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12 Famous Places in London You Must Visit – Top Tourist Attractions

London is perhaps called the most iconic city in the world. It is playing with history and is home to the Royal family for a long time. People visiting here love its modern vibe, but more than that, they are mesmerized by its old-world charm that can only be felt when you actually visit the city. Needless to say, if you are planning a trip to this fascinating city (be it business or pleasure), then you should not miss these best places to visit in London.

London is the capital of England / United Kingdom and is situated on the banks of the River Thames in the south-east of Great Britain. The place of fashion and fashionistas, The place where even the Instagram models get their daily dose of Instagram influencing.

London is downright luxury and thus the places we listed here or you are similarly luxurious and classy for your holiday vacation and a daily dose of luxury.

The history behind London is that it was founded by the famous Roman Londinium. One truth of the city is that it is considered Top place to visit in London in the world as measured by international arrivals.

Top 12 Must-See Attraction In London

1. Madame Tussauds Museum, London

This museum is one of the best places in London. This Museum holds lifelike wax statues and some areas of the museum are most interactive that bring your favorite sportsperson and celebrities to life. Entry to this museum is free and the popularity of the museum is spread all over the world.

In this museum, the travelers are getting new things and he/she will see the art of this era. So don’t miss visiting this museum when you are on a trip to London.

places to visit in london
Madame Tussauds Museum

Some Facts of Tussauds Museum-

  • You can also see the most amazing arts in this museum.
  • Here, you can see the statue of almost every celebrity, important person, and sportsperson.

The timing of Tussaud museum- Museum opens daily from 10 am to 4 pm (Monday-Friday), 9 am to 4 pm (Saturday and Sunday)
Address of Madame Tussauds Museum- Marylebone Road, London NW 1 5 LR, United Kingdom

2. London Eye, Ferris Wheel

If you plan a trip to visit London and you don’t visit the London eye then I think your trip is incomplete. London Eye is the most iconic Ferris wheel in this world and the best place to visit in London. The goal to construct this wheel is to mark the millennium celebrations in London in 2000. This place is one of the best and most visited places in London.

Ferris Wheel

Some amazing facts of London Eye-

  • The particular glass capsules on the Ferris Wheel is risen up to 443 ft above.
  • At the night the Ferris wheel is lit up in the seasonal colors and also shows the fireworks.
  • The time per ride on the Ferris wheel is 30 minutes.
  • Some of the most gorgeous views of the Thames river.

The timing of Ferris wheel- 10 am – 9 pm
Address of Ferris wheel- Riverside Building, Westminster Bridge Road, London

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3. Buckingham Palace

Your holiday trip is incomplete in London if you do not visit Buckingham Palace. This palace is home to the British Royal family since the year of 1837. The Palace is the best tourist and top place in London that gives some royal views and sightseeing. The Palace is also famous for its Green park, which is the largest private garden in London, England, and one of the London famous places most visited tourist place.

Buckingham Palace, London attractions
Buckingham Palace

Some of the parts of this palace are open for tourists where you can see some of the pieces of Royal Lifestyle.

Best Attractions points in Palace

  • Green park, largest private garden in London.
  • Watch the world-famous changing of the Royal guard.

4. Hyde Park, London

Hyde Park is one of the most popular and one of the best London places. The Park has its own history, which has hosted a number of demonstrations and protests including famous protests such as Suffragettes. The Park is spread over in a 350-acre open space. In the park, there is an 18th-century man-made lake called Serpentine, which is popular for swimming and boating.

Hyde Park, London attractions
Hyde Park

Some major London attraction points in Hyde park-

  • Watch the world-famous changing of the Royal guard.
  • The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain
  • The most famous Serpentine

5.Convent Garden

Convent Garden, London attractions
Convent Garden

Convent Garden is one of the best places in London that a traveler must visit. The Garden is full of restaurants, streets, various shops. In this garden, the local foods in London are the most popular tourist treat.

You can also see the handcrafted flowers and some of the most iconic places in this garden area. The Garden is also famous for the Royal Opera House. So, don’t miss visiting the Convent Garden while you traveling to London city.

