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A Review on Alaska Airlines Club 49 Program – Deals and Baggage Fees Benefits

Alaska Airlines Club 49 program, membership program brings incredible prices to various places to everyone in the state of Alaska. So, whether you are planning to holiday on a beach, head to the mountains, or take on big-city fun, there is always a travel deal for you. You can save with deals departing from cities across Alaska. This includes all parts of Alaska Airlines’ average of 1,300 daily flights to more than 115 destinations across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and also in Costa Rica as well.

In this travel guide prepared by Treknova, we will take a detailed look at Alaska Airlines’ Club 49 program, eligibility, enrolment, baggage fees, and what benefits it offers to members.

Alaska Airlines Club 49 Program

A Brief Overview of Alaska Airlines Club 49 Program Membership

Alaska Airlines offers a free program called Club 49, which in itself is a part of their Mileage Plan travel program membership. It is a special program that offers special discounts and deals to Alaskan residents who are also Alaska Mileage Plan members.

However, this program’s eligibility is available only to Alaska residents. There are not many reasons why the Club 49 program is made available to the residents of the state. But, the airline mentions on their website that it is their way of expressing gratitude to the state, and from which the name of their airline carrier Alaska Airlines is derived.

Few Limitations of Alaska Club 49 Program

  • One such limitation is to do with if you are traveling with someone who is not a Club 49 member.
  • The airline allows up to seven passengers traveling on your reservation to use your free checked baggage benefit unless you are traveling as part of a group reservation. Thus, only Club 49 members can receive the free checked baggage benefit when traveling on group reservations.
  • Another limitation of this program is that you do not get Alaska Lounge access or put in a priority boarding group.

Who Can Enrol for Alaska’s Club 49 Membership

As mentioned above, only Alaska state residency and Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan membership or military personnel who are permanently stationed in Alaska are eligible for this program. Check out Alaska Airlines official website to know more about Alaska Airline.

Additionally, an Alaska mailing address is required when you sign up for an account. P.O. box numbers are also acceptable. Residency is validated at is required at the time of registration using the Alaska state public records and that also requires the customer’s consent for validation.

Eligibility will be revalidated annually on the anniversary date of original enrolment. If Alaska Airlines is able to revalidate eligibility automatically, members will automatically be re-enrolled for the following year. If Alaska Airlines is unable to revalidate residency automatically, members will be required to re-enroll for the membership program.

However, children under the age of 13 years are not eligible to be enrolled online. So, in order to enroll a child, you will need to call their customer service center at 1-800-654-5669 (TTY: Dial 711 for relay services) between 7 am and 7 pm (PT), Monday through Friday, or between 8 am and 5 pm (PT), Saturday.

Club 49 Membership Validity

Membership is valid for one year on a rolling 12-month calendar. Members who meet eligibility requirements on their enrolment anniversary are automatically re-enrolled for the next year.

How to Enrol in Club 49 Program

The enrolment is basically carried out online, via Alaska Airlines’ website. You can also seek assistance by contacting the airline’s customer service center which will guide you through the process.


1. To enroll, you will need to visit the airline’s website

2. You will be required to log in to your account.

3. After having logged in to My Account, look for the Club 49 option and click on it to proceed.

4. Simply follow the on-screen instructions and provide necessary details, such as your Mileage Plan number, etc. when prompted.

Note: Your Mileage Plan number must be in your reservation in order for their system to recognize you as a Club 49 member.

5. Once the details you provided are verified, the process of your enrolment will be initiated and completed.

You will be informed upon successful enrolment of your Club 49 membership via e-mail.

What is the Constituent Fare?

The constituent fare also offers Club 49 members convenient and is also affordable access to the Alaska state legislators and government agencies during the annual legislative session. Constituent fare rates offer a 30% discount off the 7-day and 3-day advance purchase fares.

The discount codes are sent out via the “Club 49 Insider” e-mail each year at the start of the following legislative session (mid-January) to Club 49 members who live outside of the Juneau area. Once you have received your codes, you can select the “Redeem” button provided to you in the e-mail in order to automatically load the discount code in your “My Account” profile on the airline’s website.

Benefits of Alaska Airlines’ Club 49 Membership

Club 49 members enjoy exclusive benefits when traveling to, from, or within the state of Alaska on Alaska Airlines. You need to be an Alaska state resident and Mileage Plan member. Your Mileage Plan number must be in your reservation in order for their system to recognize you as a Club 49 member.

The program also offers additional benefits to Alaska residents, in particular.

(a) Checked baggage policy for Alaska Club49 Membership

Club 49 members can check two bags absolutely free when traveling to or from Alaska on Alaska Airlines. You can check two bags for free when traveling to or from Alaska on Alaska Airlines, as long as your Mileage Plan number is on your reservation. Bear in mind that you cannot receive your free checked baggage benefit when using another frequent flyer program.

