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Discover the Hidden Gems of France With These Walking Tours

France is a fantastic destination. It has a rich culture and plenty of gems. It is one of the most popular countries in the world. Millions of tourists visit Marseille, Paris, and Bordeaux. However, they aren’t your only options. 

6 Hidden Gems of France

List of a few walking tours that expose you to hidden gems of France

1. Free Walking Tour: Around Strasbourg

Consider taking this guided tour to explore Strasbourg. The historic center will give you a new perspective of the country. This tour starts with you visiting the Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg and the Place du Palais. 

You get the chance to check out historic buildings. Go through the L’III river channels until you get to Petite-France. Finish your tour at les Barrages de Vauban et Les Ponts Couverts.

Activities for this trip include entrada a la catedral (gratis) and tour guiado. They may change depending on your interests.

2. Winery Tour In Bordeaux

France is well-known for its love of elegance and luxury. If you enjoy the finer things in life, consider taking a wine tour in Bordeaux. The city is filled with gorgeous vineyards, and you will have the chance to sample incredible wines. 

Walk through the gorgeous rolling hills and take in the beautiful sites. Even though the wines are generally delicious, they don’t cost much. The general experience is affordable. 

If you love this tour, consider taking a guided tour in the champagne wine region of France. The locals are pretty traditional. Consider taking a French online class to prepare for your trip. If you are interested in French classes, sign-up here. Knowledge of the language will improve the quality of your experience. 

3. The Paris Catacombs Tour

This is a historic underground tunnel in Paris. It is the grave of over six million Parisians. Their remains were transferred here from other cemeteries in the area. This monument is the perfect place to satisfy your morbid curiosities. It is just as creepy as it is intriguing.

You only need to go twenty minutes underground, and you will find the ossuary in the intricacy of galleries. The site gives you a sneak peek into the history of the Parisians. It feels like a timeless journey. 

The architecture is fantastic as well. During the reign of Louis XVI, he built a 24-kilometer wall with 55 entry points around Paris. It was one of the most ambitious architectural projects. 

A tour of this site will give you an impression of what the past held. Mark your trip to this place with a trip to the bookshop or gift shop. Consider getting a mug, cap, or book to mark the day. The best thing about it all is that you can buy your ticket online. 

4. North Corsican Tour

Consider exploring the North Corsican wonders between mountains and coasts. The Island of Beauty has fantastic scenery. The shorelines are stunning, the mountains are spectacular, and the coastal landscape is unforgettable. 

Many aromatic plants exist, including eucalyptus, citrus, and lavender. Enjoy their beautiful fragrances as you take your walking tour. Going from Bastia to Calvia, you can check out France’s rich tradition and heritage. 

The wind will blow beautiful fragrances from the mountain to the coast. The yellow immortelle has a particularly distinctive aroma. It is one of the most incredible plants you will experience during the tour. 

Taste the fantastic flavors with a Corsican charcuterie: lonzu, figatellu, richly-marbled coppa, and prisuttu. The locals accent seafood and fish with marjoram, oregano, and other herbs. Chestnuts and honey are some of the island’s staples. 

Your walking tour to North Corsican will be the perfect blend of enchanting sights, delicious scents, and fantastic flavors. 

5. Dordogne River Walk

Perigord is one of the biggest, most beautiful parts of France. The River Dordogne divides it into two. This river started the historic frontier between England and France. 

Walking along the river banks, you will come across more than a thousand castles. It is the perfect opportunity to learn some history. This walking tour feels like a history lesson. You can witness centuries of conflicts and conquests. 

This region has a rich, diverse culture. Even though things are changing fast, this land has a lot for you to view and discover. 

During your tour, you will walk through meandering paths and climb endless fields to hilltop towns. The views are awe-inspiring. You will stay close to the River Dordogne. 

Therefore, you will stay close to peaceful riverside paths, limestone cliffs, and medieval villages. 

The Perigord’s traditional gastronomy is perfect when accompanied by Bergerac wines. There are plenty of luxurious hotels to explore as well. 

6. Check Out Alsace Villages and Vineyards

This walking tour will be the perfect balance of German and French influences. It brings together a variety of fantastic foods and wines. Standing between the River Rhine and the Vosges Mountains, Alsace is a gorgeous mosaic of mountains, plains, and rolling hills. 

It is cluttered with candy-colored towns, vineyards, and chateaux. The villages look like something straight out of a storybook. This region is all about wine, tradition, and rich gastronomy. 

The cuisine is fantastic as well. Alsace is a white wine region with various Grands Crus vineyards. Even the smallest villages have caves to visit. 

France is the home of gothic cathedrals, art, gardens, and beautiful cities. The villages are serene, and the country connects you with some romance every day. 

France has more than 100,000 miles of accessible walking miles, and there is always something new to explore. Instead of settling for the popular attractions, check out a few hidden gems with the above walking tours. Whether you are trying to learn some history or simply taking in the gorgeous views, France always has something to offer.

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