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Emirates Pet Policies and Services

Emirates Airlines Pet Policy International Top Travel Review

Before getting deep into Emirates Airlines Pet Policy and giving you a deep thought over the Emirates pet travel review let’s learn a little about the Airline itself.

Emirates The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the largest airline and flag carrier in the United Arab Emirates. The airline is headquartered in Garwood, Dubai, and is a branch of the Emirates Investment Group, a Dubai-based government investment company. It is also the biggest airline in the Middle East. Using nearly 300 flights through Dubai’s International Airport Terminal 3, Emirates Airlines operates more than 3,600 flights a week, that too for more than 150 cities in 80 countries on six continents. Loading activities are carried out by Emirates Skycargo.

The Emirates operates a wide range of aircraft from Airbus and Boeing and is one of the few airlines to build full-fledged aircraft carriers (excluding Emirates executives). As of February 2019, the Emirates is considered to have the largest Airbus that includes two A38080s, which operate with 115 aircraft and 8 aircraft, respectively. Since its inception, Airbus A380 has been an integral part of Emirati ships, especially on long distances and dense roads.

Emirates Airlines allow their passenger to carry their pets either in-cabin or as check baggage, on the same flight under Emirates Airlines’ pet policy. This emirates pet services policy for pets has certain rules and regulations for the safe and secure travel of your pet. By following these, passengers can get their pet flight permission.

Emirates is also considered to be the world’s largest Boeing 777 operator; they have as many as 155 Boeing aircraft. The company’s slogans include ‘Emirates’, ‘Be Good to Yourself’, Dubai to the rest of the world, ‘Continuous Discovery’, ‘Hello Tomorrow’ and now Emirates ‘Better’. They have kept on increasing their fleet day by day and with this, they have also increased their value in the market of Flying and airlines, thus providing pet transportation is a very appreciable thing.

Emirates Airlines Pet Policy
Emirate Airlines Pet Policy

SkyCargo – Emirates Airlines Pet Policy

Emirates makes animal travel and reservations on SkyCargo. Their partner SkyCargo is a pet partner that allows pet owners to transport their pets. They feed all kinds of live animals and birds and pay special attention to their unique needs and needs. That’s why they have developed transportation solutions for a variety of animals and birds to ensure their safety and comfort. Their service combines custom equipment and air-conditioning aircraft, so every living animal or bird can have a safe and comfortable ride. Meeting all regulatory requirements not only allows animals to practice safer, safer, international travel, but we also support documents that are strictly enforced by the International Air Transport Association (ITA Lar).

Although animals are not allowed in the cabin of Emirates Flights-But Emirates cares about its passengers and can never neglect its customer’s special needs and sweet tantrums. Thus, do have some exceptions for passengers with special needs. They do have an exception of falcons and guide dogs for blind people between Dubai and certain destinations in Pakistan.

Key Points to Remember Before Traveling With Pets

You have to follow some key guidelines before traveling with your pets to avoid any problems before starting your journey or may avoid restrictions to travel with your pets. So go through these points.

  • Your dog and cat should exceed the age of four months or you can say older than four months.
  • If your flight timing or duration is more than 15 hours then your pet must be transported through Air cargo.
  • Make sure you have a proper document or the certificate of Vaccination because many countries only allow your pet to enter their border after seeing the certificates.
  • Your container should have a strong base that holds the pets perfectly so that your pet feels comfortable during the journey.
  • Pet’s container should be proper ventilation points so that your pet can breathe easily during the journey.
  • This is much recommendable that you check-in your flight with the help desk rather than the self-service channel.
  • Trained your pet and make it familiar with the container so that your pet feels comfortable during the journey.
  • Check and verify whether your pet is allowed to travel to the destination or not. Because some countries don’t give permission to enter their borders or maybe restrict some special breeds so crosscheck before flying.
  • Before check-in, you should check the eligibility of your pet so that your pet is allowed to travel with you on the same flight in-cabin, checked baggage, or travel separately with the cargo.
  • You can book your pet’s ticket with your flight ticket. In case, you already booked your flight then you have to book your pet’s ticket or contact the booking department at least 24 hours prior to scheduled departure.

Transporting Pet In Cabin

Your pet is not permitted to travel in the cabin as per the rules of Emirates Airlines’ pet policy. Only blind dogs and service dogs are allowed to travel in the cabin.

Transporting Pet In Cargo  

Pets can be transported on certain flights or at the Emirates Skycargo cargo. On all Emirates flights outside the Emirates with Emirates Airlines pet policy, pets (hawks, cats, dogs, and domestic birds) can travel no more than 17 hours in a suitcase. 2 adult animals, each weighing up to 40 pounds [14 kg], can be shipped in one container.

With a total dimension of 59 ‘(150 cm), the cost of transporting animals under 50 pounds (23 kg) is $500. Animals weighing between 50-70 pounds (23-32 kg) in the range of 59-118 ‘(150-300 cm) are $ 650. And between 59-118 ‘(150-300 cm) more than 70 pounds (32 kg) of animals in a cage is $800. Landings over 118 ‘(300 cm) must be transported by SkyCargo instead. You can contact Simply the Skycargo team directly at (+971) 600-566-661, as of course, they are the ones taking care of your pet.

Some Points to be considered are:

  • If your pet is too large to be put under the seat
  • it is an animal other than a dog or cat
  • if it is a very long flight

Then Emirates can transport your pet in the cargo compartment according to the Emirates Airlines pet policy and cargo rules of that country. This cargo compartment has the same temperature and pressure as the passenger compartment and your pet is absolutely safe in the hands of Emirate executives.