If a part of your travel is on another airline, your free checked baggage benefit is available when you do a check-in with Alaska Airlines and connect to another carrier for all domestic travel. However, it is not available when checking in with Alaska Airlines and connecting to any other carrier for international travel.

For regular travelers, according to the Checked baggage policy, the baggage fee costs around $30 for the first bag and $100 per additional bag which has weight limits of 50pounds, and if exceed then an additional $100 is charged.

This benefit can also be used on other eligible airlines, including Horizon Air, PenAir (between Anchorage and Dutch Harbor), and SkyWest Airlines (Flight Series 3440–3499). You just need to remember that the flights must be traveling to or from Alaska.

(b) Travel Now Discounts

Club 49 members receive two Travel Now discounts per year. Each discount is good for 30% off one-way travel in a refundable Y-Class (refundable coach) fare too, from, or within Alaska on Alaska Airlines, booked within four days of departure. Refundable economy fares are the most expensive fares. Thus, even with the discount, you still might be paying more than you normally would for an economy fare that cannot be canceled. So, be sure to compare the prices before going for that discount. You can use these discounts on flights operated by Alaska Airlines, Horizon Air, PenAir (between Anchorage and Dutch Harbor), and SkyWest Airlines (Flight Series 3440–3499).

Travel Now discounts may only be redeemed online on their website Only one Travel Now discount can be redeemed at a time via their website. Thus, in order to redeem multiple discounts, you must make a separate reservation for each traveler.

(c) Weekly Fare Sale and Deals

You can also view the Deals page on the airline’s website to see some good deals. They update the page every Tuesday with deals only available to Club 49 members.

If you do not want to miss out on these deals you can sign up to get notified about them via e-mail. To get notifications, you can head to your “My account” profile and sign in, then navigate to the “My info and subscriptions” tab and check the “Insider newsletter” checkbox to subscribe.

Club 49 weekly fare sale information is accessible via the Club 49 website. Members subscribed to the Club 49 edition of their Insider newsletter, featuring weekly fare sales, will receive their newsletter on Tuesday mornings. Also, check out Guide To Alaska Airlines Boarding Groups.

(d) Freight for Less

The Freight for Less discount is the newest benefit included in the Club 49 program. It will allow you to ship up to 100 lbs (45.35 kg) of freight within Alaska for only $10 when you fly, and $40 any time. It is only available for shipping within the state of Alaska and is subject to the standard Alaska Air Cargo Conditions of Contract, Restrictions, and Embargoes. So, this benefit can be very valuable to those who live in certain remote areas in Alaska where air shipping is an essential requirement. Also, the benefits apply only to Club 49 members aged 16 years and older.

To receive the benefit rate of one shipment of $10 for up to 100 pounds, you must present, in person, the following documents at the time of tender:

  • A valid boarding pass for no more than 24 hours prior to the purchased departure date
  • Proof of Club 49 membership
  • A valid government-issued photo ID

Note that cargo may only be shipped within the state of Alaska, and to the same destination to which the guest is traveling. The day of travel benefit rate allows one shipment per eligible traveler, per one-way trip. Paying $10 dollars to ship up to 100 pounds is an absolute bargain, so hopefully, many people can save a lot with this perk.

On the other hand, to redeem the benefit rate of $40 for up to 100 pounds, the requirements are:

  • Proof of Club 49 membership
  • A valid government-issued photo ID

Note that cargo may only be shipped within the state of Alaska. This benefit allows one shipment per eligible Club 49 member, per day.

Size, Weight and Items Restrictions

To receive your Club 49 Freight for Fewer benefits, the following size and weight restrictions apply.

  • A single dimension may not exceed 70 inches
  • Total dimensions (L + W + H) may not exceed 110 inches
  • Total weight may not exceed 100 pounds
  • Multiple boxes are allowed, as long as the DIM weight doesn’t exceed 100 pounds

The following items are not eligible:

  • Collect Shipments
  • Commercial Shipments
  • Live Animals
  • Cash or items of Extraordinary Value (e.g., precious gems/metals, jewelry, art)
  • Dangerous Goods, including loose lithium batteries (batteries only)
  • Ammunition
  • Firearms

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In the end

Some airlines like to provide special perks to residents who reside within their home states and countries in order to make life traveling a little easier and less costly. Alaska Airlines is one of these generous airlines, and thus, they have something called the Alaska Airlines Club 49 membership.

Alaska Airlines Club 49 is a great way for Alaskan residents to save some money on flights to and from Alaska. Also, it can be a great way to cut down on your expenses if you need to ship some freight.

It is easy to sign up since you never know when it could come in use during your future travel within the state of Alaska.

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