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Copa Airlines Reservation: Flights & Ticket Booking Tips

It’s a Panama-based airline in the country of Florida. It’s been quite a long year passed since 1944. From then till now they have collectively flown up to 81 different destinations from all over the world.

This is only possible due to the dedicated service given to their passengers or customers For Copa Airlines reservations whether you are on-ground or on an in-flight journey. They try to make their customer happy and get a comfortable flight journey.

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You can even ask for a refund if you have no plan to travel by filling out the Copa Airlines refund online form. The refund will be returned the way you have done the payment. It will take at least 8 weeks to get payment back, once it proceeds.

If you do not want to rebook then you can keep the ticket fare value as a credit in your Copa Airlines account and can use it when you have plans to travel. This value is applicable to use till 31st December 2021

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How to Book Copa Airlines Flight Ticket Online

If you want to book your ticket for Copa Airlines then you have to book on their official website. You can book your ticket with the travel agents if you will get a discount or any cash back. Like Our travel Website Treknova. Here you will get more discounts on flight booking as well as low cancellation charges. Here we discuss how to book your reservation on Copa.

  • Open the official website of Copa Airlines in your browser.
  • After that, you have to log in with your registered account, and if don’t have an id then sign-up and register your email id so that Copa Airlines can communicate with you easily and notify you.
  • Now you are on the home page of Copa Airlines. You can see the ‘Book Your Trip’ tab on the extreme left of the screen.
  • After that, some empty fields are open where you have to enter the details of the origin (starting point), towards (destination), and date. If you want to choose your return ticket with the Copa then fill return date also.
  • After the above steps, you have to enter the number of adults children, and infants then click on the search button.
  • After clicking on the search button, you found all the available flight-related to your search will display on the screen. You have to choose according to your convenience and which suits your budget.
  • Now after choosing your flight, you have to enter your passengers’ details like entering the passengers’ names, ages, dates of birth, and contact details.
  • The next step is to pay for the fare charges according to your chosen category. You can pay through your debit and credit card.
  • After a successful transaction, you’ll get the confirmation mail on your email id. You will get a booking reference code as well which is a unique code for your booking.

Copa Airlines Reservations In-flight service

The inflight service after Copa Airlines’ reservation is quite well and good. You will get an appreciable service after reservation whether you are on the ground or in flight.

In-flight entertainment

In-flight entertainment service has been provided by Copa Airlines, only on the long-haul flight journey. So for entertainment, they have arranged multiple varieties of movies with a wide collection of music for every possible joiner.

So the entertainment stuffs whether its music or video, are been presented in 3 different language, which is Spanish, English, and Portuguese. You will get many channels with regular series or documentaries or movies.

Apart from this, Copa Airlines has its personal entertaining system named Copa Showpass. This is a device that has a lot of entertainment stuff that will make your flight enjoyable.

If you are not able to buy that you can simply download the Copa Airlines app which can be accessed by Android or ios devices.  So remember to download their app before you get on board. So to access this app on your device after taking off on your flight journey, you will get a wifi connection named Copa Showpass.

In-flight meal

Copa Airlines provides in-flight meal service for the comfort of the passengers’ journey with food or snack boxes. But the meal service will totally vary from destination to or from where you are flying or the duration of the flight time, and even the travel class you have your flight booking.

So when you have a flight journey of less than 1 and a half an hour then in business class you will get 1 snack meal box with any soft drink. Whereas in Main cabin classes, you will not get any snacks or meals, but each passenger will be provided one bottle of drinking water.

When you have a flight journey between 1 & a half hours to 3 & a half hours then in business class passengers will get a snack box meal and any soft drink. Whereas in any other main class of Copa Airlines, you will get a snack box and a bottle of drinking water.

On a flight journey of more than 3 & a half hours but less than 6 & a half hours, then a passenger of the business class will get a Mini Snack box with a soft drink and beverages like wine or beer. And in the Main cabin class passengers will get a Mini snack box with a bottle of drinking water.

