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Gorgeous Parks to Visit in Dubai (2023 Updated)

Dubai is amongst the most famous cities when it comes to tourist attractions. Many people around the globe visit its luxurious glory to enjoy the famous glass skyscrapers, sprawling desert, diving pools, and beach escapes. And let’s not forget the luscious parks. There are plenty of parks to visit in Dubai that will not disappoint you in the slightest.

Generally, all the parks are under the control of the Dubai municipal authority. They charge some penny for the maintenance of these parks. Dubai authorities also ensure that there is plenty of equipment for the children as well as young people like running and cycling tracks, sports areas, courts, and fields. Mostly, all the parks in Dubai are busy between the month of October to April when the season is cooler than the other months.

A Detailed Guide for the Parks to Visit in Dubai:

Here we’ll list some of the beautiful parks of Dubai that will surely woo your heart. We suggest going to the park with your family for peaceful bonding and family time. Some of them charge a very nominal amount for the maintenance of the parks. You can go through the given list.

Safa Park

Safa Park is one of the oldest parks in the city which was created in the year 1975. There are a lot of things to keep you entertained here. But the main attraction is the man-made lake that offers cycling opportunities. You can rent both of them at some nominal charge.

Safa-Park - One of the best Parks to visit in Dubai

There is plenty of area for outdoor games like tennis, basketball, and the volleyball court, where the park’s authority ensures the sports facilities. If you want to enjoy eateries then you don’t need to go outside. There are many cafes and restaurants within the park. So, Safa Park is full of facilities and lush green natural beauty that you can enjoy with your family and friends. It is one of the must-see tourist attractions in Dubai.

Famous Occasional Activities:

Flea Market: This was first started to support the art and craftsmanship of local marketers nu displaying and selling their art. Then later with time second-hand furniture, clothes, books, and other items were also sold. The flea market is held on Saturdays of every month.

Friday Organic Market: The market aims at the production of organic and freshly grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Along with that naturally produced pesticides are also available at low prices.

Operation Hours: Monday-Wednesday(8 am–10 pm), Thursday-Sunday(8 am–11 pm)
Entry Fee: AED 3

AL Mamzar Park

This park is located alongside the beach which is spanning in 106 hectares of land in Deira, northeast of Dubai. Al Mamzar is packed with family-friendly facilities where you can get train rides for children, barbecue service, roller-skating, basketball, swimming, jogging, and bike riding to entrain yourself all day long.

AL Mamzar Park

Keep in mind that Al Mamzar is open on Wednesdays only for ladies and children, boy under the age of seven is only allowed with their mother or other female family members. There are also amphitheater shows where you can enjoy live music shows, stand-up comedy, and open mic. There are many cabins available at the beach for rent depending on their size and the requirements.

The main point of attraction for the park has always been the open picnic spot that offers families to have their time together in the open sky surrounded by thousands of palm trees. You can also grab snacks and proper meals from cute little Food kiosks and cafeterias that serve Mediterranean dishes as their specialties.

Mushrif Park

This is one of the oldest parks in Dubai with thousands of proudly standing trees surrounding its parameters. Basically, it is a forest where you can enjoy many things like horse riding, a petting zoo, and bicycles. With all the entertainment facilities here you can explore many things for educational purposes too.

Mushrif Park

You can explore the international village where you can witness the traditional German Hausbarn look. A new attraction in the form of an astronomical center was built a few years ago to hope of adding a fun twist to the local culture. You can find the biggest telescope in the region which is open to the public and was built to promote Arabic culture and encourage space science in the country. For the children, there are many things like see-saws and swings to keep your children busy.

Come enjoy nature’s miracle in the very precious Mushrif Park with the phenomenal migratory birds of the Middle East, the vibrant yellow-throated sparrows, and everyone’s favorite little rufous-tailed robins.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Welcome to the heaven of flowers, a pretty peaceful place especially for lovers of nature. This floral wonder is covering an area of 72,000 sq. ft with nearly more than 50 million flowers blooming all over there. But do not mistake it to be only a sightseeing area, there are many attraction areas like Disney Avenue, Cabanas, floral clocks, and lake parks.

Dubai Miracle Garden

While talking about the Miracle Garden, how can we not include the heavenly beautiful Butterfly Garden where you can spot more than 15000 colorful butterflies? This piece of land was originally declared not suitable for growing and vegetation but the talented and experienced horticulturists made it possible with their hard work.

Recently the officials have started a stare-at-the-art contest where the flower architectures are available for sightseeing for the general public along with other facilities such as VIP parking, prayer room, commercial kiosk, and facilities for the handicapped. The vegetation and flowers grown here never wither hence making off-season traveling really fun and worthwhile.

Burj Park

Burj Park is located in the heart of Dubai. As the name suggests, it is in close proximity to the magnificent Burj Khalifa and is at a walking distance from Dubai Mall, and the Dubai Opera House. It is also popular for the best views of the surroundings of the skyscrapers. It is best for pictures and photos.

Burj Park

The park’s lakefront is popular for the performing fountain which is one of the tallest fountains in the world. There are many crowds in the evening with joggers and cyclists. The best thing about that park is that there is no entrance fee.

Apart from sightseeing, the park is almost always filled with marriage crowds, exhibitions, fashion shows, concerts, or lavishing parties. This is basically due to the clear in-front Burj Khalifa view from close proximity.

Dubai Creek Park

Dubai Creek Park is also one of the best parks with the lush green area surrounding it and situated along the western bank of Dubai Creek. It is also the second-largest public park area with a vast lawn area that proudly exhibits its manicured flower surroundings. This is the best place to hang out during the good weather in the evenings.

Dubai Creek Park

The park especially harbors many child-friendly activities to help children learn science activities held inside this park. You can also hire a bicycle or bike to explore the whole park and enjoy a picnic. It is one of the best ways to explore children’s experiences.

Dubai Hills Park

Welcome to the Dubai Hills Park which attracts the younger generations. There are many things to do to enjoy the adventures like splash and skate parks with cargo nets, rope swings, and monkey bars. In this park, you can find more than 1800 palm trees as well as green space with sports courts to make you relax.

Dubai Hills Park

The enormous park, which is subtly located in the precious heart of Dubai Hill Estate, is home to other smaller themed parks. Every park within Dubai Hills has a unique charm and varies in different aspects. Sandy Park, Dragon Play Park, Giant Bubble, Splash Park & Wave Pool are just a few of the extremely well-liked kid-friendly subparks that Dubai Hills Park contains. The starting entry ticket price of Dubay’s Hill Park is AED 55 for locals and AED 85 for travelers.


With the last park on the list, our search for the best parks in Dubai comes to an end. But it is not the end of Dubai’s attractions. There is much more depth to Dubai and its attractions than can ever be summarised. So we hope that you can explore your journey to the depths of Dubai and further. Happy traveling.

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