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Asiana Airlines Reservation Online Ticket Booking Tips

Asiana Airlines is a 32-year-old company that has been carrying passengers over several destinations of the world since 1988. It’s basically a South Korean air carrier that has been graded 5-star among all other airlines giving service to the air carriers. Over these years Asiana Airlines has managed to travel to over 90 different international destinations over almost every continent of the world & covered 14 domestic routes.

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Airlines have released the validation of tickets you have a reservation for and later canceled due to the pandemic. So you have to reissue the tickets within those validation periods only. After that, your reservation tickets that have been canceled will not be reissued.

How to Book your Asiana Airlines Flight Ticket Online

In the tech world, everyone is getting used to websites and online bookings. Technology made life easy and anyone can do their work from the home. So to keep in mind the technology, Asiana Airlines also provides the facility of online booking through their website. Asiana gives access to their passengers through their website by registering their phone number or email id. Any passengers can sign-up on their official website and book their Asiana flight reservation online while sitting at their homes. No need to rush to the airport and wait in long queues for flight bookings. So here we will discuss step-by-step how to book your flight reservation online.

  • Open the official website of Asiana Airlines in the browser.
  • Login with the credentials if not registered yet then sign-up immediately. If you registered yourself before booking then it will be beneficial for the future. Airlines notify you of all the updates through this Id.
  • You can book your Asiana Flight ticket on the other travel website as well. If you will get a chance to a better deal on another travel website then grab this opportunity. You can try Treknova which is one of the best websites for flight booking.
  • After login, you will redirect to the homepage of Asiana Airlines. Here you can see the “Book tab” move your cursor on that now you will see the new drop box where you have the option ‘Book a Trip’ click on this.
  • Now you are on the next page where you have to choose according to your planning, one-way round trip, and multi-city.
  • Suppose you want to travel only one way then select one way and enter your origin and the destination with the departure date.
  • On the same page at the bottom, you have to select the number of passengers traveling with you(including yourself) with the ticket fare class then click on the search button.
  • On the next page, you can see the different flight options relative to your search with their price and the fare class. Select according to your convenience and then click on continue.
  • After doing the aforementioned steps you have to enter the passengers’ details like gender, first name and last name, and date of birth with passengers’ contact details. After filling out this form you have to click on the Next button.
  • Now the final step is to pay for your booked ticket through a debit or credit card online.
  • If your final payment is successful then you will get the confirmation mail which includes the booking reference number which holds the data related to your tickets.

Aircraft Cabin of Asiana Airlines

The aircraft of Asiana Airlines, have 5 different classes of cabins which vary with the facilities and services. So below is discussed all the class types with the favorable service available.

Business Suite Seat

It’s the top-class facility that provided cabin class in the Aircraft of Asiana Airlines. You will provide maximum comfort during your flight journey. In the Business Suite Seat cabin, you will get access to the full-flat bed setup.

Business Suite Seat, Asiana Airlines Reservation

Apart from this, you will get the most superior flight service over this Business suite class of relaxing flights with Asiana Airlines. You will get a light-adjusting facility with quality duck-down. Asiana Airlines also arrange a traveling kit for the passenger in its class, which contains branded cosmetics & various other amenities. You will also provide Slippers, writing supplies, a stationery set, and basic first-aid products.

You will get the fresh quality Gourme food of your choice during the flight journey. You will get a choice of Korean as well as a western meal. You will even get beverages like a special wine which gives match the meal they serve. For entertainment, you will get a full HD screen, in which you can watch movies, web services, etc.

Business Smartium Seats

It’s the second-best luxurious class cabin in Asiana Airlines aircraft. Here also you will get access to a full-flat bed set-up. You will be served a special Korean cuisine with suitable beverages and drinks. For entertainment, every seat has a personal entertainment screen. Over which you can play anything of your choice.

