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14 Best Places For Day Trips From Rome To ‘Roam’ Out Of The Eternal City

There’s such a great amount to do in the Eternal City – Rome that you could undoubtedly go through months there without getting exhausted. Some of the time you need a break from occupied city life, however, or maybe you’re utilizing Rome as a base to investigate the best day trips from here.

In addition to the fact that Rome is one of the most socially critical urban communities on the planet yet, in addition, one of the most sentimental as well. With more than 3K years of verifiable safeguarding to investigate there is no absence of activities in Rome. 

From rough coastlines to rambling vineyards, from medieval towns to Italy’s flourishing cityscapes there is an abundance of day trips from Rome simply lying in sit tight for you.  

Best Short Day Trips From Rome

Pompeii City | Florence City | Pisa City | Vatican City | Naples City | Ostia Antica | Orvieto | Bracciano Hill Town | Capri Island | Cinque Terre | Amalfi Coast | Tuscany Region | Ninfa Gardens | Tivoli City

1. Pompeii City

Pompiie Archeological site in Italy; Best Day Trips From Rome; pompeii tours from rome; rome to pompeii day trip
Pompeii Archeological site

Pompeii, the antiquated Roman city is one of the most prominent day trips from Rome. It’s an unquestionable requirement for any individual who is keen on history and archeological destinations.

Various visit organizations run day outings and journeys from Rome to Pompeii day by day. Try not to miss the old vestiges of the fountain of liquid magma struck city solidified in time, situated around two hours south of the capital city. Visits, for the most part, remember a lunch for the zone and your entrance to the world-acclaimed archeological site.

How to be there:  Just catch the train from Roma Termini to Napoli Centrale to stroll for around one moment to Napoli Piazza Garibaldi, and catch the train to Pompeii (towards Salerno). The adventure takes around 2 hours from Rome to Pompeii.

2. Pisa City

The world famous leaning tower of Pisa, Italy
Pisa’s Leaning tower

Pisa is a city in Italy’s Tuscany district best known for its notorious Leaning Tower. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the most famous vacation spots in Italy, and for a valid justification. Not very numerous structures on the planet are inclining this much, and notwithstanding that, it’s an authentic pinnacle going back to the twelfth century.

With the exception of the Leaning Tower, the city has much to offer for its day time visitors. For instance, there are in excess of 20 recorded places of worship and a few exhibition halls and craftsmanship displays to investigate.

How to be there:  The train withdraws from Rome Tiburtina and afterwards you simply roll out a fast improvement in Florence. The train takes 2 hours and 24 minutes, and from the focal station in Pisa, you can walk or take the transport to the Leaning Tower.

3. Florence City

Uffizi Gallery museum in Florence, Italy ; rome to pisa tour; florence and pisa day trip from rome; best day trips from rome
Uffizi Gallery museum

In case you’re a culture vulture, an admirer of compelling artwork or are basically a guardian of the inquisitive then you will go gaga for Florence without a doubt. Here Must-visit exhibition halls incorporate the Uffizi Gallery which is home to artful culminations by Raphael, Botticelli, and Caravaggio.

The Gucci Museum gives intriguing bits of knowledge into the advancement of present-day style through the eyes of the world-celebrated design house, Gucci. Then you will locate Michelangelo’s eminent ‘David’ mold at the Galleria dell’Accademia.

The beautiful city of Florence is Home to innumerable exhibition halls, displays and style workshops with anybody with a basic eye for the better things in life will completely adore each minute. 

How to be There: For a Rome to Florence day trip take the fast Frecciarossa or Frecciargento trains from Roma Termini station to Florence, which takes under 1.5 hours.

4. Vatican City

The famous Saint Peter's Basilica in the Vatican City; vatican day tour; best day trips from rome
Saint Peter’s Basilica

The world-famous City is the home of the Papal power in Europe and simply a magnetic spot for the tourists to take a view of the magnificent and iconic St. Peter’s Basilica. The Vatican City is the feature of any visit to Rome and the mind-boggling exists in Rome itself.

The Vatican Museums are essentially unbelievable and whether you’re of confidence or not there is no denying the excellence and magnificence that is caught in the workmanship in plain view.

Normally, the Sistine Chapel isn’t to be missed and is the feature of the day. The Sistine Chapel houses Michelangelo’s artful culmination ‘The Last Judgment’ which is lowering to watch. 

Vatican City has an abundance of strict essentialness to investigate and a bunch of structural miracles to appreciate.

