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7 Tips For Traveling Through Asia

Asia is one of the largest and most diverse continents in the world.

It’s filled with anything you can imagine, from astonishing beaches to jungles. Not to mention its cultural and historical value, and what’s most important – people.

There is something for every single adventurer, even the pickiest ones.

Before traveling to Asia, it’s essential to be prepared and plan your journey thoroughly, so that you can be focused on exploring and traveling, instead of facing challenges and obstacles.

To help you prepare better for your trip, we have selected the 7 tips for traveling through Asia

Choose your countries

Even though visiting every country in Asia sounds excellent, it would take a lot of time and funds to achieve that.

It’s way better to do it gradually and visit Asia multiple times, instead of hopping from one country to another.

Choosing the countries intelligently is imperative, particularly if it’s your first time in Asia.

Focus on one region of Asia so you’ll be able to travel to countries that are relatively close to one another, instead of taking long and exhausting trips throughout the entire continent.

If you aren’t certain of which country should you visit and why check out the Big Booty Fish website for more insider stories and tips.

Check visa requirements

Each country has its visa requirements, so research them before traveling, mainly since these requirements can change frequently.

Some countries allow applying for visas online, and that can make things much more straightforward.

On the other hand, you’ll need a visa upon entry in some countries, and to avoid all the nuisance, always come prepared so you won’t end up wasting lots of time.

Pack light 

You don’t need to bring all your outfits.

It’s much more practical to pack as lightly as possible and avoid traveling with overweight suitcases or backpacks.

You can always have all your clothes washed, dried, and pressed for a very affordable price, and if you need extra clothes, you can always shop for more at local stores. 

Some parts of Asia are extremely humid, so having cotton clothes and light footwear is a necessity.

Best time to visit Asia

Most Asian countries have dry & wet seasons and 

both have their pros and cons.

For instance, if you travel during the wet seasons, you’ll get much cheaper deals for accommodation and plane tickets but you’ll face many other problems, and maybe you won’t be able to experience the country the right way.

In larger cities, the wet season isn’t an issue, but if you plan on visiting some rural areas where infrastructure is not the most reliable, you probably want to travel during the dry season.


The last thing you want is to get sick or infected during your time in Asia.

In certain parts, there are some nasty diseases or animals that could harm you, so check the vaccine requirement of a preferred country and get them to protect yourself and others.

A good approach is to get tetanus and typhoid shots, always bring tons of mosquito repellent, and follow medical and hygienic recommendations for a specific country.

Also, drinking only bottled water is a great idea.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a must because it’s not only your health that can be insured but your personal belongings as well since many travel insurance policies will cover lost luggage or even possible problems with flights or accommodation.

Exchange rate

In most parts of Asia, cash is the preferred method of payment.

You’ll certainly have to exchange your money all the time, which can be very complicated.

Be aware of exchange rates, so research what’s the best way to exchange your money for a local currency. Remember to do an exchange at authorized exchange places, to avoid any possible scams.

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