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How To Use Google Flights To Get Cheap Price For Your Flight?

In terms of finding the least price on our flights and knowing the various options to choose for the flight we wish, Google flights are the most reliable option to check out for. The reason behind this is the availability of the huge amount of data and information it stores and updated daily. But before we proceed further, let’s get to know some important and useful tips to consider in order to fly cheap and happier.

  • You should get a travel reward credit card to earn valuable points and to get the best discounts on your travel. One example is the Chase Sapphire Reserve card.
  • If you have an uncertain date and time of your flight, then you can find a good deal of your flight as you desire.
  • Always use fresh search in order to find the cheap prices as previously search flights can be of more price. Consider using Google Chrome’s incognito mode.

 How to find cheap flights on Google flight?

Below are some of the steps you can follow to find the right price for your flight on Google flights.

1. Enter the destination in Google flights

enter date and time in google; how to get cheap flights
Enter Destination

2. Click the Dateline

Click the Dateline
Click the Dateline

Now you have to click the dateline toggle to know the cheapest flight available in a specified month. You will be provided with a calendar of the month with a price listed on all the dates of the month. From there you will get the least price of the flight on a certain date of the month.

3. Set the alerts for the cheap price

Set the alerts for the cheap price
Set the alerts for the cheap price

After setting your departure, destination cities, and the dates, you are directed to the result page, from which you can set the alerts for the cheap air ticket by clicking on the “track prices”.

For this, you need to sign in to google or you are prompted to do so. After successfully logging in, you will receive the notification or google flight alerts of the best cheap prices for the flight you are tracking in your registered email.

Choose the Budget Airline

It can also be possible that Google flights can’t provide you the budget airline you are looking for. In this case, consider using a separate search on Google to look for the best budget airline. After that, you just simply search directly on the chosen budget airline’s website for your flight to reach the destination economically and with comfort.

Prefer Separable flights

Sometimes, even the least price for our flight can exceed our budget limits. In this case, Google flights can have another option for you to meet your budget and this is to choose the separable flights. In this option, you can get the best single price for your destination flight but with separable flights, which means you can go to your destination with two cheap flights.

In this scenario, the combined price of these two separate flights is lower than the one single non-stop flight. But you should keep in mind that the gap between the two separate flights must be kept greater than or equal to four hours otherwise you could miss your second flight without backup from the airlines.

Multiple airport search

You can enter multiple departure and destination airports on Google flights. You can complete your task of finding the cheapest price by a single search rather than doing a separate search for each destination. For this, you can enter the city you preferred most in the destination box. Similarly, you can enter the departure city. Then you will be directed to the results page where all of the cities you have added to go are listed. Now with a single search, you can find the best cheap flight for your destination city.

Affordable budget airlines –

In Asia

  • Air Asia
  • Jetstar
  • Cebu Pacific
  • Tiger Air
  • Vietnam Airlines

In Europe

  • Ryan Air
  • Easy Jet
  • Air Berlin
  • Air Lingus
  • Norwegian

In the Middle East

  • Fly Dubai
  • Air Arabia
  • Jazeera Airlines
  • Nas Air
  • Bahrain (Gulf) Air

In Oceania

In the Americas

# Note that there is no budget airline for Africa.


Google flight is a very useful tool for fliers as it can be both cheap and time-saving when it comes to booking your flight.  But You should keep in mind that Google flights are only a platform for the booking of your flights in a cheaper and more convenient way. The actual booking is confirmed by the concerned airlines you opt for.

Google flight is just following the rules and regulations of these airline companies and it cannot be held responsible for the inconvenience you suffer during your travel. There are also other platforms available, but it is your sole responsibility to make the decision that suits you.

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