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15 Best Day Trips From Athens To Delve The Classic City Of Greece

This weekend, skip your Netflix and Youtube, get some “me” or “our” time, just hop in the car and lets hit the road with us to explore best day trips from Athens to keep your wanderlust activated and your sense of adventure fulfilled. 

Before going further let’s have a glance at this classic city. Athens is the capital of Greece and the spirit of the Ancient Greece Civilization.

In general, there are many best places to visit Greece, and to know more about the beauty of the country you must start with the capital for day trips from Athens.

Athens and all of its nearby places are blessed with enthralling historical attractions, panoramic natural charms, and serene spiritual retreats. Now let’s go ahead and traverse the best day trips from Athens.

Most Charming Day Trips From Athens

1. Delphi

Delphi, day trips from Athens

Delphi is one of the most famous historical sites in Athens and now rewarded with a world’s Heritage site. It is glorified with the magnificent nature, also an exceptional cultural gem in Greece crowns.

The major sights you must have to see during the Delphi day trip from Athens that including the Temple of Apollo, the Athenian Treasury, and the Temple of Athena Proenaya. 

Above this amazing archaeological site, is not the only place to see in Delphi. Visit Delphi Village and discover authentic bars, cafes and souvenir boutiques. Then enter the amazing European Cultural Center which shows sculptures and paintings of outstanding Greek artists.

Drive Time: It takes approx 2h 22m via car from Athens to Delphi.

2. Andros

Andros, best day trips from Athens

Andros is an island in the South Aegean region and one of the stunning sites for a day trips from Athens. It is best known for its Sarija spring in Apoikia, from where the water flows through the head of a lion.

Andros beaches are absolutely breathtaking and different from each elite. Agios Petro, Chrissis Ammos, and Kypri are ideal for windsurfing. Apart from this, Vlychada and Megali Peza beaches are more private and a great place to relax without sounding visitor activity.

Don’t forget to visit the Cyclades Olive Museum, there you can experience to learn the past art of olive making and see the passion of olive oil artisans.

If you are looking for something historic taste then you must visit Monastery of Panachrantou. Andros also offers you 18 marked trail for hiking and rewarded for the “Leading Quality Trails- Best in Europe”.

Drive Time: It takes approx 2h via boat from Rafina Port to Andros.

3. Nafplio


If you are looking for a romantic day trip from Athens with your loved one, then Nafplio is one of the best options for you. Nafplio is a small town in the Peloponnese region of Greece. It has a lovely romantic town with comfortable roads and historical attractions.

This idyllic place is filled with historic charm, incredibly romantic surroundings, colorful houses, and attractive architectures. Nafplio offers you hiking in the Palamindi Castle, it’s a majestuous castle situated 216 meters above the sea level.

After tiring hiking you have a great option to relax on the stunning beaches, this city offers you both paddle and sandy beaches, its all your choice which one you prefer for relaxing.

Karathona, Neraki or Arvanitia are the popular beaches of this city. If you want some artistic taste, must-visit Museum of Worry Beads for your day trips from Athens.

Drive Time: It takes approx 1 h 46m via car from Athens to Nafplio.

4. Piraeus

Piraeus, day trips from Athens

It is located western coasts of the Aegean Sea and is the Greece largest port. Piraeus is famous for its Ancient sanctuaries, Modern ports, and Ferry Terminus.

This is an industrial city that represents Greece history for both ancient and cultural purposes making your day trips from Athens more lively.

The main attraction of Piraeus is –  the Archeological Museum of Piraeus, where you can see the bronze statue of Apollo and Athena and also a huge collection of funerary stelae.

Aside from this, you can explore world-class restaurants with seafood options and shops at Zea Marina(Pasalimani Harbor), Ancient Theater of Zea, Mikrolimano fishing harbor and the stunning hilltop neighborhood of Kastella.

Drive Time: It takes approx 30 min via car from Athens to Piraeus Port.

5. Lake Marathon

Lake Marathon
Lake Marathon

It is located near the village of Marathon, is famous for many historical occasions, including the great historical sites of the battle between the Greeks and Persians hundreds of years before Christ, the beautiful and peaceful Lake Marathon.

