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How To Upgrade Seat On Copa Airlines to Business Class

Copa Airlines is a major airline carrier based in the Republic of Panama which caters to more than 80 destinations, particularly in North America, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. Unlike most airline carriers, particularly in the United States, Copa Airlines does offer its customers to preselect their seat assignment. This can be really nice if you are traveling with one or more companions or even children. But, what we really need to know here is if upgrading seats to a higher cabin class is available, and if so, how do you go about it?

In this guide, we will take a look at how you can upgrade seats on Copa Airlines through available ways.

Things to Know about Copa Airlines’ Seat Upgrades

Although Copa Airlines offers many services to its customers, passengers needing to purchase seat upgrades are also available. Their airline carrier offers Economy Class and Business Class cabins on most of their aircraft. Thus, if you purchased an Economy Class ticket, but later decide to upgrade your seat to a higher cabin class, then Business Class is your only option. Another important thing to note is that you will not find Business seats for only one variant of their aircraft i.e., the Embraer 190 variant.

Copa Airlines offers a frequent flyer program called ConnectMiles. This program can be beneficial to passengers who fly frequently on not just Copa Airlines, but on United Airlines and other Star Alliance member airlines as well. Thus, when you become a Premier status member of this program, you are also entitled to various perks. A few such benefits include priority check-in, priority boarding, complimentary upgrades, and discounted airport lounge memberships (United Club/Copa Club).

Requesting a Seat Upgrade Online with Copa Airlines

You can request Copa Airlines online for a seat upgrade from Economy Cabin to Business Cabin by following a few simple steps.


1. Using your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone device, open a web browser and go to Copa Airlines’ official website

2. When you are on their homepage, click the My Trips option at the top menu. You will be redirected to the My Trips page where you can view and manage your reservations.

3. Here, you will be required to provide details, such as the Reservation Code or E-Ticket Number and the passenger’s last name as well. After entering the details, click the Find your reservation button.

4. Upon clicking, your current reservation information will be displayed on the screen. An option to upgrade your seat may also be available, but that would depend on the availability.

5. Your details will be verified before taking you to their upgrade page. Once your reservation details have been verified successfully, you will be redirected to the Request an Upgrade page.

6. Now, on this page, you will be asked to provide your reservation details again. So, enter the reservation number and the passenger’s last name, then click the Apply button.

Note: Any fees or upgrade charges will be displayed for the available upgrade.

7. The process may take a moment to complete your request.

If your request for a seat upgrade has been completed successfully, you will also be informed via e-mail along with the confirmation. So, make sure that you have access to your e-mail account.

Requesting a Seat Upgrade at the Airport

You can also request a seat upgrade by visiting the airport that serves Copa Airlines flights. However, keep in mind this option is only valid at least 2 hours prior to your flight’s departure. Also, if your flight is available for upgrades, you can opt for a Business Class upgrade directly at the airport.

Again, Copa Airlines has stated in their travel policy that passengers are permitted to request an upgrade by showing up at the airport at least 2 hours prior to their flight’s departure time. Also, note that the agents at the airport will be required to verify the availability and the fees to be paid for the upgrade. If the airport you are flying from serves Copa Airlines flights, you can request a seat upgrade.

There are, however, a few steps involved in order to avail of the upgrade. These steps are given below.


1. At the airport, you will be required to provide your reservation information. This includes the reservation number and the passenger’s last name.

2. Now, depending on the Business Class seat availability, you will be able to make your upgrade offer. At this step, you will be required to enter the amount you are willing to pay for an upgrade to Business Class on each eligible segment of your trip.

Note: You can also compare the upgrade to Business Class on each eligible segment with other offers that are available to you.

3. The next step is to complete your payment information. If you are using a credit card, you will need to provide your credit card details. The charge will be made at the time you obtain the upgrade.

Note: They accept Mastercard and Visa payments only.

4. The next step is to check and confirm your offer. A summary of the requested upgrade along with fees charged among other information will be provided to you. Also, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you informing you that the airline has received your request.

