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12 Best Places To Visit In France To Navigate The Hexagonal City

If you are looking for a great vacation getaway with your family in France, then, of course, you are on the right blog. Here, we will suggest one of the best places to visit in France along with nearby famous tourist attractions and best restaurants.

First of all, let’s have a flash at this elegant city. As we all know that France is known for its beauty and glamour. Paris, the city of love, is the capital of France and best known for fashion houses, art museums, and of course the Eiffel tower. 

France is a dreamland of many and thus people from the world found the cities of France to be the best place for honeymoon in France.

Now, let’s traverse the top places to visit in France.

Famous Places To Visit In France

1. Versailles

Palace of Versailles;Places to visit in France
Palace of Versailles

Versailles is one of the most magnificent places to visit in France. It is best known for the Palace of Versailles which was built by King Louis. The palace of Versailles shows the royalty of France and now a national landmark. Best known for filming locations having large rooms, attractive architecture, awesome interior. 

Top Tourist Attraction In Versailles

  • Palaces of Versailles.
  • Hall of mirrors is the central gallery of palaces of Versailles, attracts most of the visitors.
  • Fountains of Versailles.
  • Royal Opera Of Versailles.
  • Galleries Of Coaches –  has attractive horse-drawn coaches.
  • Church of Notre-Dame.

Famous Restaurants In Versailles

  1. La Ferme De Diane
    Address: 10 Rue Henri Prou, 78340 Les Clayes-sous-Bois, France.
  2. La Perle De Saint Louis
    Address: 5 bis Rue du Marché Neuf, 78000 Versailles, France.

2. Paris, The City Of Light


When you are in France and thinking about style, beauty, and glamour then the first city that hits our mind is Paris. by exploring all the best places to visit in Paris you will definitely realise why its call as ‘the city of light’.

Paris is one of the most charming, beautiful and tourists-attracted cities in France or possibly in the world. The Eiffel Tower is a world-famous tourist attraction in Paris and also known for the symbol of love.

Though Paris is the most magnetic and attractive city and even boon to France, you may try some places nearby it for day trips from Paris. Visitors come here from all over the world to explore the beauty and lifestyle of Paris.

Paris also offers you world-class dining experience, natural attractions, museums, beautiful rivers, top honeymoon destinations and lots of fun things to do. Paris city is one of the Famous places to visit in France.

 Top Tourist Attraction In Paris

  • Eiffel Tower one of the most visited tourist attractions.
  • Musee du Louvre – Paris Top museums
  • Cathedrale Notre- Cathedral Church.
  • Disneyland Paris
  • A pantheon is a great place known to bury famous French citizens.
  • Pere Lachaise cemetery, it’s an area of ground where dead bodies are buried in Paris.

Famous Restaurants In Paris 

  1. Ze Kitchen Galerie
    Address: 4 Rue des Grands Augustins, 75006 Paris, France.
  2. The Zerda Cafe
    Address: 15 Rue René Boulanger, 75010 Paris, France.

3. Cannes

Cannes;Places to visit in France

This is best known for its international film festival, beautiful beaches, shops, museums, monuments, boutiques, and so on. Lerins Island is the most famous island in Cannes and it is a group of four Mediterranean islands.

Musee De La Castre is famous for its arts and musical instrument. Fun city of Cannes awards the fun to all ages people. These all suggested places from Cannes surely give you the best experience for the lifetime.

Top Tourist Attraction In Cannes

  • Museum of Classical Art in Mougins.
  • St. Michael The Archangel church.
  • Abbaye De Lerins – Historical Monestry On the island of saint Horrant.
  • La Malmaison – Contemporary art Gallery.
  • Marche Forville – Indoor Market.

Best Restaurants In Cannes

  1. La Table Du Chef
    Address: 5 Rue Jean Daumas, 06400 Cannes, France.
  2. Gusti Italian
    Address: 3 Boulevard Carnot, 06400 Cannes, France.

4. Nice, Nice La Belle

Nice La Belle Tourist Attractions
Nice La Belle Tourist Attractions

It is one of the Finest and attractive places to visit in France and is known for being the seventh most populous urban area in France, which is the capital of the Alpes Maritimes department.

This place has attractive museums, arts, architecture, monuments, etc. There are lots to enjoy in Nice La Belle and the most popular attraction is French Riviera. It is the beautiful coastline on the Mediterranean coast of southeastern France. 

