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15 Best Day Trips From Paris To Feel Typical European Delights

The city of Paris has a lot to offer to visitors. When you roam around its streets, you feel like the real love for your life exists here.

Meanwhile, you need to know that there is much more than just visiting the city of lights that can enlighten your best day trips from Paris to make your outing more memorable.

As we know Paris is a city in France and this country is not limited to this city of light but has many more places to visit in France which are quite attractive.

Here, the city of fashion gears to take you for the best day trips you can enjoy in the broader spectrum. 

15 Best Weekend Trips from Paris

  1. Loire valley
  2. Giverny
  3. Disneyland Paris
  4. Mont Saint-Michel
  5. Strasbourg
  6. Versailles
  7. Normandy
  8. St. Malo
  9. Champagne
  10. Bordeaux
  11. Chartres
  12. Orléans
  13. London
  14. Brussels
  15. Lille

1. Loire valley

Chateau de Chambord, France
Chateau de Chambord

Loire Valley region in France is most admired for its speciality of historical and cultural heritage in the form of the beautiful and charming castles. Roaming around its medieval places can make you feel lost in time in the world of fairytales and fantasy.

Just feel the typical renaissance architecture of the great chateaus like Chambord, Cheverny, Chenonceau and more. 

The glorious attractions of french aristocracy in the Loire valley are your perfect daytime outing in the heart of the most scenic places in France. If time permits, just experience the taste of locally made wines that is quite different in the region. 

How to reach the Loire valley?  

A 2 or 3 hours car ride from Paris will take you to the Loire or take the local train from Paris Austerlitz Station for about 90 minutes journey to Blois-Chambord chateau, Loire.  

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2. Giverny

Claude Monet house and garden in Giverny, France
Claude Monet house and garden

The picturesque village of Giverny is where you can meet the combination of arts and beauty on your day trips from Paris. Here Claude Monet Museum is all set to impress you by displaying the paintings of the  Impressionist painter Claude Monet. Just view the beautiful gardens in the museum.

A replica of the iconic Japanese bridge is a great source of inspiration among nature lovers.

During the time of Spring and Summer, the place becomes a magnet for the tourists to view the famous water lilies in Monet house. Your floral day trip to the region including the visit to the iconic water garden guarantees your perception towards the masterpieces of the great painter. 

How to reach the Giverny? 

By car, just cross the 75 km distance between Paris and Giverny by taking the A13 highway or catch the train ‘Paris Saint-Lazare/Rouen’ line and stop at Vernon station.

3. Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Paris

If you wonder about the wonderful day trips from Paris especially with the children, then, there is none other than Disneyland Paris. The magical world of Disneyland is just about 40 km away from Paris. Meet Mickey and friends as they take you to the amazing thrill-seeking adventure of the park.

The Walt Disney studio park is all set to provide you with the most thrill-seeking adventure in the realistic magical environment.

The activities here include the famous rides in ‘Ratatouille the Adventure’ and ‘Crush’s Coaster’ as well as in ‘Space Mountain’, ‘Big Thunder Mountain’, ‘The Ghost Manor’, ‘Alice’s Curious Castle’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and much more.

Just stop by to regain energy in some of the fast-food restaurants like ‘Auberge de Cendrillon’ and ‘Café Mickey’.

How to reach the park in Disneyland Paris?  

It takes 50 minutes to reach Disneyland by car or just take RER A (red line) train en-route to  Marne-la-valley from there you are just steps away from the destination.  

4. Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel, a fairy tale like world
Mont Saint-Michel

Your day trips from Paris are just the worth of visiting the world’s famous spot in the outbacks of France. A UNESCO World Heritage site, The iconic Mont Saint-Michel is like the kingdom of heaven on the rock. 

The journey to the site is also unique of its own experience for the tourists who just came here to admire the great architectural work by the bishop of Avranches centuries ago.

The whole site actually consists of the rocky villages and the abbey on top. Once you reach the top of the abbey, the most panoramic view of the highlands and tidal waves will thrill you like no one else in the country. 

How to be at the location of Mont St Michel? 

There is three and a half hour journey driving from Paris to Mont St Michel. There is no direct train to Mont Saint-Michel, Instead, you can catch a TGV from Gare Montparnasse to Rennes, from where Keolis buses will take you to Mont St. Michel. 

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5. Strasbourg

Strasbourg canal with timber houses, France
Strasbourg canal with timber houses

The city of Strasbourg can well be on your list of day trips from Paris and the reason for this is its picturesque location of the beautiful Strasbourg canal sidelined with the nice and charming timber houses. Just go deeper into the town by taking a boat ride onto the canal to view some of the scenic backgrounds. 

Also known as the ‘Capital of Christmas’, the major attraction here is the Strasbourg castle, drawing much of the tourists. Apart from viewing the architecture, the notable thing to do here is to delve into the local shops, food corners in spare time to experience the taste of the place. 

How to reach the Strasbourg? 

