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How to Book Group Travel Ticket for Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines is an international airline carrier that operates flights to and from various destinations within the United States, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. If you need to travel with several companions on the same reservation and to the same destination, you will need to book a group ticket. But, when it comes to booking tickets for group travel, you will find that Copa Airlines has quite a different policy. They are rather strict about how group tickets are to be booked.

In this travel guide, we will take a look at how to book group travel tickets for Copa Airlines.

Things to Know about Copa Airlines’ Group Travel Booking

Flying with Copa Airlines will give you a different experience, unlike other US-based airline carriers. And, if it’s a group journey, the booking will depend on the number of passengers traveling with you on the same itinerary.

When you book a flight ticket on Copa Airlines’ website, you can add a limited number of passengers who will be flying with you to the same route. But, if you have some other purpose for traveling, and are required to fly with a larger group, in that case, you will need to contact the airline’s sales office. Alternatively, you can also make a booking for such a large group through the airline’s Group Works Department.

Group Works Department

Traveling on the same reservation along with a number of companions requires a couple of processes to be carried out effectively. This helps in making your and your companions’ journey a worthwhile experience, which also includes travel expenses, services, etc. There are a few requirements or conditions to be met in order to avail of this service.

Copa Airlines has a special group travel management called Group Works Department. This department manages the booking of large group reservations, so passengers can have a hassle-free experience. The number of passengers must be at least 10 or more in order to book a reservation through the airliner’s group travel program. Their normal online booking will allow you to select up to 9 passengers only in the same group. All passengers in a group must have at least one common flight segment. Later, if you plan on adding more passengers to your current group, they will have to be booked on a different fare from the main group.

Also, even if you decide to book your group ticket through a travel agency or website, Copa Airlines has strict regulations on booking reservations.

Steps for Booking Group Reservation Online for Copa Airlines Flight

You can book group tickets for up to 9 people on Copa Airlines’ website. However, if you are traveling with companions of 10 or more, there is a separate process for this.

Given below are a few steps that show how you can book a group travel ticket online.


1. Open a web browser on your computer, tablet, or smartphone device and go to Copa Airlines’ official website

2. When you are on the website, you will immediately see the flight booking section selected automatically which will allow you to book your group reservation. Here, you can choose your trip type, departure city, destination city, date of travel, class of cabin, and number of passengers. After making your desired selections, then click the button located next to the cabin and passenger selection.

Note: You can select either an Economy Class or Business Class cabin. As with the number of passengers, this is limited to 9 passengers traveling on an international flight. If you wish to add more passengers to your group reservation, you will need to contact Copa Airlines’ sales office via phone.

3. It will now search for all available flight options, including routes. Here, you can also choose your desired route.

4. Next, you will be required to provide your information, including your contact details. After entering your details, click the Continue button to proceed to the check-out page.

5. Once you have provided all the required details, a summary of your flight information will be displayed on your screen, along with fees and taxes. When you complete the payment process, your ticket will be issued to you.

You will also receive a confirmation via e-mail. You can show this confirmation at the airport, at the boarding gate, and during onboarding.

These are all the steps that are required to book a group ticket online on Copa Airlines’ website.

Booking Group Travel Ticket via Phone

In addition to booking group travel tickets online on Copa Airlines’ website, there is another way you make the group booking on the same itinerary. This can be done by simply giving a call to the representatives of the airliner’s sales office. The agents can assist you with group travel bookings that consist of more than 10 passengers.

You can contact Copa Airlines’ sales office on their phone number which can be found on the airliner’s website.

Also, if needed, you may contact their customer service center to get a group reservation, where there are many companions on the same itinerary.

Booking Group Reservation from Third-Party Travel Agency/Website

There are many third-party travel agencies and travel websites that may offer different prices for booking group reservations through Copa Airlines.

It is also possible to book a group reservation from a third-party travel agency or website as well. However, you may be required to contact your airline carrier’s customer service in order to make changes in flights, in case these cannot be done or are limited by the travel agent.


Copa Airlines has its hub in the U.S. state of Panama. The airliner’s regulations for booking group travel tickets are also quite different from its other US-based competitors. However, you should not have any difficulties in making group reservations for your flight.

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