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Asiana Airlines Baggage Policy

On this page, you will get the details regarding Asiana Airlines baggage policy. Before that let’s have an idea regarding the other details of Asiana airlines.

This South Korean airline is the second most well-known in the world. It was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Oslo-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul. They have 86 fleets that serve 90 destinations around the world. They’ve formed a relationship with the Star Alliance.

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Asiana airlines baggage policy
Asiana airlines baggage policy

Carry-on Baggage Policy

On Asiana Airlines flights, passengers flying first or business class are allowed to bring two carry-on bags, while passengers flying travel class are only allowed to bring one carry-on bag. All carry-on baggage must be under 22 pounds.

Carry-on bags must be no wider than 15.79 inches, no longer than 21.65 inches, and no taller than 7.87 inches. Passengers can also bring small suitcases, handbags, tablets, books, and small duty-free items on board.

Passengers who have small musical instruments, such as a violin, are permitted to bring them on board.

All carry-on luggage must fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead space. Passengers are allowed carry-on bags in addition to a personal item (overcoat, laptop, purse) as long as the total length of all carry-on items does not exceed 110 cm-115 cm (40-45 inches) and the weight of all carry-on items does not exceed 5-10 kg (20-22 pounds).

One private thing is absolutely free

1 regular carry-on item (22 pounds/10 kg) (economy) is fully free

2 regular carry-on products (22 pounds/10 kg) in first and business class are fully free

Scale limitations:

  • Unspecified personal items, but Asiana’s website mentions a small briefcase, laptop computer, or duty-free item.
  • Item to bring as a carry-on: The overall length, width, and height of the object must not exceed 45 inches (115 cm), with maximum measurements of L = 21.6 inches (55 cm), W = 15.7 inches (40 cm), and H = 7.9 inches (20 cm)

Carry-on Policy for Babies in Laps

In addition to the infant food needed for the flight, a small collapsible stroller, car seat, or portable cradle may be carried aboard.

Policy on stroller inspections

As space allows, a small collapsible stroller will be carried aboard, but “larger” strollers will be treated as checked luggage at the gate and returned to the destination gate.

On domestic flights, infants are allowed one 50-pound (23-kg) bag and a 22-pound (10-kg) bag on all other flights.

Checked Baggage Allowance

The amount of luggage you can check on an Asiana Airlines flight is determined by your cabin as well as your departure and destination countries. Passengers in first and business class are allowed to check two bags for free, each weighing no more than 70 pounds.

Passengers in travel class are allowed to check one bag for free, which must weigh no more than 50 pounds. In both cases, the total dimensions of each bag must not exceed 62.2 inches.

Passengers flying to or from the United States, its territories, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, or South America:

  • Allowance for luggage: 2 sets
  • (length + width + height) Overall Dimensions: 62 linear inches/157 cm
  • Passengers in Economy Class are required to weigh no more than 50 pounds (23 kilograms).
  • Passengers in First and Business Class are required to weigh up to 70 pounds (32 kilograms).

Passengers flying to the bulk of other destinations:

  • Passengers in Economy Class are limited to a total weight of 44 lb or 20 kg.
  • Passengers in Business Class are limited to a total weight of 66 lb or 30 kg.
  • Passengers in First Class must weigh a total of 88 lb or 40 kg.

Depending on your destination and origin city, there are some exceptions to the above details. For more updates or if you have concerns, visit the Asiana Airlines website or call the Asiana Airlines Reservations department.

Compensation For Baggage Charges

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Prohibited Items For Asiana airlines baggage policy

Combustible or flammable items, for example, are strictly forbidden in both checked luggage and carry-on luggage. You also can’t put any wild animals in your carry-on or checked luggage, with the exception of pets and guide dogs.

Things including oxygen bottles and sporting firearms must be reviewed. Passengers are allowed by the airline to pack their valuables in their carry-on bags, including jewelry, antiques, works of art, documents, and money.

Excess, Overweight, and Oversize Baggage Charges

You will be charged extra fees if you have more bags than the approved allowance or if your bags surpass the weight or linear restrictions. For more details, contact Asiana Airlines directly as it varies by destination and departing airport.

Sports Equipment Policy

Even if the equipment replaces one of your permitted baggage parts, certain sports equipment will be charged an excess fee due to its size, fragility, or other handling requirements. For more baggage details, contact Asiana Airlines directly or go to their website.

CPAP Devices Policy

CPAP Devices: For medical conditions other than sleep apnea syndrome, a doctor’s note may be needed for air travel. For safety purposes, the machinery must be battery-powered (There is no electricity in the cabin).

Please ensure that the battery will last for at least 150 percent of the total flight time, taking into account transit time. The battery capacity must be less than 160 Wh.

Asiana Airlines Pet Policy

Customers who surpass their free baggage allowance or bag weight limits will be charged an extra fee. If you intend to carry oversized luggage, such as sports equipment or a big musical instrument, notify Asiana Airlines in advance.

Only domesticated cats, dogs, and birds are allowed on flights; cabin pets must weigh no more than 11 pounds. According to its pet policy, your pet should be more than 8 weeks old and secured in a crate or carrier.

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