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15 Best Day Trips From Milan To Catch A Spark Of Fashionable City

Milan, Italy’s fashion capital, offers you such a great amount to appreciate and keep you busy with its chic top of the line shops, winding road, and copious picturesque structures. Thus it’s said to be one of the best places to visit in Italy.

In Milan, you are so close to the Alps that it can be seen from the roof of Duomo. Famous Lake Como is not exactly an hour via train, and Milan has numerous radiant chapels alongside the delightful urban communities of Verona and Bergamo.

Milan being the rail centre point of northern Italy enables you to arrive wherever effectively, and rapid trains make it conceivable to make a day trips from Milan to Venice or even Cinque Terre.

15 Best Weekend Day Tours From Milan

1. Turin


The first capital of Italy, Turin, is undoubtedly the most famous day trips from Milan for its shroud which represents the face of Jesus. The historical centre has clues to Turin’s royal past.

During your visit, you should save a couple of moments for the Baroque Church of San Lorenzo and the Cathedral, an ideal show-stopper of Renaissance structure.

Even a stroll along the tree-lined bouquet of Turin is a very enjoyable way to spend your day trip or relax in one of your cafes.

This spot is one of the two brilliant palatial spots of the Savoy mansions arranged in Piazza Castello, which loosens up from the Palazzo Reale.

Flamingos were allegedly painted by flamingos to keep flamingo houses dry. It is also home to the world-class football team Juventus and offers a distinct culinary scene in Piedmont due to its region renowned for its food and wine.

Drive Time: It takes around 1h 24m to drive from Milan to Turin via car.
Total Distance from Milan: 141 km

2. St. Moritz

St. Moritz;Day trips from Milan
St. Moritz

This might be a taxing day for you, however, you will be shocked with regards to realizing that Switzerland is only one day from the capital of Italy.

During the day trips from Milan, you can taste the spectacular alpine scenery north of Milano and head to Terrano with a two-hour train ride and board the scenic Bernina Express.

Within two and a half hours, you will cross 196 bridges, go through 55 tunnels, and cross the breathtaking valleys of Switzerland, and climbing the Bernina Pass. This small Red Train has a wide range of windows from every seat for full view and good photography.

The Bernina Express runs to the famous Swiss ski resort of St. Moritz, overlooking a lake and the Engadin Alps. Trains run throughout the year and are equally good in summer or winter.

Drive time: It takes around 2h 38m to drive from Milan to St. Moritz via car.
Total Distance from Milan: 170 km

3. Lake Como

Lake Como;Day trips from Milan
Lake Como

This is the third-largest lake in Italy and one of the best day trips from Milan. It offering a spectacular cruise around the water. You can see stunning alpine views from the boat here, as well as taste the qualities of its coast.

A visit to the lake around the city of Como at its southern tip will surely attract you to the historical centre.

One of the most wonderful urban areas in Como is Bellagio, which is situated at the tip of a promontory that partitions the southern Lake Como into two long arms.

Drive Time: It takes around 1 hour 20 to 50 minutes to drive from Milan to Lake Como via car
Total Distance from Milan: 51 km

4. Venice

Venice;Day trips from Milan

What could be superior to travelling to one of Italy’s most prized sentimental urban communities, Venice over the water? It is hard to fit all of the joys of Venice in only one day, in any case, you can attempt.

Here, you can travel the peaceful, stunning rear entrance, welcome a coffee at the famous Piazza San Marco, and ride a gondola through the channels for a remarkable encounter.

You can no uncertainty see this old and captivated city with its sparkling tidal pond and glorious engineering that makes it one of the most mainstream urban areas in Italy for vacationers.

If you still have some time left, visit Murano, one of the islands around Venice, and enjoy its most famous glass-blowing customs. Surely after visiting you can realise it was one of the best trips from Milan.

Drive Time: It takes around 2 hours, 57 minutes to drive from Milan to Venice via car.
Total Distance from Milan: 90 km

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5. Bergamo


An outing to Bergamo is frequently joined with an excursion to Lake Como, however, it merits a day’s investigation in itself.

With noteworthy dividers extending for five kilometres to encompass the old town, and copious medieval design to see, it holds huge interest for voyagers needing a pretty spot to go through the day.

Ride Fantastic start to finish of the city, and examine Bergamo’s significant landmarks, for example, St. Maria Maggiore Cathedral and Colony Chapel.

At long last, remember to pause for a minute to value Bergamo’s staggering encompasses, with slopes extending for miles, right down to remove Lake Como.

Drive Time: It takes around 48 minutes to drive from Milan to Bergamo via car.
Total Distance from Milan: 45 km

6. Florence


Beautiful Florence is definitely a never-ending and one of the best day trips from Milan. Oh Gosh, it’s just so much of fashionable people that you do not know where to stare. It’s really mesmerising. Isn’t it!

It is a great place to hang out for a few hours, given its full host of important cultural attractions, if you are an art lover, you can also add a skip-of-the-line tour to this tour Are which is in Fake Uffizi Gallery. It gives you a spectacular view from the top of the city.

There are several major sights here an easy walk from the train station: such as the Piazza del Duomo, with the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and Baptiste; Santa Maria Novella; Michael Lorenzo’s magnificent Medici Tomb in San Lorenzo; And Piazza Della Signoria.

