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Aeroflot Airlines Reservation

Aeroflot Airlines Reservation Online Ticket Booking Tips

Aeroflot airlines are quite a well-servicing flight to the customer in the domestic as well as in the international flights. They facilitate many services along with the Aeroflot Airlines reservation. Everyone just appreciates the work the airlines is giving to passengers or customers for the past many years. They are co-operative and think of customer benefits.

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Aeroflot airlines are one such Russian-based air flyer company who is giving service to transport to fly the passengers within Russian domestic destination and even many international locations covering146 destinations from 52 countries from all over the world. Aeroflot airline reservation comes up not only with a booking of flight tickets but also many other services whether its in-flight or normal service to the passengers.

Due to this pandemic situation caused due to coronavirus all over the world all the flight which has been scheduled are suspended since February 2020. Aeroflot Airlines understand the loss of value faced by the passengers for the cancellation of their reserve tickets.

The latest new From Aeroflot for flights due to COVID-19 is on May 2020
According to the update, airlines have announced that they are giving vouchers for the number of tickets to the passengers whose tickets have been canceled due to COVID-19. Apart from this, they are also giving many incentives for future ticket bookings with Aeroflot Airlines.
Passengers with canceled flight tickets will be offered a 15% discount on the real amount of the ticket when rebooking. Though discount tickets are non-refundable when canceled by passengers themselves. These Vouchers are 3 years’ validity to use from the date of issue.

Aeroflot Airlines Reservation in-flight service

While you are booking your flight in Aeroflot Airlines reservation, you should be knowing the in-flight services provided by them for the comfort and satisfaction all over the flight journey with Aeroflot Airlines. You can also manage your booking with Aeroflot Airlines and make changes in flights like change your seats, change your flight dates, and much more.

In-flight Meal

Aeroflot Airlines provide food in-flight to make your hunger satisfy with some mouth fullying meal in your flight journey depending on the duration hours of the flight, departing time, and destination too.

In the economy class of Aeroflot Airlines, their meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner are different. And they even provide a snack box or soft drink according to the time of the flight journey and time of departure. You can ask for the menu from the cabin attendant if you feel hungry.
NOTE: from 2019, in the flights of Voronezh, Nizhny Novgorod along with the route of Sochi-Simferopol-Sochi, you will get only soft drink but options will be there to select your choice of drink.

When you are flying in a Comfort Class of Aeroflot aircraft, you will be offered the menu which has been specially organized by Aeromar, one of Russia’s leading catering services in in-flight of aircraft for any airline company.

Passengers of Comfort class will get a complimentary welcome drink and place the menu of food available on that flight. Food will be serving hot and passengers of this class will get 2 meals in its flight journey.

In-flight Entertainment

Aeroflot Airlines has a number of fleets and in-flight entertainment available in every aircraft is different for every fleet. One thing that is similar in every flight is that you can view the real-time map over the screen of the system or can even see the actual image from the external video camera of the flight.

In the B777 aircraft, the entertainment source is attached in the form of a widescreen system of 9-inch in the back of the seat for every passenger seat. You will get 200 different movies, series, TV shows, news, sports or kid shows or music, etc, of domestic as well as of a variant foreign language.

A330 aircraft of Aeroflot Airlines has an entrainment system of widescreen varying from 9 inches in economy class to business class of 15.4 inches screen system. You can ger various channels over the system which include audio and video both. The latest movie, series, news, sports, etc along with music is available in the system.

If you are flying in a business class of А320-А321 aircraft of Aeroflot Airlines, then you would be given a personal device and headset after the flight takes off to every passenger by the attendant present in the business class cabin for your service. You will get every entertainment including every kind of music as audio and movies, series, news, or sports of different languages as a video.

Wifi access

Apart from the aircraft mentioned above with the default buildup of the entertainment, you can get wifi excess to use. Aeroflot Airlines have a mobile application too. You have to install before your flight and use it on your flight journey.

In the application, you will get content related to every joiner either it’s audio or video to makes your journey entertaining and enjoyable. You can access all this by connecting your device to the wifi available on board the flight.

If you face any difficulty connecting with wifi, contact the crew members of the cabin present to serve passengers on the flight. You can get more information on the official site of Aeroflot inflight entertainment.

Baggage allowance

In Aeroflot Airlines every passenger has given a certain baggage allowance to carry with them to the airport so that luggage gets transported by the airlines with some limits. Thought with the cabin class of the aircraft, Aeroflot Airlines baggage allowance on checked baggage and carry-on bag by Aeroflot will different from each cabin class.

Business-class of Flex and Classic fare families has allowed 2 checked baggage and in business base fare family only 1 checked baggage both of 32 kg and only 1 carry-on bag of maximum 15 kgs weight is permitted to carry in the cabin when flying in every fare business class. You can do your baggage check-in both online and at the airport as well. It depends on you what is more relevant for you! an online check-in or an airport check-in.

Whereas in Comfort class of Flex and Classic fare families are permitted to carry 2 checked baggage and in business class of  Base fare family allowed 1 checked baggage both of 23 kgs. And in this class carry-on bag is limited to carry only 1 bag of weight not more than 10 kgs.

And in the economy class of the Aeroflot airlines over  Flex and Classic fare families 2 checked bags are allowed and in economy class of Base fare family, only 1 checked bag is allowed of maximum 23 kgs in weight whereas only 1 carry-on bag is permitted to take along with you in the cabin of both the fare class of economy with a maximum weight of 10 kgs.

Though the dimension of the checked baggage with the sum of all the measurement of length, width, and height must not be more than 158 cm. And when comes the dimension of the carry-on bag in the cabin then it must not exceed maximum length 55 cm, width 40 cm, & height 25 cm.

