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Cathay Pacific Baggage Policy

Are you planning a trip via  Cathay Pacific which is one of the renowned airlines in Hong Kong and wondering how many bags you need and what items to be taken on your trip? Here we can help you by giving you an overview of the Cathay Pacific Baggage Policy. This might help you to avoid facing an unwanted situation at the airport. Otherwise, you would panic and feel frustrated if your luggage is unorganized. Therefore, it is a good idea to take a look at the Baggage Policies of relevant airlines. 

Cathay Pacific Baggage policy and allowance would tell you how many bags you are allowed to carry into the cabin and the allowance for checked bags.

We are providing you with all the relevant information and if you still find any difficulty related to the baggage check-in then do contact us, our executives will be pleased to help you out. You can contact at +1-800-831-1547.

Guidelines on Cabin Baggage Allowance

Let’s first look into the cabin baggage allowance. Cathay Pacific Baggage allowance will help you analyze how many bags you are allowed to take with you into the flight cabin and its size and weight restrictions. The number of bags depends on the travel cabin so pay attention to the cabin class you select while making a Cathay Pacific reservation. The different types of cabin classes are Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and First-class.

How many bags can you bring into the cabin on Cathay Pacific?

  • Economy – You are allowed to bring one cabin bag with you weighing up to 7kg or 15 lbs.
  • Premium Economy – Here you are allowed one cabin bag of up to 7kg.
  • Business-class passengers are allowed to bring one piece of cabin baggage weighing up to 10kg or 22 lbs.
  • First Class passengers are allowed to bring one bag into the cabin weighing up to 15 kg 

In addition to this, you can also bring a small personal item along with the cabin baggage. As a matter of fact, this could be a laptop bag, small handbag, small backpack, camera bag, or briefcase.

This allowance may differ for direct flights between Hongkong and New Zealand.

What are the maximum size and dimensions for cabin baggage on Cathay Pacific?

As per Cathay Baggage Policy, the maximum dimensions for your cabin baggage on Cathay Pacific would be 56cmx36cmx23cm or 22inx14inx9in. Please don’t forget to measure the handles wheels and side pockets on your luggage as these are included. Like other airlines, the cabin bag should fit in the overhead bin in the flight cabin.

With regards to the personal item, the dimensions should not be greater than 15cmx30cmx40cm(6 in 12inx16in) and they should fit below the seat in front of you.

Are duty-free items included as a part of the allowance?

Yes. The duty-free items that you purchase are included in the total baggage allowance. The combined weight of all your luggage including duty-free items should not be greater than the Cathay Pacific hand baggage allowance.

Some tips to remember for hand baggage on Cathay Pacific 

  • Make sure that your handbag is not too heavy so that you can easily lift and place it in the overhead bin. If not, the cabin crew will not be able to assist you unless you have made a request for help before your flight.
  • Spare batteries must be carefully stored and insufficient amounts 
  • Objects which are sharp and can cause harm are not allowed like Knives with blades of any length, Scissors with blades of more than 6cm, and razor blades.
  • At the time of cancellation and flight change, you must look at the term and conditions because baggage allowance is not the same if you rebook your flight, and cancellation charges may apply.

Guidelines on Checked Baggage Allowance 

Cathay Pacific Checked baggage allowance also depends on flight routes as well as cabin class  

  1. For most of the Cathay Pacific flights, the checked baggage allowance is as below 
    • Economy passengers are allowed to bring 2 pieces of bags with a total weight not to exceed 30kg or 66lb.
    • Premium Economy passengers are allowed to bring 2 pieces with a total weight not to be more than 35kg or 77 lbs each.
    • Business Class passengers are allowed to bring two bags with a total weight of not more than 40kg/88lbs.
    • First Class -You can bring 3 pieces with a total weight not to exceed 50kg/110lb.
  1. If you are traveling to/from or via the Americas,  
    • Economy – Passengers are allowed to bring 2 checked bags not  more than 23kg/50lbs each 
    • Premium Economy – You are allowed to bring 2 pieces with each weighing not more than 25kg or 55 lbs each.
    • Business Class customers are permitted to bring two bags and each is not to weigh more than 32kg/70lbs.
    • First Class passengers can bring 2 pieces with a total weight not to exceed 32kg/70lbs each 
  1. The Cathay Pacific Checked baggage allowance for Direct flights between Hongkong to/from Auckland/Christchurch is as below 
    • Economy -One bag is permitted to weigh up to 23 kg or 50 lbs each.
    • Premium Economy – You can bring 2 bags each weighing up to 23kg or 50 lbs each 
    • Business Class passengers are permitted to bring 3 pieces each weighing up to 23kg or 50 lbs each 

Green, Silver, Gold, and Diamond Marco polo club members and Oneworld members will have different allowances 

What are the size and weight limitations for checked baggage on Cathay Pacific?

As per Cathay Pacific Baggage Policy, your bag should not weigh more than 32kg or 70 lbs 

and the total dimensions should not exceed 203 cm or 80 inches. In other words,

Maximum weight 32kg or 70lbs

L+W+H = 203 cm or 80 inches 

Bags that exceed these limitations would require extra fees. You can find more about excess baggage fees by clicking here 

Sporting Equipment Baggage Policy

As per the Cathay Pacific Baggage Policy, sporting items are regarded as part of the checked baggage allowance only. If your sporting item exceeds the checked bag limits, you must pay extra baggage fees. For Bicycles, you are required to contact Global Contact Centres at least 72 hours before flight departure and they can be taken as checked luggage under certain conditions  

While traveling on routes to/from the Americas, your luggage is counted as a piece system and there are limitations on weight per piece. Some items are counted as one piece (158cm/62 inch) regardless of their actual dimensions such as one snowboard and boots, one water surfing board, one sleeping bag or bed roll, one golf bag consisting of clubs and shoes, and so on.

Musical instruments Baggage Policy

Cathay Pacific Baggage Policy allows Musical instruments to be taken as 

  • Cabin baggage 
  • Checked baggage 
  • You also have the option to purchase an extra seat for your musical instrument 

Transporting your Musical instrument as Cabin Baggage 

Small musical instruments like violins or flutes can be brought as hand baggage and

  •  maximum weight including the case is not more than 7kg or 151lbs
  • The dimensions are not to exceed 93cm x 39cm x 24cm (height x width x depth)

Transporting your musical instruments as checked baggage on Cathay Pacific

If your musical instrument is large or exceeds the above limitations like a guitar or cello, then it should be checked. It must be in accordance with the checked baggage allowance.

Musical instrument on an  extra seat 

You can also purchase an additional cabin seat and take your larger musical instruments with you in the cabin if you don’t want to check them. They should be placed in a hard case.

Dimensions should not be greater than 136cm x 48cm x 44cm or 59 x 19 x 17 inches

Weight must not be greater than 32kg or 70 lbs.

You must also make a booking at least 3 days before your trip after contacting the local reservations office 

To conclude, hope this article helped you gain an overview of the Cathay Pacific Baggage Policy and baggage allowance and would help you to plan your luggage for your trip.

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