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8 Best Day Trips From Kansas City To Refill The Zest In Life

This undiscovered Kansas City sits in Missouri is quite a sweet place to visit and explore in the USA. but still you are leaving in the city and want to get away from it for some while, then Kansas day trips idea is not bad.

Kansas City is itself a complete package for vacation but still, there are several destinations or downtowns nearby the city for your day trips is just mesmerized you. It includes many adventure spots to smoothing time pass areas, eatery stall to famous wineries. Moreover from history to culture and art. Day trips from Kansas City will suit you and your family and children or just romantic sights with your lover.

Though it doesn’t have bucket full of list but these 8 listed sights are in easy reach of the city and most wonderful for the day trips from Kansas City.

Fun Weekend Getaways For Kansas City Day Trips

1. Lake Jacomo

Lake Jacomo, day trips from Kansas City
Sailboat Regattas in Lake Jacomo

970 acres of a freshwater lake in Missouri is so close to Kansas City that you can take out your car when you want to have the mesmerizing evening for your Missouri day trips from Kansas City.

Sunset reflecting on the mirror-like shiny water is just the peace of mind by seeing it for hours. Besides this, if peoples are searching for some water adventure for Kansas City day trips, this lake is best as there are many water activities conducted over this lake.

You will get to have streams of colorful sailboat regattas or rent a leisurely pontoon for a sail over the lake, otherwise, you can even do fishing by a tackle to catch carp, striped bass, bluegill, crappie and more.

Time to reach: 25 mins from Kansas City

2. Weston

Weston, day trips from Kansas City
Sheep grazing in Green Dirt Farm of Weston

In the north of Kansas City, this amazing town of Weston is located which is just pleasant to visit this place again and again. This town holds many historic stories to tell.

But apart from this, the town has a famous farm named Green Dirt Farm where sheep and lambs are grazed. You will get the raw milk and freshly made chess every day. Occupy the farm table with your family to taste the fresh healthy dairy food items for your lunch or dinner.

Besides the food, you will get the areas best brewery shop on your way back, O’Malley’s Pub where you will get the fresh drinkables. This will just turn out to be more delightful at the end of your day trips from Kansas City with your family.

Time to reach: 40 mins from Kansas City

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3. Leavenworth

Richard Allen Cultural Center in Leavenworth

When Kansas was set up in 1854 Leavenworth was the initial city to establish which is rest on the west side at the bank of river Missouri is the best weekend getaways from Kansas city.

There is a lot to do in this compact city including history to culture and even fun stuff. While walking along the lanes, you will get many old shops and restaurants, bars and breweries where you can do the shopping for some unique things and authentic food to eat.

Apart from this, you can have a tour of the multiple museums like Frontier Army museum, Richard Allen Cultural Centre and Buffalo Soldier Memorial Park are all related to the history and culture of the city.

Time to reach: 50 mins from Kansas City

4. Omaha

Omaha, day trips from Kansas City
Famous Old market of Omaha for shopping and explore the food over it.

Omaha in the lands of Nebraska ahs many fun things to do and explore. While you are on day trips from Kansas City you would love to travel over the river by boat ride, which is quite romantic. You can even go to lovely Lauritzen Gardens to spend a good time with your lover.

If you are with your family, you would like to visit the artwork in Joslyn Art Museum or just go to see the world art exhibit in Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts or just roam and shop in the Old Market of this city. Or whereas if you want yo grab the history of Omaha then visit Durham Museum. Furthermore, for children, there is Omaha Children’s Museum and the OPPD Arboretum to do.

Though it takes a bit longer to reach here it’s worth to come and spend your day for fun and enjoyment with your family or a day with your love partners.

Time to reach: 2 hours 45 mins from Kansas City

5. Lawrence

Museum of Natural History of Lawrence

Lawrence is the best destination to run away from city life. This small college town is home to the University of Kansas is the best weekend getaways from Kansas City.

Apart from the college, the city has a queue of historic buildings and museums to visit when you put up here. Museum of Natural History, Spencer Art Museum, the Watkins Museum of History and the Liberty Hall theatre are some of the sites which you must not skip.

Furthermore, the city is rooted in its culture and tradition even now, which makes the tourist attracted to this downtown. Over the downtown area try delicious local food to fill up your hunger in the trip.

Time to reach: 50 mins from Kansas City

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6. Paola

Historic Paola Kansas Town Square of Paola

Its best day trips for the wine lovers from Kansas City as it has numerous wineries and vineyards in the town. Other than this, you will enjoy the nightlife of the town pretty much.

You will just get to go Historic Paola Kansas Town Square where you will experience many events and cultural activities going in the square. Even more, you have the option to go to Beethoven’s Restaurant, Simply You Salon & Boutique to enjoy the food over there.

Apart from it, if you are looking for the history and culture place to visit in Paolo then here is the Miami County Kansas History Museum.

Time to reach: 50 mins from Kansas City

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7. Atchison

Museum of Amelia Earhart Birthplace in Atchison

Atchison is famous for the renowned residence Amelia Earhart who is a famous aviator and was the first woman to fly over the Atlantic Ocean. The native home of her has been changed to the museum, the Amelia Earhart Birthplace which is been managed by the group od female pilots only.

This small town has many other cultural and historic museums like Atchison Rail Museum, Muchnic Art Gallery, the Evah C. Cray Historical Home Museum, and the Lewis and Clark Pavilion to visit and explore. Thus all these, making it the best Kansas city day trip ideas.

Apart from this on the way back from the day trip you must take a break in the Lewis and Clark State Park in Missouri which is surrounded by the lake. And even more, if you are an oenophile then take a bottle of wine from Riverwood Winery and enjoy it by sit beside the lakeside. 

Time to reach: 1 hour from Kansas City

8. Louisburg

Louisburg, day trips from Kansas City
Cedar Cove Feline Sanctuary in Louisburg

This small town is set up in the early 20th century in the south of Kansas City and is the major site of African-American racial justice in America. This little town has many things to do in different sights.

The popular Louisburg Cider Mill of this region producing freshly made apple cider by the fresh apples from the farms in this area. Apart from this, you can spend your day in Cedar Cove Feline Sanctuary where you will get to see the Serbian and Bengal tigers. Moreover, you can even see cute alpacas and giant bison over here.

This cute tiny town is just a small drive from Kansas City and best for your day trips to washout from your worries for a while.

Time to reach: 40 mins from Kansas City


At the end of the blog, you have an idea for what to plan on your day trips from Kansas City. 

There are limited attractions nearby the Kansas City which you would love to come and explore in your weekend vacation for a day. Though you can take your car out and start driving over the road towards the countryside which always has a scenic view which will definitely heel your worn-out life.

So be safe and travel happily…

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