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12 Best Day Trips From Florence To Welcome The Delirium and Saying Good-Bye To Anxiety

Florence is located somewhere in the heart of Tuscany and Italy. This impressive city has many sights, places, and monuments to explore. Yet you should try beyond the boundaries, for amazing half-day or day trips from Florence.

Florence is one of the famous cities of Italy, has many famous tourist spots still you must keep an eye on the outside cities of the cIty, Florence.

There are many places nearby Florence where you must have a look over it by planing day tours from Florence. You will come across some of the unique and amazing places in the world which you didn’t know yet.

Below is the list of the places for best day trips from Florence to feel free from your daily life worries.

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Best day trips from Florence:

1. Siena

Siena, Florence day trips
Duomo with beautiful architecture, Siena

Ancient city of Italy, Siena is truly a marvelous feat of the historical heritages. It’s the best day trip from Florence.

There is no doubt giving the city, honour of UNESCO world heritage site. The cathedral church building, Duomo has a great sculpture and artwork like Bernini-designed dome and glasswork on the floor is a world-famous architectural monument which is worth visiting.

You will definitely wouldn’t miss the famous city square, Piazza del Campo where popular horse race is held two times a year. Moreover, climb up the city tower, Torre del Mangia for a stunning view of the city from the top. 

The city is famous for its sweet so before leaving you must try these sweets namely: Ricciarelli and Panforte. But still, you must try some of the snakes and food of the city to fill your hunger.

Time To Reach: 1 hour and 10-15 mins by train from Santa Maria Novella Railway Station to Siena. After that 15-20 mins of bus ride.

2. Venice

Venice, best day trips from Florence
Venice, the lands of canals and ancient buildings

The most romantic destination in the world which is quite close to and can plan for a day tour from Florence.

City is the most expensive among any other city in Italy. Surprisingly, this lovely city has no roads but covered with giant beautiful canals which are the connectivity in the city. You should try Gondola ride with your loved ones to create some lovey-dovey moments with each other.

Additionally, there are the city’s famous places which are worth visiting are namely: Piazza San Marco and Saint Mark’s Basilica. One of the most classic Gothic-era beautiful architecture made up of the real marvel, Doge’s Palace is a wonderful building to have a look at least for once.

Moreover, don’t forget to have the authentic Venice’s food with yum glass full of local beers or drinks. You will definitely love the city and will try to come over again.

Time To Reach: 2 hours and 15-20 mins approx. from Florence to Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia, Venice.

3. Lucca

Lucca, day tour from Florence
Piazza dell’Anfiteatro, an oval square of the town, Lucca

This city is not much far from Pisa, which means if you are planning day trips from Florence to Pisa than, will suggest you to add Lucca on your plan as well. 

Lucca is the walled Tuscan town with fewer tourist crowds. Piazza dell’Anfiteatro is an oval square where houses are built in the walls and you will enjoy roaming in the walls for sure.

Another, Duomo of San Martino is something worth to see as the houses built in this area are an example of art treasure of the town. Guinigi Tower is a unique building, which is one of the attractions of the city.

Besides all this, you will love to explore the city freely, away from the special spots of the town.

Time To Reach: 1 hour approx. from Pisa (if you have planned both) or direct from Florence it will take about 1 hour, 20-30 mins.

4. Pisa

Pisa, weekend day trips from Florence
Leaning Tower with more architectural building near it, Pisa

As soon as we take the name of Pisa, the 1st place which comes to our mind is the famous Italy’s Leaning Tower in Piazza Dei Miracoli. This place is easy to reach by easy day trips from Florence by train.

Leaning Tower, 185 feet high is the most famous building of tourist attraction and travelers usually love to take a fantastic Instagram perfect snaps of them with the tower in the early morning or late evening. 

Besides the tower, there are two more monuments with a great beautiful architecture, the 11th-century cathedral and the baptistery which are not less than the tower. 

An enjoyable fun places in the city with open-air live music performance in the green Scotto Garden which has a beautiful lash and colorful flowers all around.

Apart from these heritage buildings, you can explore the cities artwork in their streets and lanes and some delicious food in the nearby restaurants and bars.

Time To Reach: 1 hour and 15-20 mins by train from Florence to Pisa Central Railway Station.

5. San Gimignano

San Gimignano
San Gimignano, wonderful ancient town

This cute small village situated between Florence and Siena which is the best place to visit for weekend trips from Florence.

this lovely village is also called “the medieval Manhattan” due to its historic old towers in this town. It’s a heaven to the historic lover as they will get the amazing 14 medieval ancient towers on top of the hill, giving the impressive look to this small village.

Apart from history, town is rich in pottery and culture as well. They have famous Saffron and exquisite Santa Fina pottery artwork which has been exported also.

Thus, this charming town covers the beautiful Italic and bucolic gateways with the narrow-streets and italic ice cream shops. Cinghiale, or wild boar are the best food to get in the town.

Time To Reach: 1 hour approx. by car from Florence city to San Gimignano

6. Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, best day trips from Florence
Cinque Terre, a colorful city on the bank of the ocean.

It’s a perfect destination for day trips from Florence due to its breathtaking coastal landmarks. 

The city is like a fairyland due to their construction and location. The city is completed in 5 towns and villages namely: Corniglia, Manarola, Monterosso al Mare, Riomaggiore and Vernazza. They all are entirely different from each other in every point of view.

You will enjoy the scenic views and will get back the collection of wonderful memories and stunning photo clicks with you.

