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Spirit Airlines Check-In, Boarding Pass Tips

So You have booked your Spirit airline flight online, have your bags packed and ready to take off for your destination. But wait! you have forgotten one important thing to do – your Spirit Airline check-in. It is something that will be helpful in so many ways and you can avoid huge queues at the airport. To know more about Spirit Airlines check-in, we started with a briefing about the airline itself.

Spirit Airlines was established in 1980. The airline is an ultra-minimal effort transporter based in Miramar, Florida. The airline operates in the U.S. just as in South America, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Mexico. Spirit Airlines’ working center points are in Fort Lauderdale and Detroit.

Herein you will get all the information’s regarding spirit Airlines Check-in, in any case, you are unable to make your check-in process, do call our call center executive at +1-800-831-1547 they will be happy to help you out. You can also buy air services directly from our website

Spirit Airlines check-in & boarding pass process

In this era of digitization, Spirit Web or Online Check-In has been now one of the easiest and most convenient ways for lots of passengers to check in for their flying destinations. Besides the online check-in option, there are other different check-in options offered by Spirit Airlines for an effective and time-saving check-in process.

The traditional check-in method which is generally implemented at the airport check-in counters is still being used by a lot of passengers, but the well-appreciated and quickest option called Online or Web Check-In also attracts billions of passengers towards its services for the quick and easy check-in process for flights. What to Know & How to Save spirit Airlines Fees & Extra policies for you.

Due to some safety and security concerns,  better security directives are issued by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), some certain international locations or areas are prohibited or banned to use Spirit Online or Web Check-In service. Here is how do I speak to a live person at Spirit Airlines.

Spirit Airlines online check-in

Spirit Online Check-in is entirely open for the passengers who have a confirmed reservation for both domestic and international flights with Spirit Airlines. Passengers are requested by Spirit Airlines to complete their check-in process between 24 hours and 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time for their flights.

For proceeding with online check-in, you need to go to the website of Spirit Airlines and click on the Check-in tab. Enter your last name and confirmation code and proceed with your online check-in

spirit airlines online check in, Spirit airlines check-in

Passengers who are not able to complete Online Check-in or not departing from West Palm Beach, Florida then no fee will be charged to them.

Offers given to passengers while using Spirit Airlines online check-in 

  • Buy carry-on and checked bags. Here passengers can buy it at cheap prices than fees charged at the airport check-in counters with Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy.
  • Purchase a seat assignment. Free of charge, Spirit will assign random seats at check-in, where passengers can request a seat assignment from $1 to $50 for regular seats and from $12 to $150 for Big Front Seats.

Before you purchase bags or seats and print the boarding pass, if you are going to travel abroad then you must have to enter passport information as well. After checking-in online, passengers with their printed boarding passes can proceed directly to the Fast Bag Drop to drop off their luggage. 

You can also have a Mobile Boarding Pass which was sent to your email address and can show your boarding passes right to the TSA agent and Spirit Agent at the airport. You can go thru Spirit Airlines Company Contacts for more details.

Spirit Airlines Check-in at the ticket counter

The other option available for passengers checking and issuing the boarding pass is to reach Spirit Airlines counters which are available at the airport to happily help the passengers.

Although the counter will start the check-in process 3 hours to 30 minutes before the flight is scheduled. However, passengers should know that the airline charges $10 per passenger to issue the boarding pass as well as ticket counter service. In case nothing works out for you, you can check out Spirit Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy too.

Self-service check-in or Kiosk Check-in

There are kiosks at the airport that are self-service and easy to use for passengers. Also, the airline staffs are available at the airport to help you. But you may face longer at the check-in counters.

Spirit Airlines website boarding

Passengers traveling on electronic tickets booked by Spirit Airlines can check-in online to reserve their preferred seat using the PNR number. Spirit Airlines network check-in starts 48 hours before departure, and economy class is closed 12 hours before departure. Passengers can also use the portable check-in website, which can be used for a fee, to select the desired seat through online check-in procedures. After using the mobile phone to check-in, the boarding pass and receipt will be forwarded to the passenger’s registered mail ID.

Benefits of Spirit Airlines Web Check-in

One of the biggest advantages of Spirit Airlines’ online check-in service is that you do not have to arrive at the airport three to four hours before the scheduled flight departure, which saves a lot of time.

Generally, the check-in procedure is very time-consuming due to the long queue time. On the other hand, web check-in can save you time. After online check-in, you only need to put your luggage in the designated area and then go through a mandatory security check.

Using a laptop, you only need to log in to the official website to check in for Spirit Airlines flights at home.

Q: How long can I use Spirit Airlines Web to the board?

Answer: You can register online 48-24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

Q: Do I need to perform web check-in procedures?

Answer: You need to have the flight route-round trip ticket, your booking ID, and your email ID. If you have not received the booking confirmation email, you can contact the airline to confirm the booking.

Q: Can I check-in for group travel online?

Answer: Yes, the check-in procedure on the Spirit Airlines website allows up to 9 passengers per PNR.

Q: If I have luggage, may I be allowed my baggage check-in online?

Answer: If you have a handbag, you can go through a security check. If you have luggage that needs to be checked, you must go to the airline counter. Most airlines have special checked baggage check-in counters for passengers who check-in online.

Q: If I have already checked in online, how early do I need to arrive at the airport?

Answer: Although the check-in procedure reduces the boarding time, please make sure you arrive at least 45 minutes(bag drop time) before the flight departure time.

Q: Can I check-in online for my baby?

Answer: No. Infants, unaccompanied minors, and people in wheelchairs cannot use this facility.

Suggested arrival time:

  • 2 hours before the scheduled departure time of U.S. domestic flights
  • 3 hours before the scheduled departure time of international flights to and from the United States

Minimum required check-in time with carry-on baggage:

  • 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time of U.S. domestic flights
  • 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time of international flights to and from the United States

Minimum required check-in time with checked baggage:

  • 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time of U.S. domestic flights
  • 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time of international flights to and from the United States

45 minutes from Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York LaGuardia, Orlando, San Juan and Tampa , 60 minutes from the U.S. Virgin Islands

Boarding Gate Tips

Boarding closes at the following times for Spirit Airlines (NK) flights:

  • 15 minutes before scheduled departure time for US domestic flights after that spirit stops boarding.
  • 30 minutes before scheduled departure time for international flights to/from the US

As long as you have no symptoms of COVID-19, the CDC does not recommend re-checking within three months after the virus test is positive.

If you have taken a positive virus test in the past three months and have met the criteria for ending quarantine, you can bring the following documents:

  • Documentation of positive virus test results
  • With
  • An official letter from your healthcare provider or public health official stating that you have been approved to travel.

Together, these two documents are called ‘recovery documents’.


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