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A Guide on Aer Lingus Check-In Policy

In this article, we will get to know in detail about the check-in procedures of yet another distinguished global airline, the Aer Lingus Check-in policy.

Aer Lingus, founded by the Irish government, is an eminent global airline with its headquarters at Dublin Airport, Ireland. Aer Lingus has codeshare agreements with the following airlines like Air Canada, United Airlines, Etihad Airways, Alaska Airlines, and so on. This airline serves around 93 destinations throughout Asia, Europe, and North America.

Aer Lingus tries to ensure that its customers are provided with a higher level of satisfaction with its services. For instance, it provides efficient and advanced ways to check-in apart from traditional airport check-in. You can check-in from the comfort of your home or office using online check-in. Secondly, you can also download the mobile application and check-in easily from the palm of your hand. They first installed Self Service Kiosks at the Dublin Airport in 2004  and these Kiosks have also spread to other locations or other airports. Passengers can select seats, check-in, and edit API information using these self-service Kiosks.

There are some restrictions placed by the US Department of Homeland Security and the Canadian government on passengers traveling to the USA and Canada via Aer Lingus. They do not have the option to check-in using the online method, mobile app, or self-service kiosks at the moment. You would be required to proceed to the Airport counter and check-in from there.

So let’s check the Aer Lingus check-in service in detail.

Basically, there are 4 types of check-in for Aer Lingus 

  1. Online check-in
  2. Mobile Check-in
  3. Airport Check-in
  4. KIOSK check-in

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Aer Lingus Check in policy on  Online or web method

With the advancement of technology, airlines began to encourage users to web check-in or check-in using the online method. Aer Lingus online check-in provides its customers with a very easy and efficient method to check-in. You have to follow these simple steps 

  • First, launch the official website
  • Navigate to the check-in tab 
  • Provide your details like the Booking reference 
  • Also, input your family name in the box provided.
  • Click on the check-in button
  • Follow the onscreen instructions 
  • You will be able to select a seat.
  • You will be able to view your boarding pass and be given the option to print your  boarding pass 
  • You must have Acrobat reader installed on your desktop so as to enable printing of your boarding pass 

Aer Lingus online check-in also enhances its customer service by providing the option to its passengers to reprint the boarding pass in case you have lost your boarding pass after you have checked in. All you have to do is to navigate to the online check-in section from the airline’s official website. Provide your booking confirmation number or your PNR and family name. Choose the option “Passenger reprinting boarding pass” and finally select or proceed to Generate Boarding Pass option to reprint your boarding pass.

You also have the option to choose your seat during Aer Lingus online check-in or using the manage Trip section from the website. However, seat fees are applicable until 30 hours prior to flight departure time 

If you check-in online and have only hand baggage, then you can proceed to the security checkpoints. However, if you have checked bags, then you can proceed to the Bag Tag and Drop desk where you can drop your checked bags. For instance, you can make use of the New Express Bag Drop Service at the Dublin Airport.

Follow the simple steps:

First, place the bags on the scales 

Next, begin to scan your boarding pass

Thirdly, attach the bag tag to your bag and place the bag on the belt 

If the weight matches the bag, you can proceed.

There is an exception if you are traveling from Izmir. You will be required to obtain a standard boarding pass from the Aer Lingus Airport Check-In counter instead of the printed version of the boarding pass.

What are the online check-in timings for the Aer Lingus flight?

While it is required to allow sufficient time for you to check baggage and proceed via security checkpoints, it is advised to be present at the boarding gate at least 30 minutes prior departure time of the flight.

Besides this, Aer Lingus Online check-in time depends on your destination or flight routes.

Flights within Europe 

  • Online check-in opens within 30 days of your flight departure.
  • In case of group bookings, bookings made via the travel agent or Aer Lingus call center, Online check-in is available within 30 hours of your flight departure time.

Transatlantic Flights 

 As a matter of fact, Aer Lingus Online check-in opens 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time on all routes to and from North America and closes 2 hours before the flight departure time.