Going by car usually takes around 4 hours but the best option is to take the quickest train from Paris Gare de l’Est and arrive at Strasbourg train station for a much lesser time about 1 hour 45 minutes.   

6. Versailles

Chateau de Versailles and gardens
Chateau de Versailles and gardens

A very common of the day trips from Paris, the town of Versailles is just like the attraction of the Big city’s next door. Here you can experience the royal history of the french aristocracy by visiting the Marvelous castles and the surrounding gardens are just awesome. 

The center of attraction, The palace of Versailles is mostly admired by the visitors after watching its stunning interior and the magnificent architectural buildings.

Associated with the great King Louis XIV, the structure is so unique and has held a special attraction among the tourists with its 21 Arched Hall of Mirrors.  

Just go outside and you will be fascinated with the nice and charming gardens with water features and exotic flowers.

How to go to the city of Versailles? 

A car journey from Paris will take you to Versailles in about 50 minutes, but the most preferred choice of transportation is to take the RER line C5 train that normally takes you to the destination in 1 hour. 

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7. Normandy

Pointe du Hoc, Normandy, France
Pointe du Hoc

The historical and rural town of Normandy is what can be a perfect getaway option for the tourists who wants a superb and nice coastal vacation all day long. Normandy’s exceptional D-day beaches just make you splash around the amazing beautiful waters of the region. 

Your tour of Normandy looks incomplete unless you can’t visiting the charming place of Rouen that is associated with a handful of historical facts and structures.

While in Normandy, the attraction points are the artificial harbor of Arromanches, Colleville-Sur-Mer’s American military century, astronomical clock tower, Omaha Beach, Pointe du Hoc, etc; Just visit Memorial de Caen as it best tells the story of WW2’s effects on the region. 

How to reach Normandy? 

It usually takes about 2 hours of drive from Paris to Normandy. There are no fast and direct trains from Paris to Normandy so you need to stop by Bayeux or Caen, the two historic cities that are nearest to the Normandy beaches.  

8. St. Malo

St. Malo beach
St. Malo beach

Another nice vacation spot to spend your daybreak is to wander around the beautiful and charming beaches of St. Malo. The historic walled and port city in Brittany, St Malo has a number of attractions for the beach lovers so that they can experience a unique taste of the region.

The Saint-Malo Cathedral in the heart of the city is a perfect example of the architecture of the Romanesque and Gothic style that looks glorious with its stained-glass windows. If you want to stay overnight, there are a quality of hotel and restaurants that can make your day trip even more memorable. 

How to reach the town of St Malo?

In about 4 hours of driving, you can reach St Malo or just heads to Paris Saint-Lazare to catch the train bounds to St Malo for a 2.5 hours journey. 

9. Champagne

Champagne Vineyards
Champagne Vineyards

Beautiful landscape, lush greenery, far from the madding crowd with some peace in mind, well these all are the reasons for your days trip from Paris. In fact, it would be a mistake if you can’t visit the region that often abbreviates the country of France with its special liqueur.

Discover the rich culture of the beverages in Reims, the capital city of Champagne. Just visit the fabulous and nice scenic grape fields. Just view the exceptional scenes of the vineyards with the comfort of your dining seat in the nearby cafes and pubs.  

You can easily drift towards its beautiful Cathedral’s history that is associated with great kings that are crowned here.  

How to reach the Champagne region? 

There is a 2-hour car journey from Paris to the Champagne region but the easiest way to go there is to take the high-speed TGV train for Champagne-Ardenne from which you can reach the destination within 1 hour.   

10. Bordeaux

Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux, France
Place de la Bourse

Well, the city of Bordeaux is something like a dark horse for your day trips from Paris. The popular and big city throughout France, Bordeaux is recently being placed under the UNESCO World Heritage site list for its historical town center.

Often acclaimed as the food capital of France, with the specialty of some of the best Moroccan dishes you can find, it has a variety of flavors to offer for the tourists. If you are with kids just can’t ignore to visit places like ‘Place de la Bourse’ and the ‘Jardin Publique’ which are playgrounds for the amazement of the kids. 

Some notable spots to stop by in Bordeaux are Garonne River and bridges, Cathedral Basilica of St Michael, and Cité du Vin (Wine Museum).

How to reach the city of Bordeaux? 

If you wish to visit by car, it will take around 5 hours to arrive in the town. A high-speed TGV Train from any big railway station from Paris can leave you to the soil of Bordeaux in around 2 hours.     

11. Chartres

Notre-Dame cathedral, Chartres
Notre-Dame de Chartres

A city which is an exceptional place for the lovers of Architectural attractions, then it is Chartres. The historic city can mesmerize its visitors with its beautiful piece of Gothic style architectures like the world-famous 12th-century Notre-Dame cathedral.

The Notre-dame cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a must-see attraction for the day trips enthusiasts.

After visiting the medieval architecture, just take fresh breath to the scenic Eure river and roams around the historic cobblestone streets. Taste the experience with going to the bar and restaurant to make a memorable tour in the old town. 