The Lake Marathon is a great place to just roam, relishing the picnic in sunny days, and enjoy the view, unlike the dam and the surrounding fauna and flora offering. Swimming is possible in some areas but is restricted for most safety reasons.

This lake is basically an artificial lake and assists the water supply to the city and its surrounding areas. The pine forests around the lake extend for miles, so there is no shortage of mini-hike you can take in your Athens day tours.

One of the most popular activities is Bird-Watching, there are many species of birds to perceive here.

Drive Time: It takes approx 39 min via car from Athens to Lake Marathon.

6. Mykonos


It is located in the southeast of Athens and one of the most lovable spots by visitors.No doubt without adding this place your bucket list is incomplete to the best day trips from Athens.

It is an urbane city with epic nightlife destinations and iconic whitewashed constructions with a royal blue accent. This island is famed with the title of “Restless Nightlife” because the night is always blooming in Mykonos.

Along with Nightlife show, this stunning island offers you lots more things to see here like, old port, bustling beaches, and attractive sites. You can also hire a ferry here, to explore Delos Island which is a UNESCO World Heritage you can explore Apollo’s sanctuary and famous Artemis’ temples.

For shaking great times, move to the Cavo Paradiso, Babylon or Scandinavian Bar & Club, where you can own the dancefloor and have signature cocktails.

Drive Time: It takes approx 2 hrs via Ferry from Athens to Mykonos.

7. Serifos


It is located in the western Cyclades, south of Kythnos and a small island on the Aegean Sea. It is one of the best Athens day trips.

Serifos is a very small island and not developed as like neighboring Mykonos and Santorini but still a give you the one of the best experience during day trips from Serifos. An island that has kept its beauty intact and maintained its real attractiveness.

As we already discussed, this island is so small that the beaches around it are viewable on foot. The most famous one is Psili Ammos and should be ideal for an afternoon with children.

Others, such as the Vagia or Ganima are a forest and should appeal to the adventurous type. Along with this visit hill-top Chora of Serifos village which is a fantastic whitewashed place.

Drive Time: It takes approx 3hrs 15 min via car from Athens to Piraeus Port.

8. Santorini

Santorini, best day trips from Athens

It is another Cycladic island on the Aegean sea and also the most popular island like Mykonos.

Santorini is one of the quite long day trips from Athens but the place is so mysterious that we cannot miss it. It is marked by its outstanding and amazing ancient white and blue architecture.

Santorini is famous for its Iconic sunsets, unbelievable views in the evening and colorful pebble beaches that you can’t even imagine.

This island also offers you hiking to stretch their legs after a long journey must walk along the caldera from Fiera to Oia. This small trail leads you through hills and cliffs and through small villages. This is one of the best ways to see and experience the island.

After the long walk, looking something relaxed? No worries. Santorini provides you varieties in beaches like Black, Red and White Beaches to fun, relaxing and some quality time with your trip mate and as well as charming wineries and popular restaurants. 

Drive Time: It takes approx 4.5 hrs to 7.5 hrs via Ferry and 45 min via plane from Athens to Santorini.

9. Agistri

Agistri, day trips from Athens

It is located in the south of Athens and the smallest of the Saronic Island, but no doubt it is one of the best trips from Athens. This small island is a great place for a nature lover you can find here splendid views of nature surely that you never experienced before.

If you are looking for tranquil and calmness this island is the best place for you because it is not as much as popular than other beaches, but it’s really the hidden jewel in Athens.

Nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts would love to take day trips from Athens to Agistry. The island is covered with a pine tree forest, which is being explored. Apart from this, Agistri offers you three very beautiful beaches including crystal clear waters and attractive views.

Drive Time: It takes approx 1 hr via boat from Piraeus to Agistri.

10. Meteora


It is located near the cities of Kalampaka and Kastraki in northwest Thessaly, beholding Meteora is an incredible sight. Sitting toppings are the Rock Pineneckles Monastery built to serve the monks and nuns of the Eastern Orthodox Church. 