If the flight duration is more than 6 & a half hours then, passengers flying in business class will get a snack box with soft drinks and wine or beer. And passengers of other main cabin classes of Copa Airlines will get a Snack box with a bottle of drinking water.

Apart from the inflight meal service, if a passenger wants to carry their own food, they can do so. And can feed themselves on the flight journey. But you can not bring your own alcoholic drink.

Baggage allowance

Copa Airlines accept baggage to carry in-cabin as well as to transit passenger luggage in a hold or baggage compartment of the same aircraft in which you will be flying. But to get your baggage in-cabin or send it into the hold. You have to follow some of the instructions of the Copa Airlines Baggage Policy.

So Copa Airlines’ baggage allowance depends on certain factors which are:

  • The departure date of the flight
  • Departure destination and destination you are flying to
  • Traveling class on the flight
  • Status of PreferMember

Weight and baggage allowance for each passenger is up to one passenger only, it’s not transferable to the co-passengers you are traveling with.

If you get an excess bag, then you have to pay extra baggage fees and taxes that may differ from the origin-destination you are about to fly from.

If baggage transit gets exceeded in the piece of bags or gets overweight or exceeds the maximum size of the baggage. Then you will only be allowed if the aircraft has a scape to carry your extra or excess baggage with the extra baggage fees applied.

Restrictions on baggage also depend on the time of the year you are flying to or from. So just be informed by customer care before you go to the airport.

In-cabin baggage must be placed over the seat of the cabin whereas personnel item has to keep under the passenger seat in front of you

Checked baggage allowance

So on international Copa Airlines flights and in business class, you are permitted to take 2 pieces of bags which must be weighed within 32 kgs each. For extra baggage, only 2 extra pieces of baggage of 23 kgs each can be allowed to transit with excess baggage fees. On domestic flights, the weight of 2 free baggage will turn to 23 kgs.

In an economy class Copa international flight, 2 free baggage is permitted to carry which must be of weighing up to 23 kgs and extra 2 pieces of baggage will be allowed under extra baggage fees which must be weighted 23kgs. Whereas on domestic flights only 1 baggage is allowed

And in Economy Class – Promo & Classic fare class of Copa Airlines flight, you are permitted only 1 free baggage of 23 kgs and if you want to carry more you have to pay for it, but will be permitted up to 3 extra baggage of 23 kgs each for every passenger.

The dimension of baggage for every travel class must be up to 158 cm in total including length, height, and width. Each passenger flying over any travel class of Copa Airlines is allowed up to carry 4 checked baggage with extra baggage fees. Apart from the number count of checked baggage, if your baggage is overweight or oversized then also you are permitted but have to pay extra for it.

In-cabin baggage allowance

In-cabin baggage is slightly smaller in size in comparison to checked baggage. That’s why they can be taken along with you on board. But there are certain restrictions on the size and weight of the in-cabin baggage according to the size of the travel time & class and the destination you are flying to or from.

So the dimension of the cabin baggage is 26 cm in width, 56 cm in height, and 136 cm in length. In international or domestic flights of Copa Airlines, each passenger is permitted to carry only 1 cabin baggage whose weight must be within 10 kgs which has been included in all traveling classes and conditions.

Apart from this, you are also allowed to carry 1 personal item which can be

  • Food to be eaten on board the aircraft
  • Products purchased at the airport
  • A purse or handbag
  • A backpack
  • A briefcase
  • A laptop case or bag
  • A video game console

The estimated dimensions of a personal item must be within 43 cm in high, 25 cm in length, and 22 cm in width.

Besides 1 personal item and 1 cabin bag, you can carry 1 hand item which has to keep in hand all over your flight journey. So hand baggage can be a jacket or coat or if flying with an infant then one can carry any infant item bag. And even essential devices like a walking cane, walker, etc.

Traveling with infant

Copa Airlines give a comfortable flight journey for passengers who are traveling with an infant or child. So the infant of age from the day of birth till the age of 2 years is treated like an infant by Copa Airlines. 

So according to Copa Airline infants must be accommodated with their guardian or any adult who has taken the infant’s custody. So the infant can not occupy a separate seat in the cabin and have to travel in the lap of the adult with whom they are about to travel in flight.