How to reach the city of Chartres?

On average, it will take around 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach Chartres by car. Although some quick roots can take you in about 1 hour that is based on traffic. Paris Saint-Lazare station operates most trains that bounds to Chartres with a frequency of 33 minutes. 

12. Orléans

Cathedral St. Croix et rue jeannne de Arc
Cathedral St. Croix et rue Jeanne de Arc

The fascinated land of the great Joan of arc, Orleans is one of the oldest cities in France that keep its history make memorizable among the inhabitants of the city and for the tourists. The city has much to offer with a perfect combination of the picturesque natural beauty and history as well as the modern dynamic approach.  

It is here, Joan of arc’s heroic efforts saves the day from the clutches of British power back in 1429. If time permits just summit in the parade in memory of this historic event to make a better understanding. Also, visit the historic Maison de Jeanne d’Arc that exhibits the great warrior. 

Just stop by Cathedral Sainte-Croix a perfect example of gothic style architecture. Just finish off your day with the amazing Park floral to view the magnificent natural beauty and a variety of regional animals.  

How to reach the city of Orléans?

If you pick the A10 highway with the car from Paris, you will arrive in Orleans in about 1 hour and 35 minutes. From Gare d’Austerlitz in Paris, you will reach the city of Orleans in about 1 hour and 20 minutes.   

13. London

Big Ben tower, London, England

Well, it is also possible to go to other parts of France to complete your day trips in London and back forth. Yes, It is made possible and thanks to the service of Eurostar it is even a trend for most of the day trip goers of both these major cities. 

While in London, your interest in attractions never going to be fade if you visit the famous and iconic landmarks in the heart of the city. Just start your day wandering around the political and historical sites like Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament.

Convert your mood to joyous one in the comfortable seat of the London Eye that provides a birds-eye view of the scenic Thames riverside. Just visit the historic Westminster Abbey, London Bridge, and Kensington palace to delves into London’s past.

Just take a stroll around the famous Borough Market and brick lane to spend your leisure time eating and drinking. 

How to go to the city of London?  

By using Eurostar high-speed railway network, the city of London from Paris is reachable in about 2 and a half hours.   

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14. Brussels


Another big city outside France, the city of Brussels is very much like a neighborhood tour for your daytime trips from Paris. The beautiful city of Brussels is the center of culture and art lovers in Europe. Just visit the Headquarters of the European Parliament in the heart of the city.  

Brussels is best experienced by roaming around a lot of interesting sites and spots barefoot. For Parisiens, the city of Belgium is best observed by going to the Market square with a view of the grand palace.

There are lots of cultural and historic museums around the corner if you roam downtown Brussels. The iconic statue of Manneken pis and the Royal Palace is just awesome. 

If you got tired, just stop by some of the fine restaurants in the heart of the city to feel the unique taste of chocolate, waffles and many other typical Belgian food and beverages. 

How to reach the city of Brussels?

You can arrive in Brussels by driving in about 3 hours. Also, there is a lot of trains available from Paris that are bounded to the Belgian capital from Gare du Nord, Paris Saint-Lazare, and Gare de l’Est.

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15. Lille

Lille Grand place and town center, France
Le Grand place and town center

Just travels to the nearby city of Lille, a beautiful and gorgeous city with much to offer for the day trips from Paris. The friendly city, Lille is a special place to experience the most flemish style of architecture. Known as ‘the Capital des Flandres’, the city of Lille draws much of the tourist’s attraction in its iconic grand place and town center. 

Just roam around the Wazemmes market for your buying stuff. Just can’t miss going to the town center to visit the fabulous ‘le grand place’ and ‘Le Place du Théâtre’ to view the old architectural impression of the city.

Wandering around the cobblestone streets of Vieux eventually takes you the small market shops where you can relax a bit to eat and drink.

Experience the unique taste of Lille by trying Maroilles cheese with carbonade flammable.

How to reach the city of Lille?

There will be a two-hour drive from the heart of Paris to Lille. The preferred choice of transportation will be the high-speed train (TGV) from the Gare du Nord that can take you to Lille in just about 1 hour time.

Final Words

Well, there is much for your perfect daytime attractions if you are planning to get lost on the other side of the city of lights. The city of Paris is connected with many quiet attractive and historical places in the great country of France.

Just go outside the big city to feel the french countryside and its great culture, history, nature, and for your adventurous stuff.

But if you confuse the selection of your Paris holiday destination then don’t take so much bother, above are some lists of the best places to visit in Paris are mention that should help to select your Paris vacation destination.

I hope this article had given all your questions the best answer. Keep looking out for us for more travel related answeres to your excited traveler’s mind. We give out genuine reviews and real-time experiences with travel across the world.

Visiting these places certainly makes you feel that the city of Paris is not just about lights, in fact, it is the centre point of all the nearby attractions that this great country can mesmerize you with.

In the hope that you enjoy reading the best places to go for the day trips from Paris, we thank you for taking your precious time.    

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