6. The Thames, Cruise ride

The Thames, London attractions
The Thames, Cruise Ride

In one word we can say, the Thames is the lifeblood of London attractions. The Thames is England’s longest river. Travelers can take a cruise ride on the Thames and see the exotic city views and locations like Tower Bridge, House of Parliament, and the London Eye also. Cruises are run regularly as an alter of 30 minutes.

You can also see the best places to visit in London by cruise where you can get the best experience of your life.

7. Visit the famous Shard building

The Shard, also known as the “Shard of Glass”, is the tallest skyscraper in London and Western Europe. It comes from every other building in the metropolis of London that rises 310 meters into the sky and consists of 72 magnificent floors (of which the roof reaches 95 floors).

The Shard houses apartments, a hotel, offices, a shopping arcade, restaurants, and bars. The top floor of this magnificent building offers an unforgettable, spectacular view of the city. At night on the other side of the river, tourists have a different view of the shard as it glows beautifully.

shard building London
shard building London

Cost: Entry to The Shard is free for kids under 4 years old, about $34.15 for kids between 4-15 years old, and about $42.36 for adults.

8. Hampstead heath

Hampstead Heath is the most beautiful and largest green space and one of the best and iconic places in London city. If you are looking to explore more adventure and outdoor fun then this place is counted as the best London attraction. It offers one of the amazing views of the whole city at the top of parliament hill. Also, there are many features to experience in the city such as ponds, training tracks, zoos, woodlands, playgrounds, greenery, and many more.

Hampstead heath, london attractions
Hampstead heath

Hamstead Heath is the ideal location for outdoor activities and the best place to visit in London for relaxing and chilling. It will also give you a feeling like you are miles away from London in a small village with beautiful historical buildings and a large number of shops etc.

9. Millennium Bridge

The Millennium Bridge is a pedestrian bridge built across the River Thames at the beginning of the millennium. The bridge’s name was derived from the time of its construction. This walking bridge spans a total of 1,066 feet and is one of London’s two famous landmarks and connects the Tate Modern and St Paul’s Cathedral.

And these strolls along the bridge get to enjoy the fresh air and get amazing pictures of some of London’s most famous landmarks and attractions, which attract a lot of people.

Millennium Bridge
Millennium Bridge

Cost:  Entry to the Millennium Bridge is free.

10. 30 St Mary Axe (The Gherkin)

The magnificent 41-story steel and glass skyscraper, known as “The Gherkin”, was built in 2004 and is one of the most impressive modern buildings in the London metropolis. This building is famous for its cigar-shaped design and is located in the heart of London’s financial center.

The top floor of The Gherkin is an open room with a conical dome. A top view would be incredible, but unfortunately, this building is not open to the public. Although not open to the public, but the external view is spectacular.

The Gherkin
The Gherkin

11. Hop on Hop off bus tour

This is one of the best ways to discover new sites and it is the most popular bus in the entire world the Double-decker bus. It’s almost every visitor’s wish to travel on this bus and to see the city with the historic charm. Buses mainly operate within every 20 minutes in which there is a facility of Tour guide which explains about every attraction which comes on the way. 

Hope on Hope off
Hope on Hope off, Bus Tour

It almost covers every major attraction on the bus as well and this ride can be your lifetime memory. It covers major attractions such as 

  • The Tower of London 
  • Shakespeare’s Globe 
  • London eye
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Buckingham Palace

12. Warner Bros. Studio

If you are an entertainment enthusiast and coming to London then this place must be your dream place because there are many iconic movies that have been shot such as Spider-Man 2002, Aqua Man, Harry Potter, and many more. In this theatre, you will find the original costumes used by famous artists and they are in the showcase so that visitors can see the original art. Warner Bros. studio is one of the best London tourist places.

Warner bros.
Warner bros. Studio

You also can see the original shooting sets of the Studio and can experience the vibes of one of your favorite movie 

Cost of warner bros studio tour: 65.29USD per person


A report says that 27 million people visit the city of London every year. The city is awarded as the most visited city in Europe. Nowadays London is one of the most advanced and diverse cities in the world. If you want to take a break from your busy life, just plan a holiday trip to London.

Just visit the Queen at Buckingham Palace as soon as you visit the museums in London, or take the perfect picture of Big Ben. Very iconic places to visit are the attractions of London.

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