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ANA Pet Policy

The Japan-based airline ANA (All Nippon Airways) is one such biggest airlines carrying passengers all over the world. With the comfortable journey of their passengers, they even accept pet travel services carefully within Japan as well as to international destinations. 

ANA launched ANA pet policy for pet transport over their flight, for a better and smooth journey. Under this policy, there are standard rules and restrictions which must be followed by the pet owner who wants to make a pet fly.

ANA airlines permit animals in aircraft. But not all species of animals are allowed to travel. They accept dogs, cats, small birds, rabbits, ferrets, and hamsters as pet travel in flights of ANA. They do not allow cold-blooded animal species like turtles, lizards, reptiles, and fishes under the ANA pet policy.

Notification Of Nippon Airways

  • First of all, You should have to book a slot for your pet in advance as there is a limited number of slots in the aircraft.
  • Due to the instruction from the authority, the airline temporarily stopped the check-in of pets for the flight to Hangzhou, Guangzhou, and to/from Shenzhen (from August 01, 2021) in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19 which is still continuing till further notice.
  • According to Nippon Airways Pet policy, the airline has restarted the pet check-in on flights to Shanghai Pudong Airport as of June 16, 2021, the pets will stay on board with the staff appointed by the airport quarantine officer.
  • As per the notice issued by the CDC, the airline temporarily suspended the entry of dogs to the United States from the country where the CDC considered a high risk of rabies in the last 6 months.

Key Guidelines for Traveling with Pets on ANA Airlines

pets in cargo, ANA pet policy

There are certain rules and regulations which are generally listed up by ANA pet policy for a hassle-free flight journey with ANA.

  • Pets are not allowed to travel in-cabin but as baggage in the cargo department of the flight.
  • ANA flight only accept three total pet carriage in their regular flight
  • Each pet carriage should not have more than one pet, i.e only one pet whether its animal or bird can be put in a single pet cage.
  • Check and verify that your pet is allowed to travel at the destination or not. Because some countries don’t give permission to enter their borders.
  • Whereas the weight of the container should be measured with the pet inside and the weight must be within 100 pounds (45 kg) to get pet travel approval on ANA flights.
  • Before going to the airport on the day of departure, you should fill up the Consent and Release Form which is in pdf form, download it and write down all the gaps with your signature.
  • Due to extreme weather conditions, like hot in summer and cold in winter, pets sometimes can not resist it may be life-risking for the pets Thus prefer to book their pet traveling tickets early morning on summer days and in the afternoon during winter.
  • You must feed food or make your pet drink water before their flight, as during the flight or at the connecting airport, they would not be able to get food to eat or water to drink even if they are hungry.
  • If you booked your ticket already and make a plan to travel with the pet then you should inform the Airlines booking department or you can contact directly with the helpline number or chat online 24hours prior to the flight departure
  • You can add foodstuff to the container which is been attached inside of the pet carrier.

NOTE: Not every country accept pet carrier as extra baggage in the cargo of airlines.

Requirements and Conditions for Pet’s Container

As you know pets had to be locked in the pet container entirely during their flight journey. So the cage of the pet must be comfortable for them to stay during the journey. To get your pet carriage approval for pet travel, you have to follow some standards:

  • You have to keep in mind that, your pet carriage must be large enough according to the size of your pet. So that inside they may get into sitting, standing, or lying down position in its natural way.
  • Pet containers must be leak-proof, whereas if you are transporting your bird pet in cargo in a cage, then the bottom of the cage must be placed with a fiberboard tray so that the surrounds of the aircraft are free from excretion.
  • Dimensions of the pet container, in which you will lock up your pet must not exceed 115 inches (292 cm) in total.
  • Check it over and over again before you give way to your pet in the pet carrier, which must be secured with a proper lock so that your pet can not get exit or get in contact with anyone.
  • You can place a food or water container fixed inside the carriage, which must be easily accessible without opening the cage.
  • Trained your pet and make it familiar with the container so that your pet feels comfortable during the journey.
  • The carriage should be made up of strong rigid material like non-reactive metal, hard plastic, solid wood, or with some comparable strengthened material like glass fiber.
  • If your pet cage is built up with hard cardboard, or it’s been a soft container like a pet carry bag, these are strictly don’t allow by ANA pet policy.
  • For your convenience, if you have attached wheels in the container, then it should be removable too. When sending it to cargo, to make it secure over one place, you have to give the pet container without wheels.
  • The carrier should have properly ventilated walls over three sides and handles to carry out the carriage must be strong and functional.

