle. A royal residence for the former British monarchs is the top spot to visit in England. Originally built in the 11th century, the famous landmark is also best observed for its exceptional architecture.

The oldest and largest occupied castle in the world and a place for the Queen’s regular interest, Windsor Castle is a cause of the visitor’s regular visit to Great Britain.  

How to reach Windsor Castle?

To reach the castle from London, you can opt for a train ride from Paddington or from Waterloo to the city of Windsor.    

5. Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is a historic fortress that is situated just outside the boundaries of England in another part of the UK. Situated in the city of Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, the Edinburgh castle amazingly stands on the beautiful Castlehill rock in the countryside. 

Within the castle, you can find yourself at the famous Scottish National War Memorial. The famous Edinburgh Military Tattoo event will provide you with the cultural taste of Edinburgh. A real honor of Scotland is what the visitors most lookout for to feel a broader taste of the United Kingdom.   

How to reach Edinburgh Castle?

An express train from London can take you to the city of Edinburgh where you can choose a hop-up bus that can roam you around the city of Edinburgh that includes the famous Edinburgh castle. 

6. Hever Castle & Gardens

Hever Castle
Hever Castle

A beautiful and charming Hever Castle which is located in the village of Hever, Kent, near Edenbridge, 30 miles south-east of London is really a treat to watch in the day trips from London. The beauty of the landmark also makes a merry to the visitors that are just humbled by seeing the nice and charming gardens that surround the historic structure.

The tourist attraction, Hever Castle has the glorious history that relates to Ann Boleyn’s childhood days, second wife of Henry VIII and Mother of Elizabeth I.

How to reach Hever Castle?

You can reach the Hever Castle by catching the train from London Victoria or London Bridge Stations to Edenbridge Town Station, and then take three miles taxi service to the castle. 

7. Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle
Leeds Castle

Situated in the English county of Kent and located to just 5 miles southeast of Maidstone, the Leeds Castle is a place for the tourists that are looking for the broader countryside attraction on English soil. A cool and calm castle built on islands in a lake formed by the River Len can draw your eyes to the most scenic view of the countryside with a blend of history.

Famously known as the Queen of castles, it is best known for the rejuvenation work done by the great Henry VIII for his first wife, Catherine of Aragon. 

How to reach Leeds Castle?

A private taxi service is the most preferred choice of transportation from London to Leeds Castle as there is no direct bus or train service to the Leeds castle.  

8. Oxford

oxford spires
Oxford Spires

What on earth if you can’t visit the city like Oxford in Great Britain. The city which is an administrative and historic county of Oxfordshire has a great and unique attraction in the form of the prestigious Oxford University.

With its roots dating back to the 12th century, the second oldest University in the world with 28 Nobel Prize Awards, Oxford is often credited as the best university on the planet.

Apart from the University, the city also has a charming botanic garden as a meeting place for the scholars of the great institution and the tourists to unwind with.

How to reach Oxford?   

You can choose either from taking a 24/7 bus service for the complete day tour from London to Oxford or to go for the railways from London’s Paddington station. 

9. Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace
Blenheim Palace

The gorgeous Blenheim palace is a residential country house in the town of Woodstock in the Oxfordshire county of England. The Palace is famed as the World Heritage Site for its unique specialty of being tagged as a Palace from its non-royal, non-episcopal country house status.  

Operated as home to the Dukes of Marlboro, with over 300 years of existence, the Palace is also the birthplace of the 1st Duke’s famous descendant, Winston Churchill who is also the former prime minister of England. There are also exhibits portraiting the life and achievements of this famous PM. 

How to reach Blenheim Palace?

First of all, you need to take a train or bus to Oxford, after that just catch the local bus service to Blenheim Palace.  

10. Cambridge

Cambridge main hall
Cambridge Main Hall

In the eastern part of England, The famous university town of Cambridge is known for having the prestigious University of Cambridge. Established in 1209 and one of the best in the world, the college is the key factor that draws so many visitors to the town.

The university museums are another reason for the visitors to get the idea of the townspeople where they encounter various exhibits on archaeology and anthropology, polar exploration, the history of science and zoology, etc.

The town also has some of the other significant attractions from the pages of history such as Gothic towers, the Great Gate and other historic structures. 

How to reach Cambridge?

