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Aer Lingus – Information & Tips

In this article, you will get the whole details of Aer Lingus official website. Before that let’s talk a bit about AerLingus airways. Aer Lingus, in the Irish language, means air fleet. The airline has the Irish flag and is the 2nd largest airline in Ireland after Ryanair. The airline was founded by the subsequently privatized government. The head office of Aer Lingus is situated at Dublin Airport, Cloghran. Until 31 March 2007, the airline was a former member of the Oneworld Airline Alliance. Airline codeshare is with Oneworld, Star Alliance, SkyTeam representatives, and JetBlue Airways, United Airlines, and Etihad Airways interline agreements. The airline travels all over North America, Asia, and Europe to 93 destinations. Some destinations, such as Turkey, the United Kingdom, Spain, Austria, Belgium, and Poland. Go through Aer Lingus Airlines manage booking.

Here we will give you all the information regarding the Aer Lingus Official Website. But if you want some awesome deals with either cancellation, Reservation, or even in Aer Lingus pet policy then do contact us either on our official website i.e or you can contact us at +1-800-831-1547

Aer Lingus official website
Aer Lingus official website

Overview- Aer Lingus official website

On the homepage we can find the information related to Plan and book, Experience Aer Lingus, Travel information, Aeroclub. Then you can find your flight on the homepage itself by giving your enter origin city, and destination city, and also giving return date, and the number of passengers. After giving all these details you can search for your ticket availability. Then you can find the information regarding covid-19 under the topic “covid-19 travel information”. Under this, you will find the other topics such as “new safety measures”, “country by country travel information”. Aer Lingus is one of the top budget airlines in Europe, that’s why it is always high on demand.

Get directly to

Then you will find another topic “Partner offers”. Under that, you can find the information regarding- “vacation deals on sale”, “Ireland hotel deals”, “car hire deals”. Then the whole details regarding “vacation deals to Ireland and Beyond”, in which you can see the different and best vacation deals. At the end of the homepage, you can see the information about “help and support”, “get to know us”, “our policies”, and finally “corporate responsibilities”.

“Plan and Book”- Aer Lingus official website

Under this topic, you can find the booking details of the flight. Other flight details, group information, Details of hotels according to your requirements, and other voucher details. Then you will find the topic “Plan”. This topic will give you the details for the entire planning for your trip. Then you will find the destinations, route maps, and as well as timetables under “Explore”. At last, you will find the latest offers. For more details Aer Lingus Airlines Contact Number to contact their customer service directly and catch up on some exclusive deals.

“Experience Aer Lingus”- Aer Lingus official website

Under this topic, you will find the onboard special features provided by the Aer Lingus. Here you can find the facilities of seats and cabin, other in-flight entertainments, details of wi-fi in the sky, Boutique, Details of Cara magazine, special facility of Digital magazines and newspapers. Finally, health and wellbeing details. Next, you will find the Dining specialties within the European economy and the transatlantic economy. Next to flying business details, in that you can find the full information of new experience, luxury dining, wifi in the sky, a world of entertainment and lounge in style. At last their all aircraft names and details with specifications.

“Travel information”- Aer Lingus official website

Here you will find the special assistance details for the people who were in disability, under certain medical conditions, and dietary needs. Then you will find three modes of check-in options such as online check-in, mobile check-in, and airport check-in. Then the details of several airports having the Aer Lingus services. Next, you can find details regarding passports and visas. Finally, you can see the live flight information and Aer Lingus’s latest news.

“AerClub”- Aer Lingus official website

 This topic is especially for the frequent flyers of Aer Lingus. You can find the Aeroclub full details such as, how it works, faqs, contact details, and Aerclubs terms and conditions. Here you can find how to use the Aeroclub benefits, collecting Avios, Aeroclub store, buy and gift Avios, credit card details. Finally, you will find the Members area in which you can find the login space, claim Avios and tier credits, and at last offers for the members and the latest news. Go through Aer Lingus cancellation, in case things go wrong and you need to make any sort of cancellation.

Covid-19 terms required for your trip- Aer Lingus official website

You may be requested by local authorities to completely fill a form or provide personal data while traveling to Ireland or other countries as a part of the international Covid 19 containment or contact monitoring initiative, and you may be provided with a form by the Aer Lingus crew to complete and provide it to the local authorities.

In such cases, Aer Lingus shall not process personal data, since you provide this information directly to a third party. There may be situations where your contact details are given to the health authorities as part of the international Covid 19 containment system (either in Ireland or in another country to which you expect to travel or have traveled) or contact tracing efforts on the basis of this processing being allowed under applicable data protection law because it is either in the vital interests of the passenger or in justified due to important reasons of public interest. You will be asked to enter this information directly on a form that you can click on from the Aer Lingus website before traveling to the US.

Privacy statement- Aer Lingus official website

This Privacy Policy explains what they do with your personal data and how they keep it secure. It outlines what they collect personal information, when, why, and how they collect it, as well as what your privileges are over the personal data they keep about you. In this Statement, they use the words “personal data” and “personal information” interchangeably to mean information that identifies you or may be used to identify you, such as your name and contact information, travel plans and purchasing history, etc. Their pledge to protect your personal information is impacted by this Privacy Policy.

 It refers to personal information about you that they collect, use and otherwise process as a guest or potential guest in connection with your relationship with them, including when you are traveling with them or using their other services, contact their service agents or call centers and/or book to use their services through third parties (such as travel agents and other airlines services) when you interact with them on social media or use their websites or mobile applications through their virtual online chat service; and/or when you are a member of AerClub (our loyalty, reward & recognition program). The purpose of this Privacy Statement is to allow you to understand and to exercise control over how we process your personal data. In data protection law, the principle of transparency requires that they communicate to you (through the Privacy Statement) about how they process your personal data in a format that is easily accessible and easy to understand for everyone, so there is nothing to worry about all that.

Your personal privacy is very significant to them as a valued Aer Lingus guest.

So nothing worries you about your personal information. Everything will be safe. Accordingly:

  • The personal data they collect and what they do with it is transparent to them.
  • For the purposes described in this Privacy Statement, they use the personal data you give to them (this includes providing you with the services you have requested/improving your experience)
  • They also use your personal information to help them better understand you so that they can enhance your guest experience/provide you with appropriate offers.
  • They’ll stop sending them if you tell them that you don’t want to receive marketing emails. Of course, they will continue to send you essential information about a product or service that you have purchased to keep you informed about your reservation and travel itinerary.
  • They are putting measures in place to protect and keep your personal data safe and secure from other threats.
  • They respect your rights to data protection and aim to give you control of your personal information.
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