Restrictions on pet

There are certain factors for which pets have been restricted to fly on the ANA flight. And the restriction on your pet to fly is only for your pet’s good health As airlines do not want to risk your pet’s life at any cost.


  • Your pet is quite emotional and can not leave its owner for a long period of time.
  • Your pet may not be used to staying locked in the cage for long hours.
  • Your pet has short-nosed, i.e breed of pets having snub noses is strictly not allowed.
  • Your pet is in a severe health condition to fly and is not preferred by airlines to make them travel on ANA flights. Like if your pet is:
    • Suffering from any illness, i.e not in good health to fly.
    • Pregnant, you must avoid the flight journey.
    • Quite young to handle atmospheric change, the age most like to be more than 4 months.
    • Having a respiratory disease or heart or breathing problem.

Due to changes in the environment like an increase in air pressure over high heights, many animal breeds who have a short-nosed can not resist it and may get suffered from health issues like breathing problems. And in extreme conditions may end up risking their lives. 

There is a list of breeds which has been restricted by ANA pet policy and are strictly suspended from their flight journey if any passenger comes up with pets among these breeds mentioned below:

Bulldog, French Bulldog, Pug, Chin, Boxer, Chow Chow, Shih Tzu, Boston Terrier, Bull Terrier, King Charles Spaniel, Tibetan Spaniel, Brussels Griffon, Pekingese.

For pet safety and comfort, the ANA pet policy has pet safety measures, which one pet owner should follow.

If you are disabled with vision, hearing, or mobility impairments, then with the special exceptional rule under ANA pet policy these disabled can request and get approved by ANA to take their service or guide or assistance dogs to follow up them in the aircraft’s passenger cabin, they can do so. ANA permits service or guide or assistance dogs to travel in-cabin along with other co-passengers, under certain rules to be obeyed.

Procedure for check-in and onboard for pets at the airport

On the day of the departure when you are about to arrive with your pet at the airport, the check-in flow for you and your pet may be a little different. The flow of check-in for pet passengers of ANA has been mentioned in the steps below:

1. Check-in counter:

At the check-in point with your pet, you have to place all the required documents and papers on your pet. Make sure that you may need extra time at check-in if you have a pet along with you. So, prefer to come as early as possible. At least try to come 2 hours from your departure time.

Sometimes, ANA puts your pet to go through quarantine inspection at the departing airport, which is quite time-consuming, So come to the airport by keeping the check-in time separately. After this inspection of your pet, you have to do the check-in at the check-in counter.

2. Pets check-in:

As you have read above, you have to fill up some consent and release forms regarding your pet with your signature, which you have to submit at the check-in time. Secondly, as your pet carriage is traveling as one such extra baggage, then you have to pay for that. A Pet carriage is counted as a piece of extra baggage.

By showing them these two, forms and the bill of the payment which is mandatory, your pet’s travel in flight is approved and your pet gets check-in.

3. Way to aircraft:

From the check-in point to boarding aircraft, your pet has been handled by the staff of ANA carefully. They have been transferred from the truck, way between the airport to the aircraft.

Its been subject to inform you as a pet owner, that after pet check-in your pets have been taken to the parking location, where all the baggage has been kept before its been loaded to the airport. Thus they may face extreme temperatures, whether it’s heat or cold.

4. In the aircraft cargo:

Once, your pet has been loaded into the cargo department of the aircraft, the department is quite big and fully air-conditioned as the cabin of the aircraft. Thus your pet may feel comfortable. Though, the external temperature will affect them little even in cargo.

5. Pick-up at the arrival airport:

When you reached the destination, after you have picked up your luggage, your pet carriage will be handed over to you separately. ANA staff will return your pet carriage to you, which has been handled carefully by them throughout the flight journey. 

Requirement of Documentations

As you know while traveling to other destinations, they have their own set of rules or policies for the pet to travel in flight. So before going to other countries with your pet, make yourself informed of every possible guideline stated by the country’s government.

You must contact the respective country’s embassy or pet authority department which can let you know all the documents required for getting your pet entry permission. Documents usually required by any country for pet transport are export quarantine certificate, import/export permit, health certificate, and import certificate.

