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British Airways Reservation

British Airways Reservation, flights & Ticket Booking Tips

British Airways is a government base air service for citizens to travel on routes all over the world. Its been set up in 1974 back and from then till now they are given quite a good passenger service in the aircraft to travel over the location safely.

Below you will get to know possible service and facilities which British Airways give to their passengers in flight or their customer in gound.

We will give you all the information that is required to make a perfect reservation with British Airlines but still if you have any queries or you are unable to make the reservation all by yourself then you can call us on +1-800-831-1547 and our call center executives will be happy to hear out from you. You can also get directly into our homepage and make your British Airlines reservation through our portal. Benefits you will get from us – our direct help with any issues, we are just one call away.

So the frequently asked question after flights of Britsh Airways has been canceled was, whether the passenger will get back the value of the booking they did for a ticket, or will get any refund or rebooking process of the already booked tickets which has been canceled due to pandemic.

So if your flight has been canceled, then you will get an opportunity to get a rebooking of your already flight, if you do not want to rebook then, you can claim for Voucher which will be equal to the value of the ticket fare. This voucher will be valid for next year till 30 April 2021.

Apart from this, if you are an Executive Club member, and your flight has been canceled then you have to claim for the Avoid of 100% value of your tickets which you can use later when you will rebook or for a new booking.

And in case you have canceled your ticket before British Airlines’ cancelation, then you should get in touch with customer support regarding the refund or to claim your refund. And if you have booked your ticket by any 3rd party dealers then you should contact them and ask how to claim the refund.

How to book your British Airways flight ticket online

Flight booking is an easy task now for any passengers who want to book their flight on British Airways. British Airways adopt the technology sooner to compete in the market as well for the comfortability of the passengers so they provide the access to the passengers by registering them on their official website. Passengers can book and cancel their tickets by following the instructions and guidelines mentioned in their policies. You can also book your British Airways flight ticket through treknova where you’ll get a chance of booking flight tickets at discounted rates on every booking. Here we’ll discuss step-by-step guidelines for booking online tickets with British Airways.

  • Open the official website of British Airways in the browser.
  • Then log in with your registered I’d and password. If you didn’t register yet then register yourself with the sign-up option. This process helps you to make better communication between you and airlines.
  • Now after login, you are on the homepage of British Airways where you’ll get the “book” tab in the menu you just have to click on that. Now the drop-down box is open where you have to click on ‘book a flight.
  • You are now on the booking page where you have to enter the origin and the destination place where you are going to travel.
  • If you want a return ticket from the same airline then select return ticket otherwise selects a one-way ticket and then choose your date of departure with travel class and date of departure and then click on Find Flights.
  • Many flight options are open on the screen on the basis of your search with their price details and the availability on their different timings, select according to your wish and continue.
  • On the next page, you can see their terms and the connecting flight details, if you are satisfied then click on “Agree and Continue”.
  • Now you are on the next page where you have to enter the details of the passenger’s name, surname, age, and gender with contact details.
  • After doing the aforementioned steps you have to pay for your tickets. You can pay through your payment card or through payment applications.
  • If your transaction is successful, you’ll get a confirmation mail for your booking.

British Airways Reservation in-flight services

Baggage allowance

British Airways allows baggage which is quite enough for one passenger to carry their stuff when traveling. So airways have categorized baggage into 3 different parts. One is a handbag, one is in-cabin luggage and the last one is which are larger in size are called checked baggage.

All the types of baggage are been limited and restricted with the number of luggage, its weight & size/ dimensions. These instructions for your baggage must be followed up by the passenger to get fit in British Airways Baggage Allowance.

In-cabin Baggage:

Luggage for in-cabin is parted into two types one is a handbag and the second one is a cabin bag. British Airways has set some limits on the weight and size of the bag which you want to carry in the cabin of the aircraft you are flying in. 

So every passenger is allowed to carry a maximum of 1 handbag whose weight must be not more than 23 kgs, whereas the dimension for the same handbag must be within 40 x 30 x 15cm of length, width & height (16 x 12 x 6in). 

And 1 cabin nag is also permitted to carry in-cabin which is a little bigger in size as compared to the handbag. So the weight of the cabin bag must be also a maximum of 23 kgs whereas the dimension of the bag must be 56 cm in length x 45 cm in width x 25 cm in height (22 x 18 x 10in). 

