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Top-Rated Things To Do In Winthrop, Washington

Winthrop is a beautiful town located in the Methow Valley. This town is covered with mountains and is famous for its scenery and sunny weather. Although, it is a small town and has one highway 20 that passes through North Cascade National park. It hosts thousands of visitors every year to enjoy the outdoor landscapes and explore the local community culture. There are many things to do in Winthrop to enjoy the weekends or vacations. This small town is best for all age-group people where young people can enjoy adventures like hiking the mountains and skiing the Methow trails.
Tourists can stay in the town which gives a next-level experience that they can see the town with the rising sun as well as in the evening when barely anyone is around. There are museums to see, suspension bridges to traverse, wines and ciders to sample, and some relaxation to unwind and enjoy on this Winthrop itinerary. If you want to go to Winthrop then the spring season is the best bet to avoid the crowds. In summer, tourists can enjoy hiking and lake adventures as well as cascades. But if you want to experience Skiing the most popular thing to do in Winthrop then you can prefer the winter.

Best Places to Visit In Winthrop

There are plenty of things to do in Winthrop and many more places to explore to enjoy your vacation. It is sure that Winthrop doesn’t let your expectation down where you can get the mixture of modernization and natural beauty and calm outings. Here we’ll discuss some of the best places and the top things to do in Winthrop.

Ski The Methow Trails

Methow Trails is the largest cross-country ski area located in north-central Washington just downside the Canadian Border. At this place, tourists enjoy skating with snowshoes and dogs. The best thing about Methow Valley is that there are different retailers who make you learn about the Ski with a minimum fee for adults and for children under 17 there is no charge. Winthrop, Sun Mountain, the Rendezvous, and Mazama are the four interconnected regions that make up the Methow Trails network. The skiing terrain varies by region and includes flat terrain, glacial valleys, rolling fields, dense forests, and mountain summits. Numerous lodges and huts are situated immediately next to ski tracks. Methow trails sponsor also organizes many fun events, including skiing races for tourists.

Camp at Pearrygin Lake State Park

Pearrygin Lake State park is the most beautiful place where you can fall in love with its overall view. You can do here many things like fishing, boating, kayaking, water skiing, and many other recreational activities. This ideal place is the best for a picnic with family and friends where you can enjoy the scenic views as well as hiking, biking, and golf. It features over 100 campsites in which many of which are high in demand mainly in the summer. The campgrounds are located in two prominent locations, and each site is near swimming beaches, picnic spaces, and flushing bathrooms. Two furnished cottages and holiday homes are also available for rental at the state park. So ready with your backpacks and visit this beautiful location with your family.

Taste Local Beer, Wine & Cider

You can enjoy the local drinks while traveling then Winthrop is the best place. The Old Schoolhouse Brewery is located in a former schoolhouse and offers superb beer and a pleasant atmosphere. Visit the Methow Valley Ciderhouse to try the regional cider—a long-standing tradition in the state of Washington, known for its fruit. A free wine tasting of outstanding Washington wines is available at Lost River Winery, which is a great spot to unwind with a glass of wine. If you enjoy wine, you might want to take a 60-mile scenic detour to see some of the numerous vineyards in the Lake Chelan region. You can go for lunch to Methow Valley Ciderhouse. Going here is worth it, you’ll enjoy the variety of ciders which is made locally. You can get the beer at the old school house brewery which is a small microbrewery.

Visit North Cascade National Park

This park was established in 1968 and is situated in northwestern Washington U.S. Two components, or sections, make up the park. The south unit stretches southeastward till it borders Lake Chelan National Recreation Area, while the north unit stretches to the Canadian border. It is just three hours from Seattle, which comprises deep forest valleys, cascading waterfalls, and over 300 glaciers.

Shafer Historical Museum

If you want to explore the past of Winthrop then you can visit Shafer Museum. The center of the Museum built in late 1800 is known as The Castle. Museum time fluctuates between summer and winter hours. Visitors can visit here with a self-guided tour with free admission but suggest a donation of five dollars.

Kayaking and Float the Methow River

Methow river is one of the best white water rivers which begins near Mazama and cascades in the Methow valley and meets in the Columbia River. Kayaking and floating are the most popular on the Methow river. Here tourists also enjoy rafting on the tube at the rental service and shuttle service.

Visit the Local Farmers Market & Shops

In the Methow valley, there is a farmer’s market on both days of the weekend. The Winthrop farmer market is open on Sunday and the neighboring town of Twisp hosts occurs on Saturday. Although, the local farmers not only produce the crops but also feature local artisan crafts. With the local shop nearby, Winthrop has something for everyone. More shops than you can handle are available in Winthrop, including bookstores, art galleries, sporting goods stores, and home furnishings shops.

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