Just get on to the Great Northern/Thames Link Railways from London’s King Cross to the Cambridge station.  

11. Brighton


A very popular destination in your day trips from London and a seaside resort town, Brighton has a different taste of the U.K tour. Mapping in the south direction from England, the town has a beautiful Seaford beach backed by amusement arcades and Regency-era buildings.

Just try the ride around the scenic beach from Brighton Pier in the central waterfront section with food kiosks to enjoy the taste. 

The town has a very lively environment through its nightlife, arts scene, shopping, and festivals. So coming here in the day trip will be guaranteed your total tour in full swing before the sunset.

You can also reach the iconic Seven sister cliffs, a perfect getaway spot.  

How to reach Brighton?

You can choose from many of the railway stations from London en-route to Brighton according to your budget. Some direct traveling railway stations to Brighton is “London Victoria”, “London Bridge”, “London St Pancras”. 

12. Bristol


In the southwest of England, the city of Bristol has a rich maritime history. The old port turned cultural hub is now a tourist attraction that can best be idealized by visiting the M Shed museum that explores its social and industrial heritage.

Just admire the beauty of the artworks from the city by visiting the contemporary art gallery, The Arnolfini. Just not to miss the iconic suspension bridge 

The town also welcomes the tourists to its exceptional restaurants and eateries as well as shopping around its nice and diverse shopping centers. The Street art and music culture of the town is also notable among the visitors.

How to reach Bristol?

You can find direct trains from London Paddington station to Bristol meads in 24/7 hours of the day. You can also opt for the National Express Coaches from London to Bath stopover which takes about two hours and 45 minutes journey. After that, just hop for a bus ride to Bristol.   

13. York

York Minster, York, England
York Minster

On the north-east side of Britain, the historic city of York is famous for its old structures such as York Minster and city walls. A 13th-century Gothic-style cathedral, York Minster is most admired by its medieval stained glass furnishing. Its magnetic city walls and its perception of the river Ouse is just fantastic.

Just visit Monk Bar gate, a fortified gateway and also the tallest in the town.

While in search of places to visit in York, you can also encounter another side of attractions including a variety of cultural and sporting activities that can make your day trips from London joyous and remarkable.

How to reach York?

London North Eastern Railway and Grand Central Trains can take you to York in about 2 hours of journey. 

14. Stratford-upon-Avon

William Shakespeare’s birthplace

In the west English Midlands, Stratford-upon-Avon is a medieval market town best known for giving birth to the great English language poet of all time which is none other than William Shakespeare. William Shakespeare is best known for its theatrical plays like ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘Hamlet’. 

In the town of Stratford-upon-Avon, the Royal Shakespeare Company is just dedicated to reviving the soul and work of this great name of history where tourists can go down memory lane to feel like they have been in Elizabeth I era. 

With the scenic views from the banks of the Avon river, Stratford-upon-Avon is one of the popular tourist destinations in Britain.

How to reach Stratford?

Just check on the Chiltern Railways from London’s Marylebone Station that provides a direct link to the Stratford-upon-Avon Station.  

15. Canterbury


One of the top-visited sites in the UK, Canterbury, a cathedral city in Kent in the southeast part of England, was a pilgrimage site in the Middle Ages. An awesome city with the ancient walls built by the Romans and also the cobblestone streets housed with timbers are just making your eyes wide opened.  

But the thing which makes this city most known for is the famous book named Canterbury tales. Here your day trip can be incomplete unless you visit the magnificent Canterbury Cathedral.

Founded in 597 A.D, and a UNESCO World Heritage site, the structure headquarters the ‘Church of England’ and Anglican Communion which is a fine example of the Gothic and Romanesque architecture. 

How to reach Canterbury?

London Charing Cross or London Victoria are the two railway stations that will take you to Canterbury.    

16. Colchester


Another Charming town in the Southeast of England in the county of Essex, Colchester is best known for its Victorian architecture. The best part of your day trip can be seen by visiting the Castle Park where the Magnetic Colchester Castle is just fanatically mesmerized its visitors. 

In the park just stop by Hollytrees museum which is a Georgian townhouse that features a nice piece of clothing, clocks and decorative arts dating back to 300 years. Colchester Town Hall and the Jumbo Water Tower are the notable sites to visit in the day trip.

How to reach Colchester?