You have to fit your cabin bag over the seat of the passengers and your handbag can be fit under the passenger seat space given in front of you, which can be accessed easily. Apart from this if you buy any item duty-free, then you will get a permit for 1 free handbag or cabin bag allowance to take in-cabin of your flight.

Normally, your laptop bag is considered to be the cabin bag of the passenger, but in some cases or in a busy flight schedule, your cabin bag of larger size may be sent as checked baggage. So be sure that your all document or travel paper are with you in your handbag you are only carrying in the cabin of the flight.

Checked Baggage:

Checked baggage is usually larger in size in comparison to hand baggage or luggage in-cabin. So the weight & size limit of the checked baggage are been listed down by British Airways.

So the weight of the checked baggage must not be exceeding 23 kgs. This weight of your checked baggage will not be spirited into multiple pieces of baggage. Whereas the dimension of each baggage to send in the hold must be within 90 x 75 x 43cm in length, width & height. (35 x 30 x 17in). The weight of the checked baggage may get exceeded in some cases like if you have a frequent flyer status or special offer or when traveling in business class, then its weight may go up to 32 kgs but not more than that. 

You should ask for the baggage allowance for checked baggage before your departure date. So that it gets convenient for you to pack your luggage according to the limits of British Airways.  But remember if you are coming up with oversized or overweight checked baggage, then you have to pay for the same.

At the check-in point, your baggage will be checked and after then it will be tagged and sent to the hold of the same aircraft you will be flying for transit

Traveling with Child

Traveling with a baby in a British becomes easy as they take special care of the baby traveling in the aircraft. Though babies ages from 7 days from birth to the age of 2 years old are considered to be an infant and had to travel sitting in the lap of an adult whom they are accommodating with.

So when your infant is not getting a separate seat then their ticket booking fare will be 10% of the adult ticket fare. And if any case when your infant is been carried out in a car seat, then you have to book a separate seat for your infant’s flight journey. For infant seat booking then its fare will be exactly 75% of the adult fare. 

When your infant has crossed 2 years old, then you have to book the full fare ticket as an adult as they will b travel in a separate seat rather than on the lap of their guardian. So the child ticket fare will be the same as the Adult ticket fare when traveling with British Airway’s BMI service which has routes in the UK & Ireland.

And when apart from these routes under BMI Service of British airways, your child can get a child travel discount on some of the lower class fares when traveling in Europe. So the discount which your child may get is Accompanied children in which you have to pay only 75% of the adult ticket free for your child ticket. Your child with a separate flight ticket for his/her own seat, then your child will get access as an adult and will get like a free baggage allowance.

Pregnant women

 When a passenger is pregnant then you have to follow some rules and instructions basically for the safety of your baby in the womb and yourself. So by the end of your 36-week pregnancy, then you can not travel with another baby on your lap. And if you are in your 32 weeks of pregnancy then you can travel with one baby along with you, but if you have been 2 babies then you are not permitted to fly alone with 2 babies.

Apart from this, you have to submit the medical certificate to a doctor stating that you are fit for the journey. The document must have the expected date of delivery and must be written that you are not facing any pregnancy complications. And even should mention whether you have single or multiple pregnancies.

So you must issue the medical document for treatment with your doctor that must be dated closer to the date of your flight departure date. The date issued for the medical certificate must take cover your entire flight return journey. Though it is just for the safety and health issues of one pregnant woman & baby inside her. 

Pet Policy

Yes, British Airways accept pets to travel on flights. They permit pets to transit from both in-cabin as well as in cargo. But with British Airlines, pets must be assistance pets like dogs. There are certain rules & instructions under British Airways pet policy that the pet owner has to follow.

So when you are traveling with an Assistance dog, then you can make them fly for free in British Airways in-cabin. As airways have a limited number of pets to travel in-cabin, but there is no online booking for the assistance dog, thus you have to reach the airport for check-in as soon as possible on the day of the flight.

So there are some pets is called to be Emotional support dogs, who need to travel with their owner as they are connected with their pet emotionally. Thus for getting permission for Emotional Support dogs, you have to contact British Airways for the same at least 14 days from the day of departure. British Airways has to go through some formalities for your emotional support dog to allow traveling in-cabin on the same flight with you.

If you are traveling in the UK routes with a pet then you have to contact the UK Animal Reception Centre, to get the information or instruction you have to follow when transiting along with you. So you have to contact them at leastb74 hours before the flight departure and get your pet & its documents to check that it meets the Pet Travel Scheme requirements of the UK. 