The 24 monasteries were built between the 14th and 16th centuries. Today, only six are alive, but they are open for tourists to visit and observe. It is the largest and most important complex of Eastern Orthodox monasteries in the world.

This is the must-visit place for nature lovers, offers you the unbelievable scenery spots. Surely Meteora visit became one of the unique day trips from Athens for your lifetime.

Drive Time: It takes approx 4-5 hrs via car from Athens to Meteora.

11. Moni

Moni, best day trips from Athens

Deserted island of Greece, Moni located south of Athens in the Saronic Sea. It is available only by catamaran or boat and has all the designing for a romantic and memorable call at sea.

If you are for a break from the hustle-bustle of busy life, Moni is the perfect destination during the day trips from Athens.

This little island is covered with the green lush forest, and populated by wild deer, peacocks, and goats. Here all animals are very friendly with humans and even love to play with the visitors,

If you are an animal lover person then surely you will like to visit here. It will be refreshing after a leisurely long day trip to the nature’s lap.

Moni Island beach, where you can enjoy incredible scenery and a relaxing afternoon in paradise. With the glow of the water and its golden sand, it is easy to lose yourself over time while having fun on the Moni Island beach.

Drive Time: It takes approx 4 hrs via boat from Athens to Meteora.

12. Mount Parnitha National Park

Mount Parnitha National Park
Mount Parnitha National Park

This National Park is located northwest of Athens. It is very vast and full of pine trees and home to the 800 plant and herbs species, 30 mammal species like a rabbit, foxes, deers, etc.

This place is best for the nature lovers who have an interest in observing flora and fauna. Surely this will be one of the best national parks on the bucket list of best day trips from Athens.

While walking in the area (or riding a bike!), explore the Filis Fort which is situated at a height of 687 meters or Panos Cave which is available only through a gorge. There, encounter stalagmites and stalactites.

Drive Time: It takes approx 1 hr 15 min via car from Athens to National park.

13. Spetses

Spetses, day trips from Athens

It is located in the southeast of Athens and one of the most crowdy islands in the list of wonderful day trips from Athens.

First, start your visit from the picturesque old port where you find the majestic building of traditional, neoclassical and contemporary style. After heading to the Church of Panagia Armata relishes the extensive paintings of Koutsis describing the 1822 epic battle against the Muslim Turks. 

Last but not least, Spetses museum where you can explore the rich history of Island.

Drive Time: It takes approx 1 hr 45 min via ferry from Piraeus to Spetses.

14. Olympia


It is located in the western Greece region and is the small town in the Peloponnese peninsula. It is best known for its archeological sites and one of the incredible day trips from Athens.

This place is for the history lovers who are interested to know about the history of Greece.

It is the most popular because this area hosted the Olympic games. The main attractions here to visit are ancient temples, Stadiums, and archeological museums.

Drive Time: It takes approx 3 hr 30 min via car from Athens to Olympia.

Kaisarani Monastery, best day trips from Athens
Kaisariani Monastery

It is located in the southeast of Athens and the history of the Byzantine era, especially the 5th century. Kaiseriani is an Eastern Orthodox monastery that stands in a place that had been a place of worship since ancient times.

In fact, a temple of Aphrodite now stands there, it is the Virgin Mary who is revered there. It’s a holy place but you don’t need to be religious, just enjoy the beauty of the Monastery with its brilliant frescos on the roof’s cover in your Athens day tours.

In the spring season, it will be a great place for a picnic because it became a grassland with very impressive surroundings make your day trips from Athens worth visiting.

Drive Time: It takes approx 28min via car from Athens to Kaisarani Monastery.

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After the long discussion, surely you got a wonderful idea about this Classic destination which are adjacent to Athens.

Though the capital of Greece is a very prosperous city but even its surrounding locations also offers its visitors many attractions for your short trips from Athens to these places like historical places, Natural attractions, UNESCO Heritage sites, vivid Beaches and everything that tourist wants. 

Now, here going to bind up the article with 15 best day trips from Athens. Hope this article will help you to get a clear picture of all destination and encourages you while planning a day trips from Athens.

Wishing you a fabulous time in Athens!

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