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Copa Airlines Pet Policy

Let’s read about Copa Airline before knowing about Copa Airlines Pet Policy. Copa Airlines is one such famous USA airline which had been flying to every continent with co-operation and support towards its passengers. They are a service giver company, transporting big cargo hold luggage too, to other countries for their customer convenience. 

Copa Airlines only accepts a limited number of pets due to space restrictions. Therefore, travelers planning to travel with pets should book well in advance. Knowing the specific pet policies of airlines is of prime importance in understanding the requirements and preparing for a safe and comfortable journey for your pet. You can also book group travel tickets with Copa airlines.

Therefore, when animal transportation comes into the negotiation, Copa Airlines permit your pet in the passenger or cabin with pets as cargo hold in the baggage department of Copa Airlines aircraft. So for the better travel of your pets, Copa Airlines has a pet policy, which describes all the measures you have to follow to get approved for pet flights.

Thus in this article, we will help you to get information regarding Copa Airlines’ pet policy and get your pet ready to fly on Copa Airlines’ flights hassle-free.

Copa Airlines Pet Allowance Guidelines

Traveling with pets Some important considerations that you should know when transporting your pets on Copa Airlines check-in also treats dogs and cats as pets. Animals that cannot be classified in these categories will not be accepted for transportation. If your pet weighs less than 20lbs, you can transport it as hand luggage to the main cabin. In Business class, pets are restricted. If your pet weighs more than 20 pounds, you should arrange for transportation through our Copa Mascotus product.

Pet Criteria

Copa Airlines offers only dogs and cats as pet passengers. 

Copa allows cancellations and flight change with the pets but you need to pay some extra charges and need to contact the support staff before your scheduled flight.


Airlines will evaluate a pet carriage along the route or from any city with temperatures above   85 ° F.

You have a temperature restriction to ensure that your pet is not exposed to extreme heat or cold:

  • In animal husbandry areas
  • At terminal facilities
  • While moving animals between the terminal and the plane
  • Awaiting departure on an airplane

Key Highlights Of Copa Airlines Pet Policy

You must go by a few important rules before taking your pets on a trip in order to avoid issues before you leave or to get around any limitations. So, consider these points.

  • For international flights, pets are allowed to transport only Monday to Friday.
  • If allow your children whose age is under 11 years old are restricted to travel with pets.
  • Your pet should be more than 8 weeks old, less than this is not allowed.
  • Because many nations only permit your pet to cross their border after seeing the certifications be sure you have the appropriate documentation or vaccination certificate.
  • To ensure that your pet is comfortable during the trip, your container should have a sturdy base that perfectly secures the animals.
  • The pet’s container needs to have adequate ventilation points so that your pet can travel comfortably.
  • The combined weight of your pet and the container should not exceed the 20 lb limit.
  • Trained your pets and make them familiar with the container so that they can feel comfortable during the journey.
  • The container should be made up of strong base material so that pet can easily sit and move inside.
  • Make sure you have a proper document or the certificate of Vaccination because many countries only allow your pet to enter their border after seeing the certificates.
  • Before check-in, you should check the eligibility of your pet so that your pet is allowed to travel with you on the same flight in-cabin, checked baggage, or travel separately with the cargo.
  • Pet’s container should be a proper ventilation area and leak-proof material so that your pet can breathe easily. With the help of leak-proof material, the surroundings of the aircraft where your pet’s container is stored are clean.
  • Check and verify whether your pet is allowed to travel to the destination or not. Because some countries don’t give permission to enter their borders or maybe restrict some special breeds so crosscheck before flying.

Pets in the cabin

Passengers should contact the airline at least 48 hours before the flight’s departure to ensure a place for pets. Owners must travel on the same flight as their pets with a suitable cage for their transport. Travel with pets is not permitted in connection flights between Copa Airlines and other airlines.

  • Small cats and dogs can be taken to the cabin on several flights with Copa Airlines if the total weight of the pet and carrier does not exceed 20 pounds (9 kg).
  • Pets must stay inside their carrier for the length of the journey.
  • Each passenger is allowed to bring 1 pet inside with 1 pet.
  • Passengers can feed their pet during the journey, as long as the pet stays inside their carrier.
  • The fee for pets being taken to the cabin is $ 125 on international flights and $ 25 on domestic flights.
  • Also, the pet should not be less than 8 weeks old.
  • Copa airlines suggest that the pet should be placed inside either a soft-sided carrier or a hard-sided carrier.
  • The dimensions of a soft-sided carrier must not exceed 13 x 17 x 7.5 inches, a hard-sided carrier must be within the dimension restriction of 11 x 18 x 11 inches.

Pet in Cabin Charges

If you want that your pet will travel with you in the passenger’s cabin, then you have to pay the charges to the airline.

Pet travel in CabinCharges
International FlightsUS$147-$166 (including tax)
Domestic FlightsUS$29-$33 (including tax)


  • All the charges that are applied by the airline are in CAD and sales taxes are also included in that.
  • The price that is displayed is the total price, you have to pay the taxes also at the time of purchase.
  • If you have a connected flight, in which both flