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A Review on JetBlue TrueBlue Mosaic Status – Matches, Challenges and Benefits

Earning JetBlue Mosaic elite status gives you many benefits that you can take advantage of when flying on JetBlue Airways flights. JetBlue TrueBlue mosaic status, matches, challenges and benefits.

In this travel guide prepared by Treknova, we will cover a detailed review on JetBlue’s Mosaic elite status, including its matches, challenges and benefits.

A Quick Look at JetBlue Mosaic Status

JetBlue Mosaic status is an elite status program offered by America’s low-cost carrier JetBlue Airways to its customers. The elite status program allows its members to avail several benefits, such as free checked baggage and many more on their flights.

Their Mosaic status is the only elite status tier and customers interested in this status program must meet the requirements in order to qualify.

How to Qualify for JetBlue TrueBlue Mosaic Status

In order to become a member of the JetBlue Mosaic elite status, there are certain requirements that must be fulfilled by you.

Below are the essential criteria to qualify for their elite status tier.

(a) Qualify with Flights

You can become a JetBlue Mosaic status member by qualifying with flights. You can achieve this in two ways. These are:

(i) You must earn 15,000 base flight points within a calendar year, or

(ii) You must fly 30 segments, plus earn 12,000 base flight points within a calendar year.

Note: A “segment” here means any origin-destination pair. A one-way flight (whether non-stop or including a connection) is one segment, and a round-trip flight (whether non-stop or including a connection) is two segments.

Flying the minimum number of segments and/or earning enough base points in the current year will qualify you through the following calendar year. So, for example, if you meet the requirements in October 2020, then you will retain your status through the remainder of 2020 and until December 31, 2021.

You will normally earn 3 base flight points for every dollar spent, so spending $5,000 will get you the Mosaic status. However, JetBlue has offered promotions in the past where you can earn two times the base flight points.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, JetBlue reduced the qualifying points and segment minimums by 50% for Mosaic status qualification. Thus, the reduced thresholds are given as follows:

  • 7,500 qualifying points (earlier 15,000 points for the calendar year)
  • 6,000 qualifying points and 15 segments (earlier 12,000 points and 30 segments)

Mosaic customers will continue to receive an award of 15,000 bonus TrueBlue points upon qualification.

(b) Achieve Spending Threshold

After you spend $50,000 in a given calendar year, you will be offered the JetBlue Plus Card that will allow you to earn Mosaic status. If you are a frequent flyer on JetBlue flights, you may be able to achieve this threshold quickly than those who do not fly frequently. However, if you want to go this route, you should note that it may take several weeks or even months for your Mosaic status to show up after you meet your spending threshold. So, you might want to e-mail JetBlue and request for them to expedite the process.

The JetBlue Plus card also earns 6X points per $1 spent on JetBlue purchases. This gives you a free first checked bag for you and up to 3 companions on the same reservation, and gives you 5,000 bonus points every year after your account anniversary, among other benefits.

(c) Purchase JetBlue Mosaic Status

Oftentimes, especially toward the end of a calendar year, JetBlue might offer you a chance to purchase Mosaic status. If you have zero base points, the price will likely be around $5,500 for the status.

However, if you are short on base points, you might be able to purchase the number of base points needed to get your Mosaic status, and in those instances, it could be a better deal. For example, if you were only a few hundred points short of getting elite status, then it could make sense to jump on the offer.

JetBlue Mosaic Status Challenge

You can also enroll in a status challenge to earn Mosaic status. This challenge requires you to spend at least $1,250 in three months, which may not be a difficult task if you already had your flights planned. However, this type of challenge may not be lucrative enough to get you to go out of your way to spend that much money.

Nonetheless, a good thing about this challenge is that if you are a current Mosaic member, sometimes you can still take advantage of this challenge and secure your status for the next year. Because there are many status challenges that exclude current elite members, this could be a bit of a unique benefit.

JetBlue Mosaic Status Match

JetBlue offers generous status matches to Mosaic status, though these are not always offered.

Below are the major and low-cost airline carriers that could be matched in the past and their corresponding elite levels with JetBlue.

  • Alaska Airlines: Their elite status programs include Mileage Plan, MVP Gold, and MVP Gold 75k.
  • American Airlines: Their elite status programs include AAdvantage Platinum and Executive Platinum.
  • Delta Airlines: Their elite status programs include SkyMiles Medallion Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.
  • Emirates: Their elite status programs include Emirates, Skywards‎ Silver, Gold, and Platinum.
  • Southwest Airlines: Their elite status programs include Rapid Rewards A-List Preferred and Companion Pass.
  • United Airlines: Their elite status programs include MileagePlus Premier Gold, Platinum, and Premier1K.
  • Virgin America: Their elite status programs include Elevate Silver and Elevate Gold.

Note that you can be matched to JetBlue Mosaic if you obtain the Southwest Companion Pass that is offered by Southwest Airlines. You will be matched for the remainder of the year in which you applied for the status match.

JetBlue will also likely enroll you in their status challenge so that you can hold onto your Mosaic status for the next calendar year if you meet the requirements for the challenge.

Benefits of JetBlue Mosaic Status

JetBlue has decided to extend the elite status tier for all the current Mosaic customers through 2021. This includes whether the elite status was obtained through traveling or by spending using the JetBlue Plus Card.

Here are the benefits of JetBlue Mosaic status:

First and Second Bags Free

You and others on your itinerary can check in both the first and second bags for free, no matter which fare option you chose. Thus, with Mosaic status, you could be saving $70 per flight per person when checking-in two bags.