Apart from this, the Marc Chagall National Museum, Castle Of Nice are also the popular attractions here.

Top Tourist Attraction In Nice La Belle

  • Promenade Des Anglais.
  • Musee Matisse – attracted museums.
  • Castle Hill.
  • Loup – a beautiful river in Alpes maritime department.
  • Grimaldi Castle Museum.

Famous Restaurants In Nice

  1. Eden Garden
    Address: 30 Quai Lunel, 06300 Nice, France.
  2. Cumin Et Cannelle
    Address: 23 Rue Marceau, 06000 Nice, France

5. Brittany


It is one of the most fantastic places to visit in France that is famous for its beaches, green countrysides, attractive natural attraction, and delicious regional cuisine. It is best known for its megalithic (non-modern monuments made of large stones ) and mysterious Art galleries.

The beaches of Brittany are engaging for family vacations. This place has beautiful castles, beaches, hills, churches, and serves you the most succulent seafood. Oceanopolis is the best-known aquarium in Britanny for the visitors to see.

Top Tourist Attraction In Brittany

  • Josselin Castle.
  • Lake Guerledan.
  • Zoo and Castle Bourbansais.
  • Museums Of Fine Arts And Renees.
  • The Sculptured Rocks.

Best Restaurants In Brittnay

  1. Bistro Autour du Beurre
    Address: 7 Rue de l’Orme, 35400 Saint-Malo, France
  2. Le Corbusier
    Address: 3 Boulevard Carnot, 06400 Cannes, France.

6. Bordeaux

Place De La, Bordeaux

Bordeaux is one of the most attractive places to visit in France. This place is well-known known for the Wine-growing region on the Garrone river southwestern France, it is basically the second most famous wine producers region in France.

Other attractions that are most popular in Bordeaux such as Place De La bouris is a square in Bordeaux, Bordeaux is the divine beauty of France, This place famous for Bordeaux Cathedral church, Musee d Aquitaine and many more.

Top Tourist Attraction In Bordeaux

  • Grand Theater De Bordeaux
  • Pey Berland Tower
  • Puerta de Chailhau – the best-known monument having Castle like exterior.
  • The Grosse Cloche – well-known bell which rings on special occasions.
  • Jardin public – public green area with a lake.
  • Girondins monument – Monument with fountain.

Best Restaurants In Bordeaux

  1. Hâ Restaurant
    Address: 50 Rue du Hâ, 33000 Bordeaux, France.
  2. Tante Charlotte
    Address: 7 Rue des Bahutiers, 33000 Bordeaux, France.

7. Strasbourg

Strasbourg;Places to visit in France

It is the capital city of the Grand East region in Northeastern France and one of the most famous places to visit in France. This city is known for tourist attractions from all over the world.

This place is famous for having attractive museums, art galleries, churches, and has different varieties of yummy food here like meat, potato, wine, crispy Pizza, a bread cake and fresh fruits.

There is a lot to do in Strasbourg like visiting Grande IIe is a famous island, Alsatian Museum is best known for having a lot of visitors every year, St Thomas Church,  Museums of Decorative arts and etc. 

Top Tourist Attraction In Strasbourg  

  • European Courts Of human Rights
  • Deux-Rives Garden
  • Palace of Europe
  • Strasbourg Zoological Museum
  • Aubette – Historical building
  • Citadel Park – having water playground, sports paths and filed.
  • Bruche – best-known river in Alsace.

Best Restaurants in Strasbourg

  1. Le Jasmine
    Address: 1 Rue Schimper, 67000 Strasbourg, France .
  2. Restaurant Aux Quatre Vents
    Address: D120, 67300 Schiltigheim, France.

8. Toulouse

Toulouse-The Pink City
Toulouse-The Pink City

Toulouse is the capital of France’s Southern Occitanie Region, Called as “the Pink City” of France.

In French, It is called La Ville Rose, because the terra cotta bricks used in most of the buildings, basically, terra cotta is hard, red-brown clay that’s why it is called “The Pink City”.

It is best known for its delicious Food such as cassoulet, Meat, Drink, Bean Stew.  with so many attracted places like Basilique Saint-Sernin De Toulouse, Capitole De Toulouse, Botanical Garden, Toulouse Becomes one of the best places to visit in France.

