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How Google Maps Help Us To Travel Effectively To The Destination

By now, I believe everybody who uses smartphones knows what ‘Google Maps’ is. Of course, it is a product of the tech giant company Google. Think of the days when people had to carry paper maps in order to locate places wherever they had to go. Prior to paper maps, there was the atlas, too. But can you imagine about using an atlas and travelling? or more simply using a map to travel distances? No right…

Although, not very portable, yet an atlas contained several pages of the world and its individual places. But, the innovation of technology soon brought about a significant change in the daily lives of people, especially commuters and adventure-seeking travelers.

Today, our smartphones are equipped with a built-in maps application, which we use as a tool for guiding us through various routes of commute, road trips, and long journeys. In the time of smartphones, GPS google maps, and other service route software are a lifesaver.

In this blog, I would like to share a few common, yet very helpful tips on using the Google Maps app on your smartphone and how you can enrich your experience with its features.

Use Multiple Halts For Long Destinations

Most people may feel the need of having to stop a couple of times before reaching their destination. If you are on a road trip, or traveling a long journey, either alone or with a companion and you seek several halts before reaching your destination, using Google Maps’ unique feature can make your journey pretty relaxing. The app lets you easily mark several stops or halts before arriving at your destination.

Add Addresses of Frequently Travelled Routes

Addresses of Frequently Travelled Routes
Addresses of Frequently Travelled Routes

This is very common with many individuals. People who use Google Maps regularly for their everyday commute often require the need to enter addresses of the locations, such as home and work. If you are traveling on your own to a specific place and rely on the Google Maps app for showing you accurate direction, you can simply save the addresses so that you don’t have to type them manually each time you travel through the same route.

Save Location Of Your Parked Car

If you ever find yourself confused when finding your car after leaving it parked say, at a theatre, club, park, or at other public areas, then the Google Maps app might be of some help to you. The app lets you not only find parking spots, but it also lets you save the location where your vehicle is parked. This is helping people in so many ways.

Sometimes situations happen and we might be stuck in an unlikely situation where you don’t know where your vehicle has been parked. This is a pretty useful feature of Google Maps. However, this feature may be available for certain cities only.

Share Your Location With Others

Share Your Location With Others
Share Your Location With Others

So, you have invited someone over to your place who lives miles away from you. Most of the time, we have to speak to the person over the phone and guide him/her to find your house. Believe me, this is very time-consuming and it also becomes rather difficult for that person to grasp your location properly. Therefore, instead of using this inappropriate method, why not simply share the map of your residence? This is yet, another very handy feature in Google Maps. How do you use it? You will see the ‘More info’ option placed on the bottom left. Tap on the option and tap again on ‘Share’.

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Use Maps Offline

If this sounds new to a few people, its because some users might not have explored the app inside out. Although Google Maps are ideally used for real-time navigation purpose, it also offers a handy feature of allowing users to use the map in ‘offline’ mode, which is possible if you have enabled history and saved your past routes. This feature proves out to be a lifesaver in so many other ways. sometimes you might be stuck at a place with no internet. Google Map will easily save your day by this feature.

Maps Offline
Maps Offline

This offline feature in the Google Maps app can come very handy in certain situations. For that instance, you need to get to a place you’ve been before but, you have no accurate direction and your 3G/4G/LTE service is poor, or there’s no public Wi-Fi reception nearby. If you find yourself in this type of, or similar situation, consider using the saved routes offline in Google Maps app. It might just save you from trouble.

Final Words

Apart from the features mentioned above, the rest of the features in Google Maps are very basic. Google Maps can be installed on an iPhone as well. You can also explore more useful features when you use the app to guide you with routes and locations in your city.

So I hope this blog and information will help you to organize your trip and enjoy it without any stressful situation. Google Map is always a small helping hand we have that we can use anytime, anywhere. Thank you for reading this and please share your experience with us.

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