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10 Destinations for Your Next Luxury Travel Around Hong Kong

Hong Kong is slowly easing up its pandemic restrictions. Hence, the time to plan for your next luxury Hong Kong holiday is now. To help you get to it, we’d enlist all the luxe fun activities that you could do in the city. Hong Kong is rich with enriching and refreshing activities that can revive your spirit! You could pretty much do anything in the vibrant city. You could choose to hike, shop all day, or, for a more relaxed vibe, you could charter a yacht with Simpson. To help you decide, we’d give you a comprehensive list of all the exciting things that you could consider. Read on, enjoy, and happy travels!

1. Luxury Night Cruise in Victoria Harbour

Your Hong Kong visit will be incomplete if you won’t get to experience its beloved Star Ferry. Hong Kong’s Star Ferry is basically the city’s emblem. These white and green boats have been around since the 1800s. It has seen much of the city’s history and development. So much so that you would easily get a sense of the city’s living history when you ride it. Although riding it is not the fastest way to cross Victoria Harbour, you will fall in love with the beautiful scenery that it will offer. People from the 1800s have been utilizing the 10-minute ride to reach Victoria Harbour. Now, the ride comes with a fantastic view of the Hong Kong skyline and city scenery.

PRO TIP: For a legendary trip, take a ferry into Central at around sunset. An 8 pm ride will also allow you to witness the world’s largest permanent light and sound show, A Symphony of Lights.

2. Victoria Peak Tram Ride

Victoria Peak is, hands down, the city’s most popular tourist attraction. This place is always packed with tourists. Tourists crowd Victoria Peak because it offers a majestic view of Hong Kong Island. What makes the visit all the more exciting is the ride on the city’s 125-year-old Peak Tram. You would enjoy its near-vertical ascent which will allow you to enjoy Hong Kong’s beautiful skyline. If you’re not crazy about riding a 125-year-old tram, you could also ride a bus or a taxi to reach the top of the mountain.

3. Luxe Retail Therapy

Hong Kong is definitely one of the world’s top shopping meccas. All of the world’s most luxurious brands have stores open here. This is why you shouldn’t miss out on a chance to shop on the island. The best places to enjoy retail therapy are as follows: Causeway Bay, Nathan Road, Central, Ladies Market, and Temple Street Night Market. You could also check out the following luxurious shopping malls: ICC Elements, Pacific Place, IFC, Times Square, IFC, Lee Gardens, and Sogo.

4. Longest Escalator in the World

In Hong Kong, you can also find the world’s longest escalator. It is the best spot to visit as you’d enjoy people-watching on an entirely new level. This escalator is air-conditioned so you can be sure that you’d be 100% comfortable. The escalator was built to deal with the congestion in the area. This is the very escalator that was immortalized in Wong Kar-wai’s “Chungking Express.” One ride lasts for twenty minutes.

5. Cable Car Ride

Hong Kong cable car rides are always fun! A cable car ride is even the best way to reach one of Hong Kong’s biggest attractions – the Big Buddha. For a supreme cable car ride experience, you should book a glass-bottom Ngong Ping cable car ride. You’d enjoy the 360-degree views of beautiful mountains.

6. Hiking at the Dragon’s Back

Hong Kong has a strictly protected ecosystem. So much so that 70% of its territory consists of protected country parks. You will love how a 20-minute ride from any place in the city will bring you to a beautiful beach or a lovely hiking trail. Hiking is so fun in Hong Kong because of its lush green mountains. On your hike, you can even choose to paraglide, dive off the coast, or hunt for pink dolphins.

7. Explore Exclusive Suburbs

You could also dedicate time to visiting Repulse Bay. Repulse Bay is home to one of the most expensive real estate in the world. Its Southside District is famous for being a place for the rich and the well-to-do. It is home to eight suburbs and numerous international schools. Repulse Bay features a world-class outdoor lifestyle that would have you feeling opulent and spoiled through and through.

8. Charter a Yacht and Enjoy Fresh Seafood from the Fishing Village

You can also charter a yacht to enjoy a fun trip around Hong Kong’s Fishing Village. You will fall in love with Lamma Island and its extremely fresh and delicious seafood lunch. You’d also love exploring bohemian boutiques and quirky cafes. You can also opt to hike while in the area.

9. Ultimate Happy Hour

Hong Kong will allow you to party on a tram. Yes, you read it right, there is a tram that is dedicated to partying. Hong Kong is crazy about trams! You’d love how you’d get to enjoy evening drinks while chilling on an open-air upper deck of a 100-year-old tram.

10. Boat Day Trip

You could of course also opt for a luxurious boat day trip. Hong Kong offers lots of beautiful islands to explore. You will enjoy sailing to Sai Kung Peninsula. Sai Kung Peninsula is known as the “back garden of Hong Kong” and to some, the “Thailand of Hong Kong.” It is rich in scenery, geological formations, beaches, and hiking trails! You’d also get to enjoy non-stop water sports!

PRO TIP: The best way to enjoy a boat day trip is by booking an exclusive charter yacht!

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