You can reach the Colchester city by catching the train from London Liverpool Street station.   

17. Tunbridge Wells

Tunbridge Wells
Tunbridge Wells

A town in western Kent in England, just about 30 miles south-east of central London, Tunbridge Wells or Royal Tunbridge Wells will make your day trips from London remarkable by visiting the exceptional  Georgian and Victorian-style architecture.

Just spare the time to go into the old attractions of the ‘Village’ area such as its old shops, pubs, and townhouses. To find the perfect example of the architecture, just have a look at High Street, Chapel Place and, the Pantiles. 

How to reach Tunbridge Wells?

London Bridge, Charing Cross, or Victoria Stations from London have an average of one hour service to the Royal Tunbridge Wells town.

18. Salisbury


To the southern English county of Wiltshire, the town of Salisbury is the place for the tourists to visit its iconic Salisbury Cathedral. Established in the 13th century, the Cathedral’s 123 m high spire is the tallest in the U.K. Within the structure, just visit the world’s biggest operational clock placed just about after a century from its establishment. 

The natural beauty of Salisbury is best observed in the daytime when you visit its heart-touching grassland plains in the highlands.  

How to reach Salisbury?

You can opt for London’s South Western Railway’s direct services from Waterloo to the southwest of Salisbury. 

19. Whitstable


In the southeast part of England, Whitstable is the town and a place for those tourists that are looking to spend their daybreak in the nice seaside showers and sunshine. Just don’t be surprised if you see Oysters everywhere right from the banks of the sea to the most exceptional dining in the comfort of the restaurants. 

Just make the most of your tour by going to the trip off the Grate Thames Sailing Barge, a type of sailing boat where you will get unwind with the charming cool winds of the high seas with a kind of unique feeling. 

How to reach Whitstable?

Take a bus to the Victoria Station on Buckingham Palace Road and St Pancras in Euston from London where you will get a direct railway link to the town of Whitstable. 

20. Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight
Isle of Wight

On the south coast of Britain lies a beautiful beach town named ‘ the Isle of Wight’. A perfect getaway destination for all those tourists who just wants to feel the free winds and waters as well as to conduct a variety of water activities to cheer their nice summer holiday.

Sandy Shanklin Beach and south-facing Ventnor Beach are just kept you in the string of sea waves while speculating the scenic beach huts in the line.  Compton Bay and Yaverland Beach are famous for the thrilling Dino fossil remains. 

Apart from the water, the three white chalk rocks on the island are just handsome to see from the 19th-century lighthouse. 

How to reach the Isle of Wight?

To reach the Isle of Wight, you need to catch a train from London to Portsmouth. South Western Railway in Waterloo run the most direct services to Portsmouth harbor. 

21. Painshill Park

Painshill Park
Painshill Park

Located in the town of Cobham in Surrey county, Painshill or Pain’s hill park is just a mecca for nature lovers to feel the scenic, calm, hassle-free experience of the most beautiful landscaped garden in the Country.

Just makes a great day out to visit the exceptional attractions like follies, grottoes, waterwheel, and vineyard. Just admire the scenic beauty with a cup of tea in the iconic tearoom. 

How to reach Painshill Park?

London’s southwest railway will take you to Cobham & Stoke D’Abernon station, from there you can catch a bus or taxi service to the park.  

22. Paris


Well if we talk about the day trips from London one place which doesn’t come in most of the minds is to go for an exciting international trip to the other side of the English channel. Yes, you heard right, it is the Capital of France, Paris, that can be part of your day trips from London. 

Visiting Paris is also a nice exception from your tour from London to the places in the U.K.

How to reach Paris?

Just take a day trip to Paris with the Eurostar, the most preferred medium for the visitors from London to go around the city of love, lights or fashion. It takes just a little over 2 hours to land on the soil of Paris. And you can explore other places from Paris too.

Final Thoughts

Day trips from London are just like a daydream for any tourists from London. It is like expanding the boundaries of the typical city to the vastest places in the UK. Visiting these places also makes it feels like what we thought of a big city like London is in fact quite small from the tourism perspective.

Interestingly all these places are within the reach of the considerable amount of traveling time and distance. 

After reading this blog, we hope you also complete your trip to know the places to visit on the day trip from London.

Thanks for your time and have a great day. 

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