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How To Plan & Travel A Round The World (RTW) Trip? Tips &Tricks

Planning a Round the World trip can be difficult. Traveling around the world is a big wish that everyone dreaming about to fulfill before he/she dies. But doing so, in reality, is not as easy as it seems in cinemas or the other fantasies.

You can opt for Round The World flight which is a multi-stop air ticket and works with the alliance of Great Escapade, World Discovery, Star Alliance. 

Of Course, some people in the recent past have completed the round the world trip, but you need to figure out what is the requirement, what cost, how to plan, before going on to circulate the globe. 

RTW flights are cheaper and can save you time by visiting as many places as possible from around the corner from a single contact. RTW trip’s duration and the cost is different for different countries and continents.  

We will here cover some important points to remember for an RTW trip in a very convenient way to understand:

Planning the RTW Trip

If you are new to the RTW trip then you can consider hiring a Round The World trip planner who will help you in managing your trip.   

You can start your trip by visiting those places and sites in the world, which is considered by you as a top priority to watch. You must set the priority for the countries to visit in order to meet your likelihood and your budget. 

The most important part before scheduling an RTW tour is to plan your trip in accordance with your demand and current budget, then make a to-do-list. If you are planning a world tour that is not flexible then you can consider an RTW ticket for the journey.   

Round the world trip
how to plan RTW trips

Generally, a Round The World trip for a single person for one year will cost around 20k-30k dollars or approximately 2k dollars per month. Make use of google flight alter to grap some exciting deals.

To know more about the best usage of google flight alter you can read our blog: How To Use Google Flights To Get Cheap Price For Your Flight?

If you are not sure about which country or world site you should look in the beginning then you can think of any famous sites like the 7 wonders of the world, a place whose history is so exciting that you cannot leave that site.     

Your journey not only includes the flight costs, but the travel expenses such as booking the hotel, Modes of transport, insurance, visas, passports, medicines, and the other expenses that might or will have occurred. Make sure that all these requirements accomplished with the available budget you have.

Also always keep an eye on your budget. If you are traveling budget friendly do check out our 11 Tips To Get The Cheapest Airline Tickets. This will cover everything you need to know about cheap tickets.

Your Packing

Your packing in the RTW flight should be as little as possible. Traveling around the world doesn’t mean you need lots of packing along the way. 

We will consider you to make a list of your travel packing. just carry your clothes or anything you can or need to carry all the time. Such as a Passport, Phone, Laptop, Credit Cards, etc; Apart from these things, you can replace anything on the way. 

Travel tips for RTW

  • Beware of your surroundings during your trip to avoid any mishap with you. Such as Misbehaving of the locals. 
  • Arrange the places you just love to see in order to experience their best on your arrival. 
  • Buy your plane ticket 4 to 6 months before your RTW trip departure. This will give more time to adjust your tour and to make any amendments as necessary.
  • As Mobiles and Laptops regularly need to be recharged, it is the best idea to take with you a power bank so you don’t need to look out for sockets. 
  • Although RTW tickets have their own limitations, you should be familiar with them and don’t need to compromise in terms of a world trip. 
  • In some countries, you can consider some other form of transportation that can save you money. For eg; if you visit places to visit in Russia, South American or French cities countries, then it might be good to take a ferry or bus to go from one place to another. 
  • Look for a reasonable amount of accommodation. If you are an economic person then make a night stay in those countries where the prices of accommodation are relatively low.   
  • Open separate savings account for the travel purpose and make deposits into that account instead of using your current checking account.

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Long term Traveling like Round The World (RTW) trip is growing popular among the individuals who are looking to explore the world as much as possible both economically and timely. 

If you really want to go with the world trip, you can make your deal even, with some extra benefit and perhaps with a marginal cost in RTW flights. So just go with the RTW trip and realize your dream of traveling around the globe.    

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