When you are flying to USA routes or countries then you have to send your dog whether its emotional support or assistance dog, to hold a compartment of British Airways, as they are not permitted to travel in-cabin.

In-flight meal

There is a meal service on the flight British Airways, where you will get light snacks and even full meals which can be enough for your dinner or lunch hunger satisfy. The meal you will get is of various types and cuisine which will definitely be liked by your taste buds.

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So when you are flying to the long distanced flight routes then the meal service in-flight will be included in your ticket fare automatically at the time of booking. So the meal you will get in-flight will be a 4-course meal (available both veg & non-veg).

This in-flight meal service on the British Airways reservation flights also includes some light snacks. Apart from these beverages whether it’s alcoholic or not, you will get even these for free on the long-haul flight journey. 

In-flight entertainment

You will get all the resources in-flight which will make you entertain or make your time on the flight more enjoyable & comforting. For this, British Airways aircraft has many things to make yourself get an engaged within-flight journey.


In the British Airways aircraft, you will get access to wifi which is installed on the flight. The wifi onboard is named ‘.air’ which has a high speed. By getting connected with wifi, you will be able to know get connected with the world, or your work or get active in your social media.

Digital newspapers and magazines:

You will get even access to news and ant updates of the world digitally through digital newspapers or magazines. You will come across over 7000 newspapers & magazines from around 120 countries with over 60 languages.


There is a small HD screen attached on the backside of the seat, where you will get to see multiple movies and audios of various types and joiners. So you will get to know in advance what you can able to watch on the screen before your board the flight.

Kid Zone:

Apart from all this, your child can even get entertained on his/ her flight journey. Besides the movies or series or documentaries, the screen also has been loaded with lots of cartoon movies and videos that can make your child engaged in watching and will not disturb you over the flight journey.


There are many sources by which you can get in contact with the British Airways customer care support team. So below there are some of them mentioned which will help you to talk to them directly and get your queries solved.

Phone number

Though there are many contact numbers all over the world, the most general phone number of British Airways customer care is :

0124 412 0715

So customer care centers are open from 8 am from morning till 8 at night for Monday to Friday whereas, on Saturday and Sunday, timings are 9 am in the morning till 5 pm in the evening.

Email id

You can mail your issue or problem, suggestion, or complaints about their email which is:

You hopefully get an answer to your problem and may even take action towards your complaints. 


You can even post the letter to British Airways whose official registered address for the USA is:

British Airways Customer Relations,
2 Park Ave Suite 1100,
New York NY 10016

Social Media

Apart from customer support, British Airways also handle its social media account, where you can even suggest, complain or admire them for their service and facilities given to their customers. And they really do reply to your message. So social media that they have an account on are:

You can also dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get the best-discounted rate, last minutes unpublished call-only deals, and discounts on your flight booking with us.

British Airways Covid-19 Policies

British Airways is happy to serve you again and you will be happy to know that all things have been changed by the airways for you. 

Protective measures

  • You are required to wear a face mask all the time while traveling, as a guide you are advised to change the masks every 4 hours. 
  • You are requested to check-in online but if you can’t, there are self-check-in counters at the airport and bag drop at the kiosk for you to go contactless. 
  • Selected lounges are open to taking care of all the health-related factors.
  • Keep social distancing by following the marks on the floor at the time of boarding. 
  • Dettol sanitization stations are installed at the airport everywhere. 
  • You can scan your boarding pass by yourself wherever possible, the staff will be present only to check your passport details. 
  • The airways will provide you with personal protection packs containing sanitization wipes, sanitizer, and masks.
  • Try to be seated at your seat on the flight.
  • The onboard menu is limited due to the changed situations. 
  • The aircraft are cleaned from nose to tail after every flight.
  • 99.97% of the air gets cleaned every 3 minutes by the filters on the flight. 

Flexible Bookings 

  • The airways provide you flexibility in changing or canceling your bookings by not charging any extra fees. 
  • You will get the vouchers for your canceled booking which you can use on the other trip as full payment or partial payment.
  • If you got your flight rescheduled, you won’t be charged extra for changing but if the other ticket price is higher in price then you will have to pay the difference.

Entry requirements

  • The entry requirements of every destination are different, so you must check that out before traveling to your destination.
  • You will have to get your covid test done within 3 days prior to your departure as you need to show the covid test reports in most of the destinations.
  • Please check the guidelines of British Airways regularly to stay updated, as it may change according to the changing situations. 

You are ready and safe to travel with British Airways without stressing about your health.

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