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13 of the Most Popular & Famous Churches in the World

If you are building a temple of God, you will want it to look at God. The Churches for long have not only been just symbols of religious dedication and holiness but also defined the city’s inhabitation and its history concealing the secrets over the years. Churches have a powerful history, especially in European countries which are famous, magnificent, and expensive churches with their connection to religious places and divine powers. Some of the churches have built priceless works of art and paintings which gave a feeling of great ambiance.

There are many famous churches in the World, with a long political and religious history. Some of them are as follows.

Most Famous Churches & Cathedrals In The World

most famous churches in the world; most famous church infographics

1. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

Sagrada Familia is a world-famous church, and it is also a large Roman Catholic architecture located in Barcelona in Spain. The main attraction of the church is its design which is designed by Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926). One fact about this church is that Although it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is not overall completed.

sagrada familia;
Sagrada Familia

The basic reason for its delays is that it is gigantic in size and the time taken to complete the structure to its original look.

2. St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome, Italy

St. Peter’s Basilica is the most famous and most visited church in the world. St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the most famous Catholic churches and is a seat of papal power, located in the Vatican City in Rome, Italy. The construction of the church is started in the year 1506 and completed in the year 1615.

St. Peter’s Basilica is the most powerful and best church in the world and was designed by the famous artist Michelangelo. St. Peter’s Basilica is the most famous cathedral in the world and has the tallest dome in the world measuring a total height of 136.57 meters (448.1 ft) from the floor of the church to the top of the external cross.

St. Peter’s Basilica; famous Churches in the world
St. Peter’s Basilica

The Basilica Church is most popular in Italy and it is the largest and richest church in the world with an internal area of 15160 square meters which stretches over 186 meters in length.

3. Notre Dame de Paris, Paris, France

Notre Dame de Paris front
Notre Dame de Paris

The Notre Dame de Paris church is also known as the Notre Dame Cathedral. The church is one of the most beautiful and famous churches in Europe. Its dramatic towers, spire, stained glass, and statuary are the most impressive, and the architecture of the church reflects the traditional medieval style in the forms of columns.

This divine place is one of the major tourist places and also one of the famous Churches in France, which continues to inspire artists and architecture.

4. Basilica of Bom Jesus, Goa, India

The Basilica of BomJesus is one of the most Famous Churches all over the world. It is around 300 years old and holds the remains of St. Francis Xavier. The Church shows one of the finest examples of Portuguese influence as its edifice is done in the signature Baroque style.

Basilica of Bom Jesus interior
Interior of Basilica of Bom Jesus

Decorated with precious stones, flooring has done in marble and the altar is elaborate with gilded goldwork. Additionally, scenery and the artistic presentations are also do admire this famous church. 

5. Westminster Abbey, London England

The iconic Westminster Abbey is situated in London City and is also the most famous church all over London. It is a large Gothic Church which is located just to the west of the Palace of Westminster. Westminster Abbey is a World Heritage Site and Britain’s coronation church since 1066.

Westminster Abbey West Front
Westminster Abbey West Front

The meaning of Abbey is also a kind of old folks and home of the famous dead white people. The Abbey is one of the most popular religious buildings in the United Kingdom.

6. Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, Israel

The church of Holy Sepulchre is also known as the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre. The church is believed to be the site of Calvary and the martyrdom(crucifixion) of Jesus. The place is located in the Old City of Jerusalem in Israel and was built by the first generation of Christians in the world.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre; Famous Churches in The World
Church of the Holy Sepulchre

From the many Christians, the place is the most popular pilgrimage place and one of the most famous churches from even before the 4th century.

7. Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem

Church of the Nativity is the most important Christian church located in the city of Bethlehem which is believed to be the birthplace of Jesus, and also one of the famous churches in Palestine. The construction starts in the year 327 AD by Constantine and today it is the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Church of the Nativity
Church of the Nativity

But one fact of the church is that it is believed that some divine power of the believers and worshipers of the Church is protecting the city from all dangers.

8. Las Lajas Sanctuary, Colombia

Las Lajas Sanctuary is considered one of the most beautiful architectural monuments all over Columbia city. The church is located in the southern Columbia department of Marino. The most interesting thing about this church is it stands at 130 feet where the Guitara river flows.