How to be there:  Just take a direct train from Roma Termini that goes to Ottaviano for a journey for about 9 minutes.

5. Naples City

The majestic Castelnuovo (Maschio Angioino), Naples
Castelnuovo (Maschio Angioino), Naples

To the southern part of Italy, the historic city of Naples is the doorstep to Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii and in spite of the fact that you can tick both off in one day, this seaside city is meriting a day trip the entirety of its own.

Truly, Napoli or Naples has some significant landmarks to investigate, for example, Castel dell’ Ovo, Castel Nuovo, which also includes the majestic Royal Palace of Naples to investigate it’s Castel Naples and National Archeological Museum.

The city of Naples is also the CenterPoint for the tourists that are just wish to get the taste of the special Margherita pizza. Here, the first-ever Pizzeria in the world is all set to mesmerize you. 

How to be there: Take the quick Frecciarossa train from Roma Termini to Napoli Centrale which lands in a little more than 60 minutes.

6. Ostia Antica 

Ruins of famous Ostia Antica Amphitheatre, Italy; Day trips from Rome
Ruins of Ostia Antica Amphitheatre

Ostia Antica is a huge archaeological site, near the cutting edge town of Ostia. Ostia Antica stays outstanding amongst other protected archaeological locales in Italy. This antique city that in its magnificence days had 100,000 occupants was the primary port of Rome and of significant business significance. 

The ensured site and walled previous city brag a huge amphitheatre, instances of previous Roman homes, and a lot of delightful statues. The vestiges of Ostia Antica are arranged along the central avenue, the 1 km long Decumanus Maximus, it is the coolest Rome short day trips. 

Ostia Antica is the home of a famous amphitheatre, otherwise called Agrippa’s Theater where once up to 4,000 observers could go to the dramatic exhibitions.

How to be there:  For not exactly an hour from the Rome downtown area, You just need to take the Roma-Lido train from Roma Porta San Paolo station, and it will take you to Ostia Antica in a short time.

7. Orvieto

Duomo di Orvieto, Orvieto, Italy ; Day trips from Rome
Duomo di Orvieto

Orvieto is a little city roosted on a stone bluff in Umbria, Italy. Profoundly viewed as one of the most lovely church buildings in Italy, the gothic-style Duomo is the town’s noteworthy and forcing focal point. Its attractive medieval paths are a delight to investigate and there are a lot of fine cafés to attempt. 

The town is likewise incredibly respected by its shocking housetop sees. Take the Orvieto Underground guided visit to find the maze of caverns and passages made by occupants returning right to Etruscan times. 

The underground burrowing framework which contains in excess of 1,200 passages, paths, stairwells, and caverns to investigate the town is simply wonderful.

How to be there:  Effectively associated with Rome via train (two hours) there are Frequent trains run among Rome and Orvieto. Quick prepares to reach in around 50 minutes yet provincial trains take around an hour and a half that is considerably less costly. 

8. Bracciano Hill Town

Bracciano Castle streets, Italy ;Day trips from Rome
Bracciano Castle streets

Bracciano is a community in the Italian region of Lazio, 30 kilometres northwest of Rome. The town is very much known for its volcanic lake and an especially well-safeguarded medieval stronghold Castello Orsini-Odescalchi.

The town is the perfect spot for roaming around the nice scenic views while stopping by to its world-class  Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Bracciano resource.

How to be there: From Roma Tiburtina or Roma Aurelia railroad stations in Rome, you will arrive at the Bracciano metropolitan in around an hour and a half. 

9. Capri Island

Isle of Capri, Italy
Isle of Capri, Italy

The best seaside adventure of your day trips from Rome can be observed by unwinding to the Isle of Capri. The island of Capri is a sumptuous pearl that lies in the Bay of Naples. Best experienced with a half-day vessel trip, Capri is home to various high-style boutiques and lavish inns. 

Island’s blue cave is basically a characteristic marvel among its guests. The Blue Grotto is a beachfront cave where the ocean shines in radiant, electric blue shades. 

Different attracts to Capri incorporate the Faraglioni precipice and cavern for geology darlings, the Villa San Michele for writing sweethearts and Monte Solaro for admirers of nature.

How to be there:   Just take the train from Roma Termini central train station that bounds to the Capri Metropolitan for about 105 minutes, then take a ferry to the island. 

10. Cinque Terre

Manarola town ( Cinque Terre ), Italy
Manarola town ( Cinque Terre ), Italy

Cinque Terre is the beautiful and nice series of coastal villages that make such picturesque scenery along the shorelines. The region consists of 5 traditional villages that are just mesmerizing the visitors with its scenic views of the charming steep hill towns with the colourful houses in the magnificent Italian Riviera. 