In case you want to take a separate seat for your infant then you have to purchase the ticket with a proper seat fare. So the infants who are allowed to travel in flight must be more than 7 days from their birthday and the baby must not need an incubator. And one adult is permitted to carry one infant in their lap.

So when you are on a domestic flight then your infant can fly free over the lap. Whereas on international flights, when the infant is traveling over the lap of an adult then they will be charged only 10% of the adult ticket fare. And in case you need a separate seat for your infant then the ticket fare be applied according to the child fare.

Pregnancy Policy

Pregnant women are allowed to travel on the flight. But the condition of the pregnancy will actually depend on whether you will get permission to fly or not. So as advised by Copa Airlines, you should get a doctor’s approval before you fly on the flight even though you are in your initial weeks of pregnancy.

When you haven’t crossed your 30 weeks of pregnancy then you can travel on Copa Airlines without any medical approval document, as proof of your fitness. Whereas when you cross the 30 weeks then you have to get a proper medical approval certificate from your respected doctor as proof of fitness and everything is fine with you for having the flight journey.

So after 30 weeks of pregnancy, you have to follow some other rules for safety purposes:

  • Have to sign the Liability Waiver Form
  • The doctor’s approval document must be placed at the check-in point only and must be issued within 1 week from the date of your flight departure.
  • If you are expecting a baby within 7 days from the departure date, then doctor approval must be taken in writing within 72 hours from the flight timing.

In a doctor’s approval, a document or certificate must be mentioned that the mother-to-be is fully fit physically, with the expected delivery date, and getting approval to fly in flight without any danger to the mother as well as the baby she is carrying inside.

So if you are traveling from Colombia, then a pregnant woman has to issue a medical certificate if she is in her 7th-month pregnancy or more, and a doctor’s medical certificate must be issued within 12 hours from the time of your flight.

The only condition when a pregnant woman can get denied for a flight journey with Copa Airlines is if check-in staff finds any loophole or any indication that the pregnant woman is not feeling well and not physically fit, then pregnant women will be denied to fly in the flight.

Copa Airlines Policy For Covid Saftey Measure

Copa Airlines is committed to informing you of all the measures that it takes to for the safety of its passengers and employees.

Safety measures

  • A face mask should be on your face all the time during the flight and at the airport as well.
  • Complete the web check-in online and download your mobile boarding pass.
  • Please try to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before your flight departure.
  • You are allowed to carry a hand sanitizer with you but only in a limited amount.
  • You are allowed to get your own food to enjoy on your flight.
  • Please be patient as the boarding will take place in groups from back to front seats to maintain social distancing.
  • The airport has all the plans to disinfect the surfaces properly.
  • Your temperature will be checked at the airport in order to be sure that you are healthy before boarding the flight or after your departure.
  • Using remote boarding stands will be avoided as much as possible.
  • There are filters installed in the flights which will renew the air in the flight every 2-3 minutes.
  • Hospital-grade products are used to disinfect the aircraft after every flight. All the surfaces, seats, and every possible thing that can be cleaned are cleaned and disinfected. 
  • Blankets will be sealed and packed and will be provided only in business class for flights which are of more than 6 hours.
  • The food that will be served on the flight will be pre-packed.
  • The magazines and pillows that were provided during the flight are suspended for some time.
  • Lavatories will be cleaned every 1.5 hours and will be fully stocked with soaps for you to wash your hands properly.
  • Keep the movement in the flight to a minimum.

Travel Requirements

  • Every destination has its own restrictions, do check it out and complete all the documents or things required to be there. Because one missing thing won’t let you take your flight.
  • Most of the destinations will require a covid report, so get yourself tested within 3 days before departure.
  • The requirements might change, please keep in touch with them. 

Change fees

  • You can change or reschedule your flight with no extra fees.
  • The refund will be applicable as mentioned in the fare rules and conditions.
  • You can also change your destination without the change fees, but the change in fare will have to be paid.
  • The flight rules and regulations may change at any time, stay updated with them.
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