Las Lajas Sanctuary
Las Lajas Sanctuary

This Roman Catholic church is dedicated to the lady of las Lajas Ipiales. Las Lajas Sanctuary is hanging over the abyss which is built in the style of the Gothic revival called the jewel of engineering. If you will visit this place it will remind you of the castle. Firstly, Las Lajas was made by the woods in 1754. In the 18th century this church was rebuilt again with some added bridge and an artificial waterfall which is still there. Presently this church was funded by the locals.

9. St Patrick’s Cathedral, Victoria, Australia

St Patricks Cathedral Victoria Australia
St Patrick’s Cathedral, Victoria, Australia | Source: Facebook

St. Patrick’s is the most famous and the biggest Cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese in Melbourne, Australia. It is around 124 years old and it took 21 years to build this church in the year 1897, it was built in stages started constructing in 1858, and was completely build in  1940. At Cathedral around five million people visit in a year. It is architectured by William Wardwell and holds the remains of St. Patrick and it is a fine example of Gothic Revival architecture. St Patrick’s has the prestige of both the tallest and, the largest church building in Australia.

It has a total of 3 spires in it and the height of one spire is 105 meters. And the bell in this church was received by Melbourne’s roman catholic leader Bishop Goold. He bought eight bells peal which came to Australia in 1853. 

10. Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow, Russia

Saint Basil’s Cathedral is one of the most popular cultural symbols in Russia. This building is now converted to a museum and officially known as the Cathedral of the Intersession of the holiest Theotokos on the Moat. It is an orthodox church situated at Red Square in Moscow. It has a total of 10 Domes and 2 Spires. This church was started construction in 1555 and constructed on 12 July 1561 and it was constructed by the orders of Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible. 

Saint Basil’s Cathedral Moscow Russia
Saint Basil’s Cathedral Moscow Russia | Source: Wikipedia

This church was built to symbolize holy Jerusalem which means the kingdom of God and it is decorated with valuable stones.

11. Ulm Minster, Ulm, Germany

Ulm Minster is the tallest church in the world with a height of 161.5 mt. This historical monument was built in stages and the first construction phase was started by major Ludwig Krafft on 30 June 1377 to 1543 and completed on 31 May 1890 it is 644 years old. 

It has a total of 3 spires and 13 bells in the church and this church is having a seating capacity of 2,000 persons. 

Saint Basil’s Cathedral Moscow Russia
Saint Basil’s Cathedral Moscow Russia | Source: Pinterest

It also gives access to the 768 steps of the church which go all to the top 143m. So that people can go to the top of the building and can see the view of the panorama and Ulm city. At the top, it becomes so narrow that a single person hardly fits at the top. 

12. Saint George cathedral, Istanbul, Turkey

Saint George cathedral is the ceremonial Orthodox church it is the second-largest church. In Eastern Orthodoxy, there are around 260 million people who follow and practice the orthodox tradition which means these Christians are not under the catholic/ Pope Francis and they believe that they will only pray directly to God and they consider their own patriarchs.

Saint George cathedral Istanbul Turkey
Saint George cathedral Istanbul Turkey | Source: Reddit

According to the sacred tradition, Jesus Christ is the founder of the Eastern Orthodox church and it was originated in the 1st century according to sacred tradition. 

13. The Catholic Church, Vatican, Rome

The Vatican is the richest church in the world Pope Francis is the head of this church and the net worth of this church is 4 billion dollars. There are various resources of income of this church because this church has a massive investment in Steel, Banking, Insurance, chemicals, Construction and, Real estate. The major asset of this church is its most beautiful billions of worth paintings. 

The Catholic Church Vatican Rome
The Catholic Church, Vatican, Rome | Source:

The Catholic church is one of the oldest and vintage churches in the world and is considered the center of Christianity. The Catholic church has a huge following and practitioners there are around 1.2 billion followers all around the world.

In the end

The above list of the famous church is a great symbol of Christianity. These churches are popular tourist attractions for people around the world and from all religions and are also symbols of national pride.

Nowadays, these churches are studied for their historical, architectural, cultural, and religious importance and are testaments to the creative feats human beings can achieve. So if you want to live someways with peace and divine then you must visit this place, where you can connect to God.

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