Top Tourist Attraction In Toulouse

  • Grand Rond – Historical Park
  • Georges Labit Museum – the heart of Toulouse
  • Parc Zoologique de Plaisance Du Touch – has 100 African species
  • Quai Des Savoirs – family-friendly science museum.
  • Raymond VI Garden
  • Casino Theater Barriere De Toulouse

Best Restaurants in Toulose

  1. Le Saint Sauvage
    Address: 20 Rue des Salenques, 31000 Toulouse, France.
  2. Au Pois Gourmand
    Address: 3 Rue Emile Heybrard, 31300 Toulouse, France.

9. Giverny

Giverny;Places to visit in France

This is a beautiful village in the region of Normandy in Northern France, Giverney is also known for an excellent painter called Claude Monet.

Giverney is a beautiful village with famous museums, galleries, churches, cafes and also one of the best, stuffed with a lot of natural beauty places to visit in France. 

Foundation Monet Giverny, Museums of impressionism, House of Claude Monet are the best places to visit in Giverny.

 Top Tourist Attraction In Giverny

  • Monet’s Train
  • The Old Mill
  • Casa De Monet
  • Foundation Monet In Giverny
  • Museums Of Impressionism Giverny

Best Restaurants in Giverny

  1. Auberge du Petit Val
    Address: 25 Avenue Île de France, 27200 Vernon, France.
  2. Restaurant Baudy
    Address: 81 Rue Claude Monet, 27620 Giverny, France.

10. Biarritz


It is one of the fascinating places to visit in France and well-known for having famous beaches, waterfalls, surfing, hiking, natural beauty attractions, and so on. 

La Cote das Basques is a great place for surfers and swimmers and has excellent and handsome Lakeview. This has been a great place for visitors for many years.

Top Tourist Attraction In Biarritz

  • Biarritz Lighthouse
  • Aquarium De Biarritz
  • Grand Plage – popular Beach in this area.
  • Eglise Russie de Biarritz
  • Markets Of The City Of Biarritz

Best Restaurants in Biarritz

  1. La Grappe a Fromages
    Address: 57 Avenue de Verdun, 64200 Biarritz, France.
  2. Chez Scott
    Address: 4 Rue Jean Bart, 64200 Biarritz, France.

11.  Montpellier

Montpellier Beach;Places to visit in France
Montpellier Beach

This city in southern France and mostly famous for its winemaking and food processing industries and one of the best-known places to visit in France.

It is popular for a beautiful beach called Montpellier beach and it is the heart of tourist attraction. People who have visited Montpellier many times called it as Sun-kissed city. 

The other famous attraction Musee Fabri is best known for providing European art and ceramic collection, anyways Ceramic is a process of making shapes with the help of using clay.

Top Tourist Attraction In Montpellier

  • Planet Ocean world
  • Montpellier Zoological Park
  • Castle of Flaugergues
  • Fountain Of Three Graces
  • Chapel Of white Penitents

Best Restaurants in Montpellier

  1. Le Petit Bistrot
    Address: 1 Rue de la Friperie, 34000 Montpellier, France
  2. Young Min Grill
    Address: 305 Avenue Blaise Pascal, 34170 Castelnau-le-Lez, France

12. Sarlat-La-Canéda

Sarlat-La-Canéda;Places to visit in France

Sarlat-la- Canéda is a medieval town in the southwest town and well known for providing the food market. Sarlat Cathedral is a famous roman catholic church in Sarlat-la- Canéda which has always many visitors from all over the world. Escape Game History- The tower executioner attracts many visitors for its historical values.

Top Tourist Attraction In Sarlat-la-Canéda

Sarlat has a lot of attractive destinations to visit and some of the most visited by visitors every year are stated below:

  • The Water Garden Carsac – botanical garden.
  • Castelnau-la-Chapelle Castle – famous for being a medieval war museum
  • Strong House of  Reignac – famous fort

Best Restaurants In Sarlat-la- Canéda

  1. Restaurant Le Grand Bleu
    Address: 43 Avenue de la Gare, 24200 Sarlat-la-Canéda, France
  2. O Moulin
    Address: 24200 Carsac-Aillac, France.


Here, we reporting you all the interesting and significant aspects about France and its beautiful places. From experience the great dining in famous restaurants to hitting the best and attractive monuments, churches, beaches, lakes, historical palaces and many more.

Hope this article will help you to encourage the best places to visit in France.

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