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Aer Lingus Airlines Reservation

Aer Lingus Airlines Reservation, Online Ticket Booking Tips

Aer Lingus Airlines is quite an old European-based airline in 1936 whose headquarters are settled in Ireland. They are quite productive airlines, which are giving their flights service within Europe and even to international locations with many beneficial facilities to their customers’ satisfaction flight journey with Aer Lingus.

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By the end of 2006, they have achieved to fly over 93 different destinations from all over the world which includes the Asian continent, destinations from Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

This unpredictable situation was speeded due to coronavirus. Many airlines ahs to cancel the scheduled flights from March 2020. And thus Aer Lingus airlines have also suspended all the scheduled flights so that people traveling may get safe from being affected by the virus.
If your flight has been canceled then Aer Lingus will contact you directly, so just cross-check the contact details over your Aer Lingus account. You will get a refund of the airfare which has been canceled in the form of vouchers. You have to apply for an online voucher form for the full value of the tickets.
Rebooking for your canceled ticket can be done within 30 September 2020. You can also change the itinerary with a waiver of the changing fees charged. But remember it should be done within 1 August 2020, but if the price of the newly changed tickets is more than the previous one then you have to pay the fare difference.
You can even apply for a full refund of the tickets directly.

Aer Lingus Airlines Reservation Service

When you are booking an Aer Lingus Airlines reservation, then you should be knowing all the services associated with the flight ticket which you can avail of if you want.

In-flight entertainment

Aer Lingus Airline has launched a new entertainment system that will be accessed by every passenger personally which has been attached to the seatback of every seat in the cabin of the aircraft.

Over the screen, you can able to access many movies, Tv programs with features of paly paused and rewind, and even fast forward. Apart from videos, you can even play audio like a box set of music for your enjoyment purpose. You can even get to access the wifi by which you can play games or can use your phone for scrolling your social media.

There are many more things to get a link with when you will come across the entertainment screen attached for every passenger. But apart from this, you will even get a magazine which will be describing the monthly information of Aer Lingus Airlines. 

Traveling with Infant

Baby is considered to be premature if its age is just 3 weeks and for them, you have to inform the airlines 48 hours before your scheduled flight. Apart from this the age group from 0-2 years need not book flight tickets separate as they will travel in the flight over the lap of the adult.

Though when you will be carrying your infant in the car seat in flight then you have to book a seat for them with regular ticket fare. But the only baby of 0-2 years is considered to be carried out in the car seat for their comfort otherwise they would be carried over the lap of a responsible adult.

But remember once your baby exceeds the age of 2 years you have to reserve a separate seat for them to travel on the flight. If you have a fur baby at your house then you must need to know everything about the policies they have to offer this includes pet policy as well. They have a special reservation category for pets.

So the document required for child travel is age-proofing certificates like a birth certificate or passport if made over the name of the child. For premature babies, you have to place a medical certificate for the health fitness witness healthy for air travel.

Baggage Policy

Under the Aer Lingus Airlines baggage policy,  airlines will accept baggage to carry either in a cabin or in hold department according to the size and weight of the luggage.

While in the cabin there are certain limits on the luggage which you select to carry with you in the cabin. So by Aer Lingus, passengers are allowed to carry out 1 carry on bag of 10 kg of maximum size 55 cm x 40 cm x 24 cm in height width & length. And 1 personal item like a small handbag, laptop bag, baby changing bag which must be of limit 25cm x 33 cm x 2 cm in size.

And when sending you baggage as checked baggage then also you have to be aware of the restrictions and limits set by Aer Lingus for the same. Though Aer Lingus has 3 checked baggage option.

First is when you have general luggage of weight 20 kgs which are mostly considered to be favorite of all. The second one is a bit more larger than the first one whose weight must be within 25 kgs and the last one is when you want to carry larger items with you then you are allowed to carry 2 luggage bags whose weight in tidal must not exceed 40 kgs.

This above limit for baggage is applied when you have flight within Europe and when flying abroad then for 2 count baggage, weight in combine must not be more than 30 kgs. Dimensions of the checked baggage of all types must be a maximum of 158 cm in length width and height.

If you are coming up with extra baggage apart from the baggage allowance set by the Aer Lingus Airlines, then you have to pay extra for each extra baggage you want to transport in the flight to the desired destination you want.

Seat in-Cabin

Aer Lingus reservation of flights which are been scheduled within the country Europe then seats in-cabin of aircraft have been divided into sub-parts according to the comfort of the passengers.

AerSpace Seat: These seats are in the front row and middle seats are free with extra storage area.

Preferred Seat: These seats are been choice when you have less time to de-board the flight.

Front Seat: These seats are captured by those passengers who want to be the first one to de-board when flights arrive.

