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JetBlue Airlines Pet Policy

The JetBlue Airlines pet policy allows not more than four pets to travel on the aircraft, so it is important to reserve a pet ticket as soon as possible along with yours. You can call their customer service and support team at toll-Free number 1-800-538-2583 for USA customers and tell the booking agent that you want to travel with your pet. They will examine if the fixed number of pets is achieved for the flight you are considering and will order your ticket over the phone call. Each customer is permitted to bring only one pet which means only one pet per passenger. Nonetheless, there may be exceptions based on certain circumstances. 

JetBlue Airlines is known for providing the best services for pet amenities. JetBlue is always committed to providing services to customers who need assistance or accommodation while providing a safe and comfortable experience for all customers and employees.

JetBlue Airlines Pet Policy

About JetBlue Airlines

JetBlue Airlines is the largest low-cost airline in the United States of America and the seventh-largest passenger company in North America. The headquarters of JetBlue Airlines is located near Long Island City, Queens, New York. It also has corporate offices in Utah and Florida.

The central hub of JetBlue Airlines is in Terminal 5 at John F. The Kennedy International Airport is one of the best in the whole world on board, in addition to free snacks including the official Terra Blues snack, they also have access to DirecTV and SiriusXM for free through a personal screen in front of you. The Wi-Fi service is temporarily free and basic drinks are also free. If that’s not good enough, they’ll provide different EatUp boxes, and on some trips, you’ll pay for fresh food.

JetBlue Airlines reservations use the seats allotted to each passenger for its flights. You can choose your seat when booking your ticket or at any time before boarding. A JetBlue deputy at the airport can support you with seat exchange or seat appointment on the day of your aviation. You can also upgrade your seat with JetBlue airlines and get the comfortable seat that you like.

Pet Travel Reservation

JetBlue Airlines pet policy says that you can order a pet travel ticket online at the official website of JetBlue Airlines, or call the customer service and support group at the toll-free number 1-800-JETBLUE or 1-800-538-2583 and talk to the reservations deputy that you want to travel with your pet. They will verify pet availability if the fixed number of pets on the flight you are considering is acquired or not and book your ticket over the call. They also allow you to book group travel tickets that ate beneficiary and can have lots of benefits to it.

Only one pet is allowed per customer, with a few exceptions according to the JetBlue Airlines pet policy. You can contact a JetBlue representative at the mentioned contact number for more information. The number of pets will be limited up to four pets per flight and that is why the booking assistance for pet travel is available on a first-come, first-served principle. Three pet tickets can be pre-booked online or by reaching JetBlue agents but the fourth and last pet travel ticket must be booked at the ticket counter of the airport within 24 hours of the flight departure time.

The exact payment for pet travel is $125 for each way. There might be a non-refundable pet travel fee per flight section. The total size of your pet carrier should not exceed 17’L * 12.5’W * 8.5’H in dimensions. The mixed weight of your pet and the carrier of your pet may not surpass the determined weight which is 20 pounds. And both soft and hard surface swatches can be used. Travellers are permitted only one particular piece and a single carry-on thing. Keep in mind that your pet and the pet carrier will be counted as your one carry-on item. 

Note: JetBlue Airlines does not accept any remains or traces of your pet in the cabin of aircraft. And also the airlines do not accept pets as cargo.

Certificates For Pet Travel

According to JetBlue Airlines pet policy, it is allowed for your pet to travel with you only when your pet is eligible to travel on a plane with all the required certificates. Before travelling, you should ensure that you have to do the required things to book a ticket for your pet. It is recommended that you notify the JetBlue Airlines reservation department of your intention to travel with your pet 48 hours in advance.

The JetBlue Airlines pet policy expects you to carry your pet’s health certificates, pet vaccinations and documentation, according to their flight itineraries. Besides, you are responsible for obtaining an animal health certificate from the veterinarian who takes care of the animals before the date of travel.

Documentation For Pets Traveling Internationally

The requirements for vaccination and documentation vary depending on the destination. It is the customer’s responsibility to understand the import requirements of their pet for each country or region and to obtain all appropriate documentation before traveling with their pets or service animals or emotional support animals.