For extra baggage include in as checked baggage, you will be asked for extra charges for the same whereas if the weight of the baggage exceeds up to 50 kgs or you can say, your checked baggage is oversized up to the sum of dimension 203 cms, then you gave to get approval for these to exceed in weight and dimensions by the airlines before 36 hours from the scheduled flight timing.

Traveling with children

In the flights of Aeroflot, it’s mandatory for passengers traveling with the child to be in the same class cabin in the flight with their child. Child of age group between 0 to 5 is prohibited according to the Russian legislature that child should be accommodated with an adult or its respected parents over the whole flight journey.

Beyond the age of 5 years & up to the age of 12 years of a child can either come along with the guidance of their parent or any adult or you can even send your child in the flight under the supervision the crew or staff present at the airport and flight as they will be treated special child travel.

After a child crosses the age of 12 years then Russian guidelines for child travel say that child of age more than 13 years can travel alone in the flight without accommodation with any adult.

But with the request of the parents either they are a legal or adoptive child of age up to 16 years if traveling alone then should be travel under the guidance of the staff member of the airlines till they board to the aircraft, in the flight journey and gets arrive at the destination to handover the child to the respective guardian mention in the paperwork done at the time of departure.

You have to give the age proof of the child for flight in ant of the Russian based Airlines which should have a date of birth, mentioned in the document you will be placing as proof.

If you are sending your child alone, then you have to submit the proof of being either the legal parents or adoptive parents at the departure airport along with the document sating the person you have to hand over your child in the arriving airport. These are some proof you have to submit for traveling with a child or making a child travel alone. 

Pet Policy

Aeroflot Airliens’s passengers can take their pet along with them either in-cabin locked in the pet carrier or transported in the cargo hold of the same aircraft you are flying. This pet travel is possible if you follow certain guidelines that come under the Aeroflot Airlines pet policy.

Only adult passenger is allowed to take the pet in the domestic or international flight either its in-cabin or in the cargo hold. Passengers are permitted to carry any domestic pet animals and pet birds.

Pet container in which you have to lock your pet as they can not be travel ideal. The container must be according to the norms set of the pet container. Normally, you have to put your pet in the hard strong plastic or wood or gal fiber mad pet container, but when your pet is coming with you in-cabin then you can put them in the soft type close pet container.

Guide or service dogs are even accepted to travel along with the specially challenged or any disorder passenger in the cabin of the aircraft. You do not have to put your pet in the pet carrier, but it’s mandatory to put a collar, a muzzle, and leash to them for the protection of other co-passengers


To contact the Aeroflot customer support team, you can do so through the mail, call, or if you want to do some official deal with the Aeroflot Airlines you can directly post to their registered address of the Aeroflot Airlines office.

Call number

You can call the customer center of Aeroflot Airlines without any hesitation, as they will treat you nicely and are available for you 24 *7

General number for all: +7 (495) 223-55-55

The toll-free number used only within Russia: 8-800-444-55-55


For corporate sales mail:

For lost baggage, you can call but even can mail on

Or for a group booking, you can mail on 

And there are many more mail ids.

Write address

When you will be sending direct post, then the postal address of the Aeroflot Airline is 

Aeroflot Airlines
1 Arbat St.,
Moscow 119019

Form not only contacting through mail or phone number, but you can also even give your feedback through filling up the form and Aeroflot Airlines will contact you regarding that directly, all you need to do is click here.

Social Media Platform

Aeroflot is well active in the social media platform for reacting to their customer action towards them. They respond to your complaints and queries if you ask over these social media platforms which they operate continuously.

Apart from these connections, if you really want every possible way to get in touch with Aeroflot Airlines’ official customers support team with your queries to be solved, then click on the click.

You can also dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get the best-discounted rate, last minutes unpublished call only deals, and discount on your flight booking with us.

Aeroflot Airlines Covid -19 Policy

Each and every day Aeroflot Airlines is giving its best shot in improving the hygiene and safety of its passengers. 

Hygiene measures

  • The cleaning staff is specially trained on how to clean the aircraft surfaces and other things so that the aircraft is cleaned properly before the boarding takes place.
  • The safety kit and the face-covering will be available in the aircraft every time.
  • Anti-bacterial soaps are present in the lavatories instead of the normal ones. 
  • HEPA Filters keep the air in the aircraft fresh and clean, every 3 minutes it is refreshed, it removes 99.97% of the virus from the air.
  • It is compulsory to wear face-covering and gloves the whole time, no exemption is provided on this. 
  • You should change the face-covering every 3 hours, if you want the crew member will provide you another. 
  • Keep disinfecting your hands regularly.
  • At the time of boarding, the passengers are required to sanitize their hands. 
  • The passengers are only allowed to move in the flight while using the lavatory.
  • The crew members will be seen wearing the coverings properly.
  • The crew members are trained how to act when any of the passengers show even a small symptom of some infection. 


  • The change fees at the time of flight change are waived temporarily and you can reschedule your flight without any extra fees.
  • If your flight is canceled or you are canceling it, you can ask for the e-voucher that you can use on the next flight. 

Travel Restrictions

  • Some countries have their own particular travel restrictions, do check it out. 
  • You will need a negative Covid test report before departure, so get yourself checked.
  • If you have even a little doubt about being sick, please stay at home. 
  • The restriction of the destinations and the rules and regulations of the Airlines are subject to change, please be updated with it. 

You are ready to travel with Aeroflot Airlines as it is taking good care of the hygiene and your safety, and that is the top priority in these times.

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