Extra Legroom Seat: As you give more prior to your comfort then these seats are for you for a comfortable flight journey.

Standard+ Seats: These seats are for those who want to be in middle or at the end of the aircraft.

Standard Seats: these seats are in between the Standard+ seats and are of lowest aircraft tickets.

In the international flight aircraft, the formation of seating type is a little different, though almost seats are of the same type only Business class seats are there on the international flights. So in from the front of aircraft, the first cabin of the aircraft is of business class seating with free wifi and fine meal and even get flap lie seats for the most comfort. After its come extra legroom seats then preference seat, front seat, then standard+ & standard seats till the end of the aircraft.

You can book your choice of seat in advance before getting boarding passes at the time of check-in. Though there are 3 ways to select your preferred seat. So the ways are:

  1. When you are booking your flight with Aer Lingus, at the same time you book your preferred seat.
  2. After you have booked your Aer Lingus Airlines reservation, you can go to the ‘Manage Trip’ in Manage Booking of Aer Lingus Airlines reservation option to select your preferred seat in advance.
  3. And the third last is when you are doing check-in before your departing time, do it a little early so that from the seat map, you can select your choice of the seat from the left out seats available from the previously booked seats in advance. 

If you do not select the seat of your preference then, you will be allocated the seat randomly by the company site at the time of check-in.

Other Booking for Aer Lingus

Apart from Aer Lingus Airlines’ reservation of flight booking, you can even book for a hotel room for the stay. While you arrive you can hire cars for your holiday trip from the airport itself on behave of Aer Lingus. 

Before you leave the destination, you are coming up with your own car book then you can book the separate parking area in the parking lane of the airport. You can purchase vouchers and Aer Lingus even help to transport in the cargo hold, so you can pay for the travel money for the same.

You can do a group booking for all the members of the trip or holiday. Even Aer Lingus airlines also have the facility and offer for the holiday, they will set your flight according to your travel and holiday type.


There are many sources to get in touch with the Aer Lingus Airlines Customer care center. You can contact them regarding the reservation booking or anything related to your queries or questions. You can get connected by them through email, by calling or by posting them over the registered address.


Though there are many phone numbers for specific reasons or queries. But the most general calling number to get to talk with the customer care is.

00 353 1 761 7835


You can get in touch with the airline regarding your question or any official work with Aer Lingus Airlines through email on

Where to write

You can even post the letter to Aer Lingus Airlines on the registered address for your suggestion for changing in any service or complaint regarding anything in which customers feel not good according to the norms.

Aer Lingus Airlines
Irish Aviation Authority,
Aviation House,
Hawkins Street,
Dublin 2

You can get more detail to get every possible connection with the Aer Lingus Airlines customer support team over this link.

Social Media Handel

To get information or give a suggestion, you can even contact Aer Lingus through their social media handle. They are quite active over the social media platforms towards their customers.

You can also dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get the best-discounted rate, last minutes unpublished call-only deals, and discount on your flight booking with us. Or you can simply buy all these services directly from us just by going to our home page you just have to buy the services from there.

Aer Lingus Airlines Covid-19 Policies

Find all the details about the covid restrictions and the measures taken by Aer Lingus Airlines here. 

Travel restrictions

  • You are required to have the covid-19 negative reports irrespective of the fact that you are vaccinated or not. 
  • You should be wearing the face mask all the time as per the government norms. 
  • You will have to fill some forms, so try to do it before reaching the airport online. 
  • Check the travel restriction of the place you are traveling to beforehand, they keep changing, be updated with them. 
  • Download the app VeriFly which will help you with all the documents you require to upload and get approved for traveling on the app itself. 
  • Make sure you are fit and healthy to travel, else you are advised to please stay at home. 

Change fees

  • The change fees have been waived off for the flights if you want to change or cancel the flights. 
  • If the flight is canceled by the airlines, then you will be informed by the airlines personally and you will get the voucher to use on your next flights. 

Sanitization measures

  • You will see sanitization stations, coverings on the airport, and the staff wearing the masks every time.
  • Please check in online and help yourself with the baggage.
  • While cleaning the flights and airport, proper hospital-grade cleaners are used to clean every surface.
  • The flights are cleaned and have the filters installed for clean air.
  • The in-flight purchases will be done contactless, no cash will be taken at that time, everything will be done by online payment. In-flight services are temporarily suspended right now. 
  • You will be provided with sanitizer and face coverings if you require them. 
  • Boarding will take place in small groups considering the social distancing.
  • The thermal temperature may be checked at some airports depending upon the state rules.

Aer Lingus Airlines are everyday planning to serve you better. The policies can be changed, please do check them before taking your flight.

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