Make sure you obtain the necessary items before you travel as you will be asked to present them at the JetBlue Airlines check-in time. You will need proper vaccination and documentation for your pet for each destination of your journey, while there are no vaccination or documentation requirements for pets on domestic flights. Besides, pets from or to an international destination, require proper documentation. For more details, you can visit JetBlue Airlines’ official website.

Pet Travel Checklist

JetBlue Airlines pet policy likes you to prepare for the pet travel in advance and create a checklist to confirm that you have everything you need for a smooth trip for you and your pet as well:

  • Licenses and identification tags for your pet.
  • Required vaccinations and documentation of your pet.
  • Carry some snacks and treats for your pet.
  • Pet carrier which is approved by the Airlines.
  • Energize your pet.
  • Other pet equipment during your stay. 

When pets are tired, they sleep better and are more likely to adapt quickly to a new environment. JetBlue Airlines offers two great leash options and a pet litter bag facility, which can be purchased at the shopblue page of JetBlue Airlines.

Learn about managing your booking of flights on JetBlue Airlines at our JetBlue Airlines Manage Booking Seats, Flights & Reservations page.

TSA Pet Safety Examination

As per the JetBlue Airlines pet policy, you must present your pet to the security personnel at the security checkpoint. The airport security unit will examine pet carriers. Do not worry as your pet will never be placed through an x-ray machine. During the carrier x-ray examination, you will be required to hold your pet in your hand and pass a metal detector. If this is not possible, your pet will need to undergo a second examination, including a visual and physical examination, by a safety officer.

Pet Travel In-Cabin

JetBlue Airlines allows only four pets per flight and only one pet per passenger. The fourth pet must be booked at the airport ticket center within 24 hours of flight departure time and presented on arrival. Your cat or dog must satisfy the pet travel rules and regulations of JetBlue Airlines’ pet policy. 

An approved pet carrier must be provided for your pet. The carrier should have a waterproof and leakage-proof floor, a place for your pet to sit, move, stand properly, and be well-ventilated. The pet carrier should be able to fit under your front seat. During the flight, your pet should be kept in the carrier and the head of the pet should not come out of the carrier.

As you know, there is a restricted quantity of animals that are supported on each flight, so book your pet’s flight ticket as soon as possible. JetBlue Airlines is pleased to welcome cats and young dogs into both domestic and international flight cabins.

JetBlue Airlines Pet Policy During The Trip

In the JetBlue Airlines pet policy, they informed that the customers with pets are not permitted to sit in the emergency exit row, adjacent seat, or any under-seat restricted storage. While sitting at a window or aisle seat is highly recommended.

During the entire flight, pets must be kept in a sealed carrier or zipper on board. Although the carrier can be placed on their knees during the flight, the carrier must be placed under the seat for take-off and landing. If you bought another seat for your pet, you can place the basket on your lap or place it on the extra seat. The carrier must be placed under the seat of the passenger cabin at the plane take-off and landing time.

Emotional Support For Pet Travel

Recently JetBlue Airlines’ pet policy has dismissed the emotional support for pet travel. In the past, passengers could travel in a cabin with their pets through emotional support without paying any additional fee. This caused airline customers to carry a variety of creatures, including cats, turtles, and pigs, as long as they had medical records from the vet.

JetBlue Airways has just joined the ranks of other major US airlines to change its animal service policy by banning Emotional Support Animals (ESA) from flying with their owners. Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, and Delta Airlines have announced that they will no longer accept bookings of mentally supported animals that travel after January 11.

As long as an emotional support pet is booked before December 20, 2020, for flights before February 2021, it will be accepted, as long as all required documents are submitted to the airlines.

Those who are planning to book pet travel with emotional support after March 1 will have to find other methods, such as registering their animals as ‘cabin pets’ for $125 per flight. Unfortunately, this method only works if the total weight of the animal and its carrier is equal to or less than 20 pounds and is considered the passenger-carrying item.

Pet Ticket Cancellation 

The pet travel cancellation is not much different from your booking, the cancellation policy is easy. If you wish to cancel your pet travel, you can call 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583) before the departure time, otherwise, the commission points will be processed. If you request a cancellation before the scheduled departure date, the non-refundable commission can be transferred to JetBlue Points and used in the future within one year of the date of issue.

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