Change and Cancellation Fees Waived

The change and cancellation fees for flights will be waived for Mosaic status members, including companions on their itinerary. Keep in mind that this is only allowed when you book reservations of JetBlue through their website

The amount for your change and cancellation fees will depend on the type of fare that you purchase. For example, for changes and cancellations of JetBlue Airlines to Blue and Blue Plus fares under $100, you would have to pay $75 per person plus the difference in fare and for fares between $100 and $149.99, you would have to pay $100 per person plus the difference in fare. The price continues to go up the more expensive the fare.

So, with Mosaic status, you could be saving several hundred dollars in the event that you need to make necessary changes or cancellations. If you use a third-party booking site, such as an online travel agency, then you will likely not be able to have your cancellation and change fees waived.

Bonus Points

You will receive 15,000 bonus points upon qualifying for Mosaic status. Previously, JetBlue used to offer this bonus even for those who had completed status challenges. Thus, if you reach Mosaic status via the credit card, receiving the 15,000 points could be difficult.

Speedy Security Line

You will get access to an expedited security line. If you really want to speed up your security line experience. You should seriously consider getting TSA Pre-Check. That will allow you to breeze through security without having to take out your liquids, electronics, light coats, belts, and shoes.

Early Boarding

You will be one of the first to board the plane. Below is a categorized view of the JetBlue boarding process:

  • Pre-Boarding (for customers with disabilities and unaccompanied minors)
  • Mosaic and Mint customers
  • Even More Space customers (Group A)
  • Courtesy Boarding (for active military personnel and customers traveling with children in car seats or strollers)
  • Boarding of Group B customers
  • Boarding of Group C customers
  • Boarding of Group D customers
  • Boarding of Group E customers (not applicable for E-190 aircraft)
  • Boarding of all remaining customers

As you can see from the category-wise boarding listed above, you will be among the first passengers to board your flight right after pre-boarding.

Additional Bonus Points

You can earn an additional 3 TrueBlue points per dollar on your JetBlue flight, for at least 9 points per dollar, if you book online on their website This bonus is a great way to rack up your points. However, keep in mind that these bonus points will not count toward earning Mosaic status for the next year, only the base flight points will count for that.

Earning 9 points per dollar at a valuation of 1.4 cents per point would be a 12.6% return on your spending. You can compare that to what you can earn if you are an A-List Preferred with Southwest Airlines, which allows for returns up to 36% for Business Select. This would be a significant difference between JetBlue and Southwest. Southwest Airlines is much more rewarding for their top elites when it comes to putting money back in their pocket.

JetBlue Mosaic 24/7 Phone Support

Being a member of JetBlue’s Mosaic status, you will also have access to a dedicated 24/7 customer service line. The JetBlue Mosaic customer service phone number is +1 (877) 538 8783.

Many people have good things to say about the customer service center and so this could be a very helpful benefit if anything ever comes up.

Complimentary Drinks

You will be able to enjoy complimentary alcoholic beverages onboard. The drinks are not available on flights operating with express or no in-flight service (flights under 340 miles) or where prohibited by law. Also, this benefit applies only to qualified Mosaic status members and may not be transferred. So, if someone else is flying with you, they may not be able to partake with you, at least for free.

JetBlue Mosaic Status Upgrades

JetBlue Mosaic status tier does not have an official upgrade policy. However, JetBlue offers upgrades to the “Even More” Space seats when available. Thus, with the “Even More” Space seats, you can enjoy up to 38 inches of legroom space, which is a whole lot of legroom space.

You can also check with an agent at the gate if you are interested in getting upgraded since these are usually given in the last minute. Some airports should have a designated Mosaic desk where you can enquire.

Unfortunately, there is no official policy for upgrading Mosaic status members to Mint, but upgrades to Mint class can happen (though rare and mostly due to overbookings).

Lounge Access

Unlike other major airline carriers, JetBlue does not have airport lounges. This is likely because the lounges do not fit the business model similar to that of Southwest Airlines, for instance.

However, with the addition of the Mint class, maybe there is some hope in the future for a few select airports to open lounges for customers.

Tracking JetBlue Mosaic Status

You will be able to track your activity on the TrueBlue homepage once signed in with their Mosaic trackers. Simply log in, then click on “My Activity” and you will be able to see your progress.

JetBlue will also notify you via e-mail when you are close to qualifying for the TrueBlue Mosaic elite status, and once you reach the qualification criteria, you will receive an e-mail.

JetBlue Mosaic Status Benefits Summary

  • Free first and second checked bags for everyone flying on the member’s reservation (the second bag usually costs $40, and the third bag costs $75).
  • Free “Even More” Speed, providing expedited security at 36 airports for everyone flying on the member’s reservation.
  • Early boarding with early access to overhead bin space for everyone flying on the member’s reservation.
  • Ability to use TrueBlue points to purchase “Even More” Space seats for extra legroom (these seats have 38 inches of pitch, and come with Even More Speed privileges).
  • Access to a dedicated 24/7 customer service line.
  • Three bonus TrueBlue points per dollar spent for a total of nine points per dollar when booking on (instead of the base 3 points per $1, plus 3 bonus points per $1 when booking on


There may also be a lot of different ways that you can earn JetBlue Mosaic status each time you fly with JetBlue. Thus, after having seen all the different status matches and challenges offered throughout the year, this may be one of the easiest elite statuses for you to earn. Also, considering that there are a couple of really great benefits for Mosaic status members, you may want to definitely look into these various options and see which could be the best route for you to travel.

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