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Hainan Airlines Pet Policy

Let’s have an idea about the Hainan Airlines pet policy. Before that let’s check the other details of Hainan Airlines.

The State of the People’s Republic of China, considered to be the 10th largest airline in Asia, primarily owns Hainan Airlines. It ranked 4th in China with 233 fleets in number. They have visited 110 destinations from all over the world so far.

Hainan Airlines offers the ultimate service, whether online, on-the-ground, or in-flight. They do take into account the needs of customers to satisfy them. Reservations are carried out with great discounts. Policies and regulations are simple and not so harsh. So you can easily choose their service with full trust. Go through Hainan Airlines Check-In.

hainan airlines pet policy

Pet Transported Conditions & Methods

  • The airline only permits travel to domestic animals like cats and dogs that can be transferred on the same flight but with a restricted weight. However, there are some breeds that are aggressive and some have a flatter nose that may create respiratory problems for them, those pets are not allowed to travel with Hainan Airlines. These pets are included but not only them:
    • If your pet age is under 6 months.
    • If your pet has pregnant or it gave birth within 48 hours before the departure.
    • If your pet has otorhinolaryngological, cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, respiratory, digestive
      problems and It have undergone surgery within 48 hours before departure.
    • The paets thaat have issue like anxious, squeamish, weak, sensitive to high temperatures and high altitude, or unable to stay in a pet container for long period.
    • If your pet takes sleeping pills.
    • If your pet has bad odor.The cats and dogs who have snub nose as they may have the respiratory problem.
  • Your pet will not transferred to the cabin directly. They will transported in the cargo compartment as checked baggage.
  • You are allowed to take maximum 3 pets per flight and each passenger can only transported maximum 2 pets with him. Your pet must be in the container and only one animal can stay in one container.
  • The maximum weight will be 32 kg for both packaged pet and pet container included the food & water of pet.

Here are the different methods of service providing for your pets;

  • Travel in the cabin of a plane.
  • Checked in the aircraft’s pressurized and temperature-controlled area as luggage.
  • Shipped as cargo in a region dominated by pressure and temperature.

On board travelling with a small cat or dog

Hainan Air will allow very small dogs or cats on flights departing from Guangzhou, Qingdao, Changsha, Haikou, and Xiamen to fly in the aircraft’s cabin. Pets must weigh less than 5 kg, including carriers, which must not exceed 35 cm in length, 28 cm in width, and 24 cm in height. Carriers must have padding that is more absorbent and pets must be muzzled.

Checked baggage: traveling with a bigger dog or cat or with other pets

If your pet is too big to fit under the seat, that is it’s not adjustable, or it is an animal other than a dog or cat, or if it is a very long flight, Hainan Air can, in compliance with its regulations, transport your pet as checked baggage or manifest cargo in the cargo portion of the aircraft. There is the same temperature and pressure in this portion of the cargo department as the passenger cabin.

TIP: Make sure to inform the aircraft captain that your pet is flying in the cargo hold so that the temperature can be kept at the proper level that should not exceed or decrease from a particular level. Find more tips on cargo airline travel for dogs and cats and other pets or other related information.

If your pet is traveling in the cargo space with more care and support, whether through the department of cargo or as checked luggage, it must be in an IATA-compliant pet container. They also recommend that as more airlines need it, you need crate hardware for your pet’s crate. When you obtain your box, before flying, you will have to adapt your dog or cat to it.

Documents Required For Pet Travel

Many airlines need a health certificate stating that the pet is adequately safe for travel, is free of human-communicable diseases, and has been properly vaccinated, particularly while flying in the aircraft’s cargo area. When your pet travels as manifest freight, Garuda Indonesia Airlines needs a health certificate completed by your veterinarian within 10 days of flight.

For international travel, please arrange no less than seven days before departure for all of the documents below.

  • Authorized and provided appropriate export and import documents from the relevant governments (destination/stopover).
  • Valid health declaration and certificate of rabies vaccination, approved and provided by competent authorities.
  • Permission of entry, health declaration, and certificate of vaccination.
  • Any unique documents that either the destination and/or transit countries need.

Please contact their respective consulates, embassies, or the Entry and Exit Animal and Plant Quarantine Administration to obtain regulations for the countries where you wish to join or fly with your pets. Your travel agent or the nearest Hainan Airlines Licensed Ticket Office can also be contacted.

Required documents for domestic travel:

  • A valid animal immunity passport, including a certificate of rabies vaccination.
  • True certificate of quarantine for animals.
  • Certificate for valid animal container disinfection.

Please plan for travelers traveling with a support dog, such as a seeing-eye guide dog or a hearing-ear dog with valid animal training licenses, animal work permits, or/and animal ID cards in addition to the above documents. Go through Hainan Airlines Reservation.

Pet Container Requirements

  • Hainan Airlines suggests that you buy a pet container designed especially for air travel.
  • The pet container with its upper part fixed should be constructed from strong materials. On at least three sides, it should be well-ventilated and its door should be made from metal. For international trips, please make sure that the crate should be well ventilated in four-sided with strong material.
  • For the pet to stand, sit, turn around and lie comfortably, and in a normal way, the container should be wide enough. Make sure the pet’s head doesn’t hit the container’s floor.
  • Container holes, openings, or gaps between bars must be sufficiently wide for ventilation, but sufficiently small to avoid the extension of extremities such as the paws or tail outside.
  • There is one container limited to holding one pet. (It is allowed that in a single crate, two puppies younger than 6 months, two kittens, or a pair of birds may be transported.)
  • All the container components should be securely mounted and sturdy, like screw nuts, bolts, rivets, and locks.
  • Containers for pets should be closed.
  • The pet crate/kennel should have a protruding edge of at least 0.73 in/1.8cm high on the side with a vent on it in order to be held more easily.
  • It is necessary to lock the wheels of the container. Otherwise, to stop shifting during transport, they should be taken off
  • Feeding and drinking: food and water should be put in the pet’s bottle at any time in order to receive it. It is easier to equip containers with two stationary dishes in single container size, to separately fill food and drink. If there aren’t two dishes, an alternative could be one dish divided into two pieces.

The following situations do not meet the requirements and transport will be refused:

  • The container is constructed from materials that are soft.
  • There’s a collapsible jar.
  • The container is made of iron or iron wire.
  • On its end, the container has a door or vent.
  • The door of the container is made of plastic or fiberglass.

Weather Restrictions

Please request a minimum of 48 hours prior to departure for pet air transport.

Transportation for pets is restricted to domestic dogs or cats. It excludes wild animals such as wolves and others that, like reptiles, cause discomfort among passengers. Hainan Airlines recommends that you should bring the crate with animals as cargo to ensure air transportation safety.

Some flights, including service dogs, might not transport your pet, due to limitations on aircraft types and air routes it completely depends upon your scheduled flight feature. Before you fly with your pet, please visit the sales bureau.

Hainan Air can refuse to board your pet as cargo or checked baggage it completely depends upon runway temperatures are above 83F (28C) degrees at the departure airport. When the weather is very cold, with a runway temperature below 46F (9C) degrees at the time of departure, Hainan Air can require what is called an Acclimation Certificate. For more details refer Hainan air home page.

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