Your daytime trips from Rome can be just the ideal one here when you go for the nice outing into the beautiful waters of the Riviera. Just take out the fishing boats of the region for the adventure of both the fishing and roaming in the coastal Cinque Terre region.

The region is also famous for its unique taste of sauce and Pesto along with the other seafood specialities. The hiking trails can eventually lead you to the nice cliffs with the magnetic overview of the region

How to be there:  From the metropolitan city of Rome you can catch the train that bounds to the Cinque Terre region in about 4 hours on average.  

11. Amalfi Coast

Piazza Tasso in Amalfi coast, Sorrento, Italy
Piazza Tasso

The charming coastal region of the Amalfi coast is the most sought after by the visitors from the day trips from Rome. A UNESCO World heritage title-holder, the region is best admired for its undisputed natural beauty that spans to the scenic northern coast of the Salerno Gulf. 

While in the Amalfi region, one place which can make everyone fond of the surrounding beauty is the charming coastal town of Sorrento. To the opposite of Bay of Naples, this town has much for the tourists that can get a taste of the region with its unique Piazza Tasso a cafe-lined square.

In the downtown, you can visit a lot of interesting and historic spots that include the iconic Chiesa di San Francesco, a stunning 14th-century landmark with a tranquil cloister. 

How to be there:  From either Roma or Tiburtina train station, you can take a direct train to the town of Sorrento that can take a little more about 2 hours.  

12. Tuscany Region: Rome day tour with taste and treat

Val_D'Orcia Vineyards, Tuscany, Italy
Val_D’Orcia Vineyards

The beautiful region of Tuscany is the most admirable for its amazing landscapes, Artistic impression, and history. Just feel the typical renaissance charm in the heart of the towns such as Siena city, Saturnia where you can just make an awesome encounter with the majestic museums of Uffizi and the Pitti Palace. 

On to the other specialities of the place, the world-famous Val d’Orcia is just the majestic vineyards both for its taste and treat. A place that you can explore with the comfort of the bicycles to view some of the best in the business in the fields of Vine making.   

The region just looks bright in the middle of the day to feel the beauty of the entire region in your best time of the day trips from Rome.

How to be there:  There are a lot of options available from Rome to Tuscany by train depending on your choice of visit, but the most frequented cities to visit in the region is Florence, Siena city, Saturnia, etc; that can take nearly about 1 and a half hours from Roma Tiburtina.      

13. Ninfa Gardens

Ninfa gardens, Italy
Ninfa gardens, Italy

In the central part of Italy, in the province of Latina lies a true natural gem of Europe. The gardens of Ninfa are just an awesome place to admire the rich naturalistic beauty in the entire region. A paradise for botanists, the region has more than 1300 plant species and is named as the Italian natural monument. 

A great day outing and a must to visit in the region, Ninfa gardens is just an ideal place for your romantic safari into the greenery as well as to see the ruins of a medieval town. The nearby town of Sermoneta is also worth a visit. 

How to be there:   There is no direct train service to the Garden of Ninfa, instead just catch a train that bounds to Latina for about two hours. You can get a taxi to the Ninfa Gardens from Latina Station.   

14. Tivoli City

Villa_d'Este, Tivoli, Italy
Villa_d’Este, Tivoli

Just go to Lazio in the centre of Italy where you can just make your presence counts in the world-class attractions of Tivoli city. The main highlights of the city are the majestic places such as Hadrian’s Villa and Villa d’Este. The two iconic places are just the ideal one for the visitors to know the great cultural history of the city of Tivoli. 

It is here where you can feel the nice charm of the town in the form of ruins of the medieval castles and churches. The iconic Villa d’Este garden is all set to make your day trips count into the exceptional beauty of Natural attractions. 

How to be there:   Just catch a train from Rome’s Tiburtina station that bounds to Tivoli in about 30 minutes.    

In the End

There are a lot of attractions abounds the historic and eternal city of Rome. You just need to explore more from the Metropolitan to visit the places that are just as demanding as the big city of Rome itself.

The city of Rome itself is like a pilgrimage for the tourists that are not just coming to admire the structures of the crowded city but to take a dip out of the eternal city to find out what the country provides beyond its simplicity.   

We hope you enjoy the blog of the best possible day trips from Rome to plan your journey out of the Eternal City as the most memorable and adorable one. 

Thanks for your time.

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