5. A link to their website’s page will be provided to you in the e-mail. You can click on it to visit the internet link that will allow you to also make changes to flights or even cancel your current reservation.

The airline carrier will inform you if your upgrade request was approved or rejected within 12-48 hours before your flight’s departure. You may also contact Copa Airlines’ customer service center within the U.S. at 1 888 494 COPA (2672). They are available from 5:00 hours till 23:00 hours (Central Time) from Monday to Saturday only. For other cities, you can find their contact information directly on Copa Airlines’ website.

Upgrades Available through Copa Airlines’ FlyUp Program

The method given above is the standard option that allows you to easily and quickly upgrade your Economy seat to a Business Cabin on a Copa Airlines flight.

Copa Airlines’ FlyUp program lets you travel in Executive Class and also provides complimentary upgrades to ConnectMiles PreferMembers passengers.

Instant Upgrades

Their so-called “Instant Upgrades” are Business Class upgrades that are usually offered to passengers by paying a fixed fare. Such upgrades are confirmed within 24 hours. Also, note that by purchasing an Instant Upgrade, your offer will not compete against other bids. This option, however, is only available on flights that have the Instant Upgrade button displayed.

Bid Upgrades

Bid upgrades, as the name implies, are an upgrade type in which you will have to place bids according to your budget. Generally speaking, if your bid is high enough, then you will get an upgrade and the airline will also inform you about the same via e-mail.

So, make sure to place the highest bid possible, if you are eager to get an upgrade to Copa Airlines’ Business Cabin.

Upgrades are given directly on the flight date at the airport

According to the fly-up program, if your ticket is eligible for the upgrades or your ticket permits the upgrades then you may opt for the upgrades to the business class at the airport directly. The only thing you can do is to reach the airport at least 2 to 3 hours before the scheduled departure so that you have enough time for requesting at the Copa Counter. Copa’s staff will help you to upgrade your seat if the seat is available on that date.

General Terms & Conditions for Seat Upgrades

Copa Airlines have some rules and conditions for seat upgrades you have to follow them otherwise you may deprive of the upgrades.

  • First of all, each upgrade is individual and non-transferable. Passengers are not allowed to upgrade their seats and transfer to the others.
  • If you want upgrades then you have to request the upgrades at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • If you have a group reservation ticket and you want an upgrade in seats then this will not be allowed. This step is invalid for further proceeding.
  • You are allowed to upgrade only once per ticket.
  • If there is any cancellation or changes in flight itinerary from the side of Copaair then your upgrades can be reinstated.
  • If you want to upgrade your seat for your companion also then you will not be restricted but the seat up-gradation is subject to a matter of availability.
  • If any passengers want to travel with pets and want upgrades at the same time then this act will not allow it because Copaair doesn’t allow upgrades to pets.
  • Passengers who applied for the upgrades and the upgrade bid has been accepted then you will not allow getting a refund on the cancellation of upgrades.
  • MAX9 which is dedicated mostly to long routes is also applicable for the upgrades for the PreferMembers of the Copaair.

When will you know If you have been Upgraded or not?

This is the most important question that comes to the mind of every passenger after doing all the formality of the upgrades. So, if passengers have done upgrades and the bid for the upgrades is accepted and the amount which is payable for the upgrades is successfully deducted then Copaair will notify you through emails or through text message on the phone.

The passengers only keep in mind that the message of being approved or rejected is only delivered at least 12 hours before the scheduled flight departure and if your bid for upgrades is denied then there is no charge for upgrades will be deducted or if deducted then it refund in your account directly within 48 working hour. If you want to request the upgrades then you have to fill out some fields, and then do all the given suggestions that will be followed.


If you desire to fly with luxury and comfort, then opting for the seat upgrade in Copa Airlines will definitely let you enjoy a premium experience. In addition, Copa Airlines offers its passengers the opportunity to get a seat upgrade to Business Class, which provides the best-in-class flying experience to travelers. Thus, when you obtain an upgrade on a Copa Airlines flight, you also become eligible for enjoying various benefits, like registration and boarding a special line, access to VIP Rooms, Business Class bags franchise, and personalized and custom attention as well.

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