These documents will be checked at the check-in point at the departing airport and also at the arrival airport. And if at the airport airline staff found any document missing, they will not allow your pet to transport.

  • On flights to the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, or Australia, passengers are not permitted to check-in pets. In short, these countries do not allow pet air transportation to or from such destinations.
  • To make your pet entry into these countries, you have to get an approval certificate from the country’s embassy to get permission to travel your pet in a cargo department. After that,  you have to contact ANA cargo service to inform them, that your pet has been permitted to travel as baggage in the cargo department of the airlines flying to the country that resists pet transport.
  • When you are coming to Japan with ANA flights with a pet, then you may have to show the approval letter of pet transport and other such documents required based on the type of animal that has been landed in Japan.
  • While entering Japan you and your pet must go through immigration done by the airport staff of Japan, otherwise, your pet will not be accepted as import quarantine in Japan.

Anyway, if you enter Japan with animals (usually dogs and cats), you have to suppose to take these some documents along with you for hassle-free approval to entry to Japan:

  • You need to have a health certificated signature by a valid veterinary doctor issued within 10 days of the departure day.
  • You have to make an alert to the Animal Quarantine Service (AQS) of Japan in advance that you will be flying to Japan with a pet and that too even not more than 40 days from the day of the flight.
  • You should have a pet’s rabies-free vaccination certificate. And then the quarantine period will finish within 12 hours if your pet is having this document.
  • A quarantine period of the pets will be also 12 hours who are flying from Europe or have an ISO standards microchip.
  •  And if you will not meet up with any of the above requirements then the quarantine period of your pet flying to Japan will be at least 180 days.

Apart from dogs and cats, if you are entering any other animals like rabbits, hamsters, ferrets, and birds as a pet in Japan then you should have:

  • At the arrival, of such pets apart from dogs and cats in Japan, you have to submit a notification document and a health certificate at the Quarantine Station of the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare of Japan government.
  • The health certificate must be signed by one valid veterinary doctor from the departure country.

Pet reservation

Let it be clear to the customer of ANA, that if you want to travel your pet in flight, you have to book the reservation for your pet by calling ANA customer care. ANA All Nippon Reservation policy doesn’t have the opportunity of online booking service for pets.

For pet reservations, you have to book them as advance as possible. As you can not book only, you have to contact ANA International Reservation and Information Center for more detail.

According to the ANA pet policy, you are not allowed to carry your pet carriage in-cabin of passengers, but ANA accepts pet carriages in the cargo department of the aircraft.

Keep it remember that, ANA will not be responsible for pet transport if your flight has been operated by codeshare airlines. You have to confirm with that particular airline who will be operating your flight.


  • Pet passengers about to fly in an ANA-operated flight must have an ANA flight number to become eligible for pet transport.
  • Similarly, if pet passengers are about to fly on the ANA-operated flight, but the reservation of the ticket is done with ANA’s partnered airlines, then you are not eligible for pet transport on ANA flights.


Is ANA allowed to travel with more than one pet?

Yes, ANA allows traveling with more than one pet if some conditions are satisfied. You should call the customer support department on 0570-029-709 or 03-6741-1120 and enquire about the vacant space for the pet and if available then you have to book as soon as possible because pet reservation is subject to the matter of availability.

Can I travel to any destination outside of Japan with my pets?

No, you are not allowed to travel to any location outside of Japan because there is some own set of rules and regulations of the other countries for the pets where some have to allow pets within their boundaries but some countries neglect the entry of the pets within their boundaries. So you can contact the destination country for any queries regarding pets. or you can call +1-800-831-1547.

Will my pets are safe in the cargo area of the aircraft?

If your pet’s health condition is not good and as well need emotional support and can’t live without any known person then you should not transport your pet through cargo because it might be possible that your pet cannot resist or even die due to some conditions like light will be turned off during the whole journey and loud sound may affect at the time of takeoff or landing time and the, at last, the environment and temperature of the cargo area because there is no human inside there is only baggage and cargo besides the pets so total environment may change and if may affect the health condition of the pet.

For more information and guidelines regarding ANA pet policy, please do contact ANA’s official site or call directly to the customer service for better help and understanding, if in any case, they fail to reach them, then you can even contact treknova, on our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 available to you 24*7.

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