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Latest Things To Remember While Flying With Your Pet

Being a pet lover you don’t want to leave your pet alone and decides to fly along with your pets. Then you have to be careful and must know the rules and regulations of the following airlines you are about to flying with your pet.

Every pet carrier airlines have separate policies and laws (some even don’t allow animals to fly with the customer) and had to book separate flight tickets for your pet’s space too.

Some questions arise and you must answer those querries to yourself before flying with your pet in pet carrier airlines. Below we have listed some:

Polices for pet carrier airlines:

According to USA airlines law, some airlines of the USA permit to carry your pet as a check-on bag along with you, giving space under your seat only.

Whereas some pet carrier airlines only allow your pet to fly in cargo and letting them go as checked luggage.

In the airport, there is a weight measurement also of your pet with is up to 20-22 pounds along with the pet carrier. Exceeding this you will not get permission to fly with your pet.

Cost for flying with your pet:

Flying with pets will make your airfare expensive. But what to do when you can’t leave without your pet. So Some airlines are there who allows you to carry your pet but you have to pay for that.

As it been limited airlines which are pet carrier airlines, thus the have only limited seat for pets. So its advice to book your flight tickets in advance if you had a plan of flying with your pet.

The fees of pet carrier airlines may vary from $75 to $200 in the USA according to the way of a carrier, where it’s travelling along with you under your seat or in pet cargo as a piece of luggage.

Breed of your pet:

Usually, people get their cat or dogs as a pet to fly with them. USA pet carrier airlines have put some restrictions in some of the breeds of dogs, due to some happening with the pets flying.

Breeds of dogs like pugs, Boston terriers, boxers, some mastiffs, Pekingese, Lhasa Apsos, Shih Tzus, and bulldogs are strictly not allowed to fly with you in the plane.

Moreover, your pet must be as much of size which can fit under your seat where he/she can stand upright and take around over easily.

Other than these breed of dog, any snub-nosed dogs are not even allowed to fly because of the respiratory problem due to change of atmospheric pressure in a flight.

Health-related issues of your pet:

Flying abroad with your pet is more complex and risky, cause animals don’t usually except the sudden change of atmosphere so easily. So if possible stay them in the ground unless they are emotional support animal.

Before you fly with a pet, you should have a proper veterinary certificate within 10 days of your flight which you have to show at the airport.

If your pet is an exciting one and not able to accept the changing environment or the air pressure happens in aircraft, then sometimes it leads to the death of your pet. Whereas in some case when you are letting your dog go in cargo service of airlines, they get injured.

pet air carrier with incidentes

The above graph is a collection of the data from 2018 where it’s showing which airlines have the most case of death or injury to pet and even which one is safest pet carrier airlines is graph given below.

top pet carrier airlines

Some tips to make your pets health fit before flying with the pet:

  • Feed your pet before 4 hours of your flight. Moreover, a dog can stay without food for like 6-10 hours.
  • Just have some good exercise of your pet on the day of flight so that he/she can accept the change.
  • Avoid feeding that food which will lead upset your pet’s stomach and make cabin dirty with doing stools all around and make other passengers disturb.

USA airlines that allow pets in a cabin

Not every airline in the USA is permitting flying with your pet. But we have managed to get listed some pet carrier airlines over below. You can click on them and get details about pet travel on these Airlines.

  1. Air Canada
  2. American Airlines
  3. Delta Airlines
  4. JetBlue Airlines
  5. Southwest Airlines
  6. United Airlines
  7. Alaska Airlines
  8. Air France

You will obviously want to have low-cost flight tickets, for that you must know tips and tricks to get cheap flight tickets.

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