Pets Allowed:

Hawks, cats, dogs, and pets (restrictions apply – as long as the flight time is less than 15 hours). If the flight time is more than 15 hours, the animal must fly as an air carrier.


Dogs and cats should be at least 4 months of age or older than that. Any animal less than the age of 4 months is considered not suitable for traveling.

Route Restrictions:

Connection time in Dubai should not exceed 6 hours. The total transit time of birds should not exceed 17 hours. Between May 1 and September 30, birds can not be transported the only exception will be hawks. Only hawks can be transported according to Emirates Airlines’ pet policy.

The flight must be less than 7 hours.

Pets are not allowed to fly to the United Kingdom, South Africa, Brazil, Australia, Hong Kong, and the United Arab Emirates.

Crate Requirements:

Your pet must fly in an IATA-compatible pet box. Metal hardware should be used to hold the upper and lower halves of the body together. emirates pet travel review suggested below:

Need a pet box suitable for IATA? Do you already have a box? Need accessories for your box?

Weight length = pet length + 50% leg length + 7 cm (min 17 cm more)

Width = 3 x Pet width

Height = Pet height + 10 cm.

Bird Restrictions

The Emirate does not allow the transport of unfamiliar, wild birds. Any species subject to the CITES requirements must be transported with prior approval

All other animals should be transported according to your travel plans:

  • Animals must be transported in accordance with UAE regulations for all trips to Dubai.
  • Please contact Emirates Skycargon for more information about loading animals
  • (Opens in new window)
  •  Or your local freight forwarder.
  • Hawks, cats, dogs, and pets can be taken as net baggage (including any transit time) Under 17 hours and all conditions will be met.

For all routes, the cost of the animal and the container will depend on the weight and size of the animal depending on the nest. These charges apply in any case, even if you do not carry another checked baggage.

Note* If you need to make any changes to your flight or cancellations then the pet transportation charges may differ. It applies according to the new flight fare rules and you have to inform about that before the scheduled departure of the original flight.

Guidelines For Carriers

Pets transported in the container must meet international safety standards, including safe and proper ventilation and a robust structure. Passengers should keep in mind that there are only three different sizes of carriers that are allowed on Emirates Airlines’ pet policy flights. Smaller carriers may have a maximum dimension of 59 ‘(150 cm), medium-sized carriers may have a maximum dimension of 59’ (150 cm), and large carriers may have a maximum dimension of 118 ‘(300 cm).

Let’s See Some Additional information for the transportation of animals with Emirates

Please book your pet and pay for the transport of all your animals a few days ahead of your departure date. There are some restrictions on transporting animals with the Emirates Airlines pet policy. All animals listed in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, including pets, must be transported as cargo. Other restrictions, including import bans, apply to certain breeds of cats, and dogs-please contact your local UAE office for more information about prohibited emirates-banned breeds.

For safety reasons, if the total travel time exceeds 17 hours, then the animal (including any service pets dogs, or even cats) must be transported as luggage. Before Emirates check-in at the airport, the total travel time is approximately 1 hour; before the animal reaches its destination, it takes a total of 1 hour. If the flight time exceeds 6 hours, then according to Emirates Airlines’ pet policy even the animals passing through Dubai must also be transported as cargo.

When they met in Dubai, the pets were kept in an air-conditioned room, and customers, land inspectors, and agents could not enter. During the flight, animals that need to be fed, watered, or given pills must be loaded for at least 6 hours.

Due to the high temperatures and humidity in the United Arab Emirates, no birds (with the exception of some hawks) will be allowed to pass through Dubai from September 1-30, as luggage or cargo is checked by Dubai.

All animals allowed to be transported to the Emirates Airlines pet policy must have a valid import permit and a valid health certificate (including any immunization records).

Some countries, however, do restrict any import of animals, to save their own wildlife and diversity. Please contact your local Emirates office for more information.

To all the worrisome animal parents Emirates Airlines’ pet policy provide, a 24-hour emergency contact number to the owner, of all the animals traveling to the Emirates and an optimal temperature should always be displayed on the animal’s luggage. Your pet is going to travel with utmost care.

The Emirates Airlines pet policy will not allow any pregnant animal to travel. If it has more than one-third (1/3) of the normal gestation period or within 48 hours of giving birth. So say no to pregnant animals in Flight, this can be dangerous.

Banned Breeds in Emirates

There are some fighting and dangerous breed of dogs, that are restricted to enter Dubai. But according to UAE regulations, all these breeds may be allowed to transport, if you can not import them in UAE and if it is permitted by the destination country.

These restricted dog breeds are handled by the Emirates SkyCargo as they are not allowed to enter in UAE and are also allowed by origin as well as a destination with valid licenses if applicable.

As these dogs have more strength you need to upgrade your pet container. Restricted breeds are:

  • Mastiff Dogs are Fila Brazilian/Brazilian Mastiff, Argentino Mastiff/Dogo Argentino, and any Mastiff or Hybrid.
  • Tosa- Japanese or Hybrid
  • Rottweiler or Hybrid
  • Doberman or Doberman Pinschers
  • Canario Presa
  • Karabash
  • Caucasian Ovcharka

The above-given breeds, their mixed or hybrid breeds are not allowed to transport in the flight. Only domesticated pets are allowed to travel on the flight.

Acceptance of dogs and cats is governed by the following restrictions:

  • The age of a dog or cat should be minimum of 15 weeks for traveling.
  • It may be extended to 27 weeks for the High-Risk countries

So at the end of Emirates Airlines’ pet policy, if you will come up with any issue related to the same. they have an Emirates Airlines official customer support team sitting for your help. And if in any case, you feel that they are not responding then, please feel free to contact us, Treknova, at +1-800-831-1547 on our toll-free number and let us solve your problem for pet flights too.

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