Every passenger will be given high-quality cosmetics in the lavatories. Apart from this, you will be given additional Slippers, writing supplies, stationery sets, and basic first-aid products. And in the USA, European or Australian routes with Asiana Airlines, every passenger who is flying in the Business Smartium class will be given a special traveler’s kit which contains luxury branded cosmetics and other amenities.

Business Class Seats

Business Class Seats of Asiana Airlines has a bead style of comfortable and relaxing seats. Where you can get a personal charger point, and a screen for entertainment. Even though you are in a normal Business class, still you will get personal space for sure.

Business Class Seats, Asiana Airlines Reservation

In business class also you will get a meal with suitable beverages and drinks to meet your hunger. As same as the Bussiness Smartium seat class, on the routes of USA, Europe & Australia, you will get a special travel kit that has branded cosmetics and other amenities.

And other than these routes every passenger in the Business class will get Slippers, writing supplies, stationery sets, and basic first-aid products with high-quality supplements in lavatories.

Economy Smartium Seats

When flying in the Economy Smartium Class of A350 aircraft of Asiana Airlines, you will get a seat arrangement with extra legroom. Apart from this, you can even get several other in-flight special services that vary with the time of the flight you are flying.

Over the back of the seat in front of each passenger seat, you will get a personal screen that contains many different types of movie videos and music which will help you to get entertained over the period of the journey you are flying with Asiana Airlines.

Passengers who had booked their tickets in Economy Smartium Class for long journey routes like the USA, or Europe, or Australia, then will get access to a Business Class Lounge at Incheon International Airport. Apart from this for all routes, every passenger will be given eye masks, earplugs, writing supplies, a stationery set, and basic first-aid supplies.

On a Medium-haul route, you will get additional slippers. And over the routes of USA, Europe, and Australia when you have a manage booking facility in Economy Smartuium then you will get everything above mention and also will be providence Toothbrush set, slippers, and eye mask. It’s an advantage for those who purchase their ticket in Economy Smartium Class as they will get priority boarding in the aircraft.

Economy Class Seats

The Economy Class seat is 1 inch smaller than the Economy Smartium Class. You will have access to a personal screen for entertainment, in which you will be able to see various movies, music, and games.

On the domestic flight of Asiana Airlines in Economy class, every passenger will get writing supplies, postcards, and basic first-aid supplies. But when you are flying in the same class for any international routes like the U.S., Europe, or Australia, then you will be provided with a traveler kit in which you will get slippers and a toothbrush set. And in addition, will also provide an eye mask, earplugs, writing supplies, a stationery set, and basic first-aid supplies.

Asiana Airlines Reservation In-Flight Services

There are several services given to passengers or customers of Asiana Airlines in-flight. We are discussing some of the in-flight services.

Inflight entertainment

The entertainment process in-flight of Asiana Airlines varies with the class you are flying in and even the routes you are flying to. You will get to access different audio and videos for entertainment purposes in your flight journey.

These entertainment sources include the latest movies, music, games, web series, and documentary. For audio, they have about 150 albums in total which you can access in the AVOD system setup. For more details, you have to contact the Asiana pamphlet when you get on board. For Videos, there are several channels which you can see by selecting the type you want.

Baggage allowance

Baggage allowance for Asiana Airlines varies from domestic to international flights or varies with the cabin you have flight tickets for. Though they permit small-sized according to their limits to carry them as carry-on baggage in-cabin along with you.

And even allow sending your heavy large-size baggage as free checked baggage in a baggage hold compartment of the same aircraft you will be flying in. And if you exceed any limit of baggage allowance then you will be charged for it.

Carry-on baggage:

Carry-on baggage according to Asiana Airlines has a restricted weight of up to 10 kg (22 lbs). And the sum of all the dimensions for the carry-on baggage is 115 cm. Shrill the maximum dimension for baggage mentioned by the airlines are 55 cm in length, 20 cm in height, and 40 cm in width.