And also make sure you check out Ponte Vecchio, where the Medici family once trod, and the jewellers who set up shop along their length. But indeed is really expensive place.

Drive Time: It takes around 2h 51m to drive from Milan to Florence via car.
Total Distance from Milan: 303 km.

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7. Verona


It is definitely one of the amazing day trips from Milan and it is absolutely as beautiful as it has been described in this article.

The city follows the paces of Romeo and Juliet, the world’s most famous lovers, and it participates in their game.

Organized in the point of convergence of the truly unique territory, it is Italy’s best-spared Roman fields, the site of a huge summer show event. In specific paths, the Riverside imperial habitation has been splendidly covered up into a workmanship exhibition, with heavenly points of view on the Castel Bridge below.

In any occasion, four blessed places in the city are districts of Italian plain and fancy articulations. A portion of Verona’s tourist spots gets numerous guests as Juliet’s home and gallery.

Drive Time: It takes around 1h 35m to drive from Milan to Verona via car.
Total Distance from Milan: 153 km

8. Lake Garda

Lake Garda;Day trips from Milan
Lake Garda

This is a must-visit place in the bucket of top day trips from Milan. It is the biggest and most celebrated lake in Italy.

Travel through the excellent Lombard nation by means of the train to arrive, and make the most of your Mediterranean atmosphere upon appearance.

You will have the option to invest some energy in the water on a fashionable day trip, just as the move to the perfect lakeside urban areas of Sirmon and Desenzano.

The ‘pearl’ of the lake, Sirmon, offers a great deal to visitors, a castle, a Roman estate, and the Capitulo caves. There is likewise a heavenly medieval castle in the port of Desenzano.

However, Lake Garda is not only Known for the seashore, Including the lake are enchanting urban areas, for example, Bardolino, with its two Roman places of worship, Sirmon, goodness of-so-horrendous Roman warm showers devoted to the artist Catullus, and Gardone Riviera, with nurseries and estates above it.

Drive Time: It takes around 1h 32m to drive from Milan to Lake Garda via car.
Total Distance from Milan: 136 km

9. Genova And Portofino

Genova And Portofino;Day trips from Milan
Genova And Portofino

A day trip away from a bustling city offers you to explore the ravishing Ligurian coast. Genoa is Italy’s largest port, a major pleasure for tourists with many significant monuments and an old city, which has also been named as The UNESCO World Heritage Site.

While you’re exploring the seashore, Portofino and its neighbour Santa Margherita will be charmed to invest some energy in the vivid town of Lough.

Take a refreshing view on the boat along the water here, and take a full breath in the salty air before making a shortcut for the city wards.

Drive Time: It takes around 2 hours, 18 minutes to drive from Milan to Genoa and Portofino via car.
Total Distance from Milan: 171 km

10. Lugano and Bellagio

Lugano and Bellagio;Day trips from Milan
Lugano and Bellagio

It is usually alluded to as the ‘pearl’ of Lake Como, it is anything but difficult to perceive any reason why Bellagio is outstanding amongst other day trips from Milan.

Essentially sit and value nature of this outstanding city, tasting its delicious food and drinks. Finally, value the stunning scenery of the Swiss Alps, to the edge of Lugano, and in travel.

This is your chance to sample the world-famous Swiss chocolates. Buy something as a token of love for friends and family home.

Or keep it with you😉……………!

Drive Time: It takes around 1.5 hours to drive from Milan to Lugano and Bellagio via car.
Total Distance from Milan: 75 km

11. Franciacorta

Franciacorta;Day trips from Milan

Admire the surprising Italian scene, the Franciacorta region offers you some fabulous, award-winning wines.

There are a couple of wine areas in Italy, and even the people who travel to Milan will be fulfilled to understand that there is most likely a pass and can be taken on day trips from Milan.

Franciacorta is not exactly an hour from Milan, the zone is exceptionally pleasant and obviously the wines are scrumptious.

Here you will get a chance to meet winemakers yourself, and queries about the procedure of winemaking, and what makes their specific image delightful.

Drive Time: It takes around 52 minutes to drive from Milan to Franciacorta via car.
Total Distance from Milan: 79 km

12. Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre;Day trips from Milan
Cinque Terre

The all-around flawless Cinque Terre is an extraordinary spot to hang out for day trips from Milan, particularly for that visitors who should get the ideal Instagram shot.

With layer upon layer of iridescent houses bordering the hill, the five villages of Cinque Terre are sure to surprise and delight visitors.

You probably don’t have time to explore all five, but Monterosso al Mare and Vernazza will have enough time to roam, grab an ice cream and watch the fishermen at work.

This vital spot is viewed as one of the most entrancing spots in Italy and is associated with the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Note: Keep your camera out for this trip: You would definitely don’t regret it.
Drive Time: It takes around 2h 54m to drive from Milan to Cinque Terre via car.
Total Distance from Milan: 252 km


Milan is not only a Glamorous city in Italy but sometimes it seems like bliss on earth. Here we tried to find out one of the best day trips from Milan to feel the essence of paradise.

Hope you love to read this article. And enthusiastic enough to visit the suggested places during the day trips from Milan.

Take care and have a wonderful day tour in Milan!

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