Before leaving just have a plate full of food with their famous different-different sauces which change the taste of your boring meal to yummy one completely and making it just mouth-watering.

Time To Reach: 2 hours and 30 mins approx. from Florence to La Spezia Railway Station after that change to the local train to Cinque Terre.

7. Rome

Rome, day tours from Florence
Colosseum is an amazing ancient architecture in Rome

Florence day tours to wonderful Rome will be best if you plan it properly and went for it early in the morning.

The capital city of Italy has many impressive and attractive sights which are world famous too. You will experience the old history as well as face the modernness in the city which is something of great interest.

Travelers love to travel here to take a look at the marvelous ancient architecture, St peter’s square of the city, Colosseum. The famous old church of Rome St. Peter’s Basilica is one of such places in the city.

Roman Forum where you will get to see Via Sacre and the House of Vestal Virgins. Apart from this, you will cross the beautiful sunset view from Castel Sant’Angelo over the St. Peter’s Basilica.

Time To Reach: 1 & ½ an hour by super fast train from Florence to capital city Rome.

8. Prato

Prato, Florence day tours
Palazzo Datini in Prato was an ancient building

A person with good taste will choose this art city of Italy for excellent weekend trips from Florence. 

The second-largest city of Italy, Prato has a large production of textile industry with different fibers. There is the museum, Museo del Tessuto, where they have displayed a huge collection of unique and exclusive textiles that resemble the modern art style.

Besides all this, there are many historic sites which include Castle of the Emperor, the Duomo, the Palazzo Datini and Palazzo Pretorio. You will enjoy exploring and roaming in the markets of the city and have some cloth shopping as they have the best textile industry in the country. 

In summer, the city holds a festival of Beer, Tutta Birra Beer Festival which goes for 5 days in the month of May with music, fun and lots of beer. Apart from this festival, they have some delicious food to worth eat are Cantucci and Biscotti.

Time To Reach: ½ an hour by train from Florence to the second largest city of Italy, Prato. 

9. Chianti 

Chianti, half-day wine tour from Florence
Chianti, the finest wine production town, here are the vineyards

It’s a perfectly superb half-day wine tour from Florence to Chianti and is situated very near to the Florence city.

This little town is famous for its wine and winemaking process in the whole world. There is no as such thing to do but if you are a drink lover you would definitely come on the weekend to fill your life with the color of happiness with a glass of wine.

Landscape of vineyards and the lush greenery view of the countryside is mesmerizing and you would like to have some awesome photos to click to take back with you.

If you are looking to take a bottle of wine with you then check the neck of the bottle DOC or DOCG label for best quality and originality of the wine. 

Time To Reach: hardly 40 mints by car drive from Florence to Chianti

10. Bologna

Bologna, day trips from Florence
Torre Asinelli tower is the tallest tower of the Bologna City

Florence day trips to Bologna will be the favorite one for those who are the food lovers or simply say Bologna is a place for foodies. 

Bologna is the only city that had introduced the world with the Italic style staples namely: prosciutto di parma, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, Tortelli pasta, and balsamic vinegar.

There are many more famous delicious dishes which we can’t list each but you have to go there to experience the food for once in your lifespan. You can take a cooking class to learn how to cook italic dishes. Even more, in Aperitivo, every evening, bar put the buffets of food where you can order a glass of drink of your favorite and help yourself to have some yummy snacks.

Apart from food, you must have a look of the Bologna from top of the Torre Asinelli tower for some amazing city view.

Time To Reach: 40 mins by train from Florence to Bologna

11. Arezzo

Arezzo, best day trips from Florence
Piazza Grande, ancient building of Arezzo

Arezzo is the best day trips from Florence by train cause it take hardly 1 hour to reach and it’s worth visiting for your quick weekend break.

The city is rich and wealthy with many historic buildings to visit like the Roman amphitheater, Piazza Grande, archaeological museum, Medici Fortress, art museum, and many churches. The central square of the city is simply the best place to have yourself and experience the unique vibes over there.

If you are looking to have more of Arezzo, so take a little more drive and go to the countryside Cortona and Lake Trasimeno. Places are just stunning and breathtaking landscapes and views.

Time To Reach: 45 mins to 1 hour hardly from train from Florence to Arezzo.

12. Val D’Orcia

Val D’Orcia, day tour from Florence
Stunning lush greenery of Val D’Orcia, a small countryside village

For Florence day trips, this little town is worth it to take a break from your city’s daily dry life. This region of the country is immortal to forget by the travelers visiting here.

This lovely village situated in Pienza will make you fall for it surely. Perhaps, you will be eager to plan soon the next day trip again over Val D’Orcia. This place includes many amazing castles, beautiful villages, hamlets, and farmhouses with a gorgeous landscape and views.

This town is the most famous among all others from Pienza. There is an amazing architecture building, Crete Senesi area which is also a UNESCO world heritage site from where you will get to see some incredible look of this pretty town.

Apart from all this, you will get to some finest wine in the town with some delicious food also.

Time To Reach: 2 hours approx. from Florence Central Railway Station to Val D’Orcia.


Florence is a popular city in Italy and holds many tourist attractions. But once you are done with the city and its tourist destinations, there are places outside the city that are not to be left unexplored.

Florence day trips to such hidden places of Italy and also some of the famous places near this city are perfect impulsive breaks to take with your loved ones and family, even a solo day trips from Florence. 

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