When you are flying a business class Asiana Airlines flight, then you are permitted to carry 2 carry-on baggage in the cabin of 10 kgs each and when you are flying over the Economy class of Asiana Airlines, then you are only allowed to take one carry-on baggage of 10 kgs. Your carry-on baggage must be of the soft type as it should be kept over seat space or below the passenger seat.

Checked baggage:

When you are flying with Asian Airlines, you have to check in your checked baggage either at the check-in point of the airport or by check-in online before you exit from the departure hall.

So the permitted dimensions of your free baggage which will be transit as checked baggage is a maximum of 158 cm total sum up of the dimensions whether it’s in international or domestic flights. Exceeding this size, you have to contact the baggage department of the airline who may help you with a relatable solution.

As the destination also plays a role in changes in the checked baggage allowance in the Asiana Flights, when you are flying to any of the US routes, then in business class you are allowed to carry 2 checked baggage of 32 kgs each.

And when flying in Economy class then 2 checked baggage of 23 kgs when you have an infant with you in the flight journey then you are permitted to take an infant’s portable stroller, baby walker, car seat, or bassinet whose weight must not exceed beyond 23 kgs.

And when you have a flight over any other routes except the US route then you are permitted to take 2 checked baggage in business class of 32 kgs each. In economy class, only 1 checked baggage of 23 kg, and when traveling with an infant then can carry a portable stroller, baby walker, car seat, or bassinet whose weight must be within 10 kg.

When you are on a domestic flight ie. within South Korea, then you’re permitted to take only 1 checked baggage & that too 20 kgs in economy class. Apart from it normally Asiana Airlines accept the weight of checked baggage up to 32 kg. And if an infant or small child is along within your journey then permitted to carry any 1 folding stroller, 1 bassinet, or 1 infant car seat.

Traveling with child

When you are traveling with a child or infant then there are certain rules which you have to follow. The age bar given by Asiana Airlines for being an infant or child is from the age of 7 days to 2 years for availing service and facilities for the same.

You will be charged for the infant or child ticket of age between 7 days to 2 years over the international flights of Asiana Airlines. It will exactly be 10 % fare in comparison with the other adult ticket fare of Asiana Airlines. But when you are flying within South Korea i.e in a domestic destination with Asiana Airlines then child or infant travel is free.

Children or infants must have to accommodate along with their parents or any adult. An infant or child has to seat over the lap of the adult who is accommodating them, as Asiana airlines do not offer separate seats for them on the flight.

In case you have to travel with 2 infants of age below 2 years then, you have to purchase 1 ticket with the child fare. In this case, you will get a separate seat for your child. Asiana Airlines also has an infant baggage allowance.

So over the domestic and destination other than US routes are permitted to carry up to 10 kgs of baggage and that too only one, whereas over the US routes, 1 baggage of 23 kgs is permitted to carry.

You will even get an infant or baby special meal on the flight. You have to register for this service in advance at least 24 hours before your flight. You have to give the age proof of being age below 2 years to avail of this service.

This is to inform you that apart from Asiana Airlines, if you are flying in their codeshare airlines, then these services and facilities may not be applicable. You have to acknowledge the information for the same from the codeshare airlines.

Pregnant passenger

Asiana Airlines accept pregnant women to travel on a flight before their pregnancy period steps to 37 weeks. Majorly due to the safety of the woman and the baby inside her. Pregnant women can travel alone on the Asiana Airlines flight over any flight route.

When you are in your 32 weeks or less of pregnancy, then you are allowed to travel on the flight without any restrictions. But you should be careful by consulting with the doctor and be aware of the facts about any complications due to hypertension, diabetes, or any risk of miscarriage.

Over the pregnancy week of 32 to 37 then you are permitted to fly with the medical certificate for fitness. Apart from this, you have to sign the declaration form for the same before you are boarding the flight. Your medical certificate must be issued within 7 days from the departing date. You have to submit an original copy and 2 diagnosis copies of medical fitness.