Online check-in closing time 

For flights departing from Ireland, the UK, and Amsterdam, 

the online check-in closes 2 hours before departure

for flights departing from Rome 

Aer Lingus online check-in closes 6 hours 30 minutes before departure 

For flights departing from Malaga or Faro 

8hours 30 minutes before flight departure 

For flights departing from the rest of Europe 

Aer Lingus online check-in will close 4 hours 30 minutes before the scheduled flight departure time 

Aer Lingus check in policy on Mobile App

Aer Lingus had introduced its mobile app which is available for download from the Google play store or the App Store. The boarding pass will be sent to you automatically after you check-in via the mobile app.

How do I get a boarding pass on my phone and do I need to print the boarding pass?

Using the Aer Lingus mobile app you will be able to check-in and once you have completed the check-in, your boarding pass will be displayed on your mobile. Just access the “ Boarding passes section” on your mobile app and you can view it. Once you have obtained your boarding pass on your mobile, the airport staff will assist you in scanning your phone on the day of your departure.

If you face any problems while obtaining your mobile boarding pass, you have the option to do web check-in and then take a printout of it. Otherwise, you have the option to get a paper boarding pass from the airport check-in counter.

However, there are certain exceptions where you are not allowed to do a mobile check-in.

  • If your bookings include group bookings that are 7 or more guests
  • If you have booked flights via the travel agency or Aer Lingus Call centre 
  • If you are travelling to certain destinations like Izmir, Bourgas, Donegal, Faro airports

In all these above cases, you can check-in online using the official website within 30 hours of your flight departure time. In this case, get your boarding passes printed online  

  • If your flight departure is outside 30 hours, then check in online within 30 days of your departure date and print your boarding pass.

When should I check in using Aer Lingus mobile check-in?

The Aer Lingus Mobile check-in opens 24 hours within the scheduled flight departure time for flights to and from North America and closes 2 hours before the flight departs.

For flights within Europe 

The Aer Lingus Mobile check-in opens within 30 hours of the scheduled flight departure time within Europe. The mobile app check-in closing time will differ depending on the destinations.

For flights departing from Ireland, the UK, and Amsterdam, 

the Aer Lingus mobile check-in closes one hour before departure.

What if your flight departs from Rome?

Aer Lingus mobile check-in will close within 6 hours half an hour before flight departure.

For flights departing from Malaga or Faro 

Aer Lingus mobile check-in closes 8hours 30 minutes before flight departure.

For flights departing from the rest of Europe 

Aer Lingus mobile check-in will close 4 hours 30 minutes before the scheduled flight departure time.

Aer Lingus Airport check in policy and Kiosks

Aer Lingus self-service kiosks are located in Terminal 2 Dublin International Airport, at level 3 area at the car park entrance on the ground floor They will also be available alongside the bag drop and check-in desks, or at the top of escalators. These Aer Lingus kiosks help you to check-in and print your boarding pass. If you have bags you can drop them at the bag drop desks and those with hand baggage can proceed to the security checkpoint.

There are designated or separate Business Class and AerClub Check-in desks.

Passengers traveling with handbags can check-in using the specific hand baggage desks or the ticket desks or customer service desks.

How long before should I check-in for the Aer Lingus flight using airport check-in?

Customers traveling to the US and Canada will have to arrive at the airport 3 hours before departure time as they have to check in from the airport itself as mobile, online, and kiosk check-in is not allowed.

If you are traveling to/from North America 

  • Check-in closes 75 minutes before departure 
  • The airline suggests you check in at least 3.5 hours before departure time
  • If travelling to the USA, you will have to go through the US preclearance after the security screening process. 

For flights within Europe

Aer Lingus recommends you check-in 2 hours before flight departure time and check-in closes 45 minutes before departure.

Flights from London Airport 

Check-in closes 30 minutes before the scheduled flight departure time and you must be present 2 hours before departure.

Am I required to print a boarding pass for Aer Lingus?

You are only required to take a printout of the Aer Lingus Boarding pass if you check-in online from home using web check-in or from the airline’s official website.

As for mobile check-in, it is sufficient for you to just show the boarding pass available on the mobile app. If you are still unable to get the boarding pass, you can do so from the airport check-in counter or the self-service KIOSK.

To conclude, we got an overview of the Aer Lingus Check-in options and methods used. Mobile, web check-in, and Kiosk check-in are some of the faster and easier options that can be used by the customers provided you are not traveling to the United States and Canada. You also have the normal option to check-in from the airport but ensure that you have sufficient time. Hence, arrive early at the airport for check-in.

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