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5 Best Places To Visit In England To Explore The Heart Of Britain

England is not a big country, but it gets to all a lot itself. Here, Treknova brings you the list of best places to visit in England. Often, a holiday in Britain can be just as awe-inspiring, with the ultimate beauty of the countryside, popular place, beautiful beaches, and delicious food.

Whether you’re visiting from out of the country or making the plan within the country for your next holiday trip then keep reading this article to discover the famous places to visit in England. Hope, this article somehow will help you to make your decision.

List Of Beautiful Places To Visit In England

1. Manchester City

Manchester, places to visit in england
Manchester: City that never sleeps

It is a metropolitan city or district in Greater Manchester. The city is the third most populous town in England, with a population of 545,500 according to 2017.

History of Manchester is associates with Romans and the city is established in 79 AD. Manchester City is one of the most popular place to visit in England in traveller’s city has sought the historic culture of England, and the most popular thing about Manchester is the nightlife.

Some more things about Manchester:-

1. The city has gothic architecture at John Rylands Library and Manchester Cathedral.

2. Manchester city is famous for football, if you want to know about the beautiful history of Manchester football then you must visit the National Football Museum that is situated in the middle of the city.

3. If you are travelling with your family and children then this city keeps all entertained things like, Museum of Science and Industry, Play Factore, Legoland Discovery Centre are gives great fun to your family.

4. In the Gateway of the North, you see the beautiful countryside including the Lake District.

2. London

London, places to visit in england
London: Heart of England

This City is well-developed and beautifully designed by the British. The city has its own history which makes it different from others. The city is constructed after the settlement of Romans in the middle ages(1st century Ad). People who want to explore new things or also get to see some historic era, London city is one of the best places to visit in England.

Some stunning Facts of London that attract travellers are as follows:-

  1. The city has many iconic buildings and popular place, also have Royal parks.
  2. Travellers may get spectacular views of the city skyline of iconic landmarks of London like London Bridge, Hungerford Bridge and many more.
  3. In London approx than 230 theatres. In the west end of London city that is Globe theatre in that you see Shakespeare’s plays.
  4. The city has many famous restaurants that attract travellers most.

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3. York, England

York: Prettiest City Of England

This is the innovative city of adventure. The city is one of the prettiest city in northern England. York city is situated between London and Edinburg. In a survey conducted by the England government, York city is voted as the best city to live in the country. The city has full of attraction points and it holds the ancient history of England which attracts travellers.

Some of the Top Tourists attraction are:-

1. In york, the most attractive area for travellers is Shambles, Filled with beautiful cobbled streets, cute little cafes that are looking more gorgeous in the night.

2. North of the city, there is a place that is also one of the most attractable places in the city is Harry Poter’s, Diagon Alley.

3. In york there are multiple exhibitions are shown, History of Vikings.

4. At last but not least, that you cannot miss a visit to The Cafe 68 Gillygate for a delicious traditional brunch.

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4. Cambridge

Cambridge, places to visit in England
Cambridge: The city of Colleges

This city is like a perfect escape from reality and one of the best places to visit in England. In Cambridge, the key point of attraction that you can’t miss is the world’s most popular university, Cambridge University.

In Cambridge city, there are approx thirty-odd colleges that essentially pin the city together. If you want to enter some of the haloed ivory towers for free but you approx to pay around £5 to enter some of the more famous colleges.

Some of the major tourist attraction points are:-

1. Firstly, recommend visiting Newnham which has a gem of a garden encircled within its brick walls, or Christ’s College, which is also free.

2. After that attending the evensong is one of the most memorable parts of a visit to Cambridge and the best thing is that it’s absolutely free! King’s College is also holding the most popular place evensong, but Trinity, Selwyn, St. Johns and some more colleges also have crisp-voiced choirs.

3. After you may Take a walk along ‘The Backs’ (Queens Road) from autumn to early spring to get one of the best views in Cambridge: King’s College Chapel across the meadow. The Backs are itself holds the beautiful – sticking my head out punting on the River Cam definitely has to be one of my most romantic travel experiences in England.

4. Go punting in the mornings when it is less crowded. We recommends going with local operators to scad times who offer an excellent 45 minute guided tour of The Backs.

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5. Nottingham City


The word “everything” is the best suites for Nottingham city. The city holds a variety of historical landmarks, adventure spots, popular places, and parks with spectacular views. The city is the first choice of travellers to visit in England. Nottingham is also famous for its role Robin Hood Legend.

Some of the top tourist’s attraction places are:-

1. Nottingham Cathedral, It is a house of prayer and worship. The main attraction key is its intricate architectural design.

2. Nottingham Playhouse is a world-class venue of play theatre. It holds a variety of dance, drama, comedy, and music.

3. Adrenalin jungle is for those travellers who love adventure. This offers exhilarating challenges to both child and adult.

4. There is one of the most popular places in Nottingham is the city of a cave. This is a historical place, and the fact is it is the second most visited place in England.

Ending Words

England, The royal city offers you numerous tourist attraction to visit. Above we discussed 5 top places to visit in England. Hope you love to visit there and will make wonderful memories with your loved ones during your vacation time.

Wishing you a fabulous time in England!

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