Pet Policy

Asiana Airlines accept pet to travel along with you either in-cabin or flying in a baggage department or in a cargo hold of the same aircraft you are flying in. Asiana airlines permit only pet Dogs, cats, & pet birds. Other than these animals 7 birds they do not accept under the Asiana Airlines pet policy.

On the flight, each adult passenger either can carry 1 pet in-cabin, locked in a pet carrier, or can send 2 pet carriers as checked baggage in the baggage compartment. But any child can not carry a pet, neither along with them in-cabin nor send a pet as checked baggage. When you are carrying a pet like a bird then there must be only one bird per carriage.

Pet allowed in-cabin:

When you are planning to take your pet along with you in-cabin then the pet’s weight must be 7 kgs along with the pet carrier. And the dimension of the pet carrier must be within a sum of  155cms including all the dimensions. Just remember the height of the carrier must not exceed the height of 21 cm and if your pet carrier is a soft type then, the height may exceed 26 cm but not more than that.

Pet as checked baggage:

When you are sending your pet as checked baggage then your pet’s weight with the container must not exceed 45 kgs. As the pet is heavy then the size of the pet will also be large and thus the dimension of the pet container will also increase up to 285 cm (sum of all dimensions) in comparison to the size of the container carried out as in-cabin. Though height should be kept within the range of 84 cm or less.

For more information related to Asiana Airlines pet policy, click on the link.

Asiana Airlines safety measures

Asiana Care+ is Asiana Airlines’ safety program introduced by Asiana Airlines for their passengers to be extra safe.

Safety Care

  • Packed food is provided only in the lounges.
  • Reading material on the flight is suspended for some time.
  • Please try to check in through the online app.
  • The temperature of the passengers will be checked at the airport and they won’t be allowed to take the flight if their temperature exceeds 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Please maintain social distancing at the airport and at the time of boarding.
  • The surfaces of the airport are cleaned properly. 
  • The flights are disinfected once a week.
  • The staff wears face coverings every time during the flight. 
  • In-flight meals are prepared to keep in mind hygiene and sanitization.
  • The aircraft have filters installed for air to be cleaned every 2-3 minutes. 


  • Every country has there own restrictions to be followed before entering, so you should check them before traveling. 
  • The restrictions might change anytime, stay updated with them.
  • A covid negative report is required for flying. 

Extra fees for rebookings

You can rebook your flight tickets that have been canceled due to COVID-19. Condor Airlines will not charge you any extra reservation fees for rebooking. Though you have to pay the extra, if your rebooking price is higher than the previously booked tickets, then you have to pay the void amount. 

There is no fee for rebooking or getting a refund for your flight.

For you, Asiana Airlines is trying to do whatever is possible for your safety. The rules and regulations can get changed anytime, please stay updated with the new policies. 

Contacts of Asiana Airlines

For any query or question, you must get in touch with the Asian Airlines customer support team. They do reply and respond to your call and try to give respective solutions for the problem you are facing. You can either call their phone number, you can mail them, or can even post them a letter over their registered address.

Customer care support number


This number is the general phone number on which you can call and get a genuine response from their customer and passengers. They are ready to help you and solve your problems.


If in case you fail to get in contact with them over the phone, you can even email them over their email id: You will definitely get a revert message with a helpful result or solution to your queries.


Asiana Airlines is set up in South Korea. So if you want to post an official letter to the airlines then you have to post them over their registered address of headquarters which is:

Asiana Town, PO Box 98,
No 47 Osae-Dong,
Seoul, 157-713,
South Korea

The comments may be anything like your query, questions, or any suggestion or complaint.

Social Media

If you are an active user of any social media platform, then you can follow Asiana Airlines’ social media platform, where they are active. If you give any comment or suggestion over there you will get a reaction from the Asiana Airlines side also.

You can also dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get the best-discounted rate, last minutes unpublished call-only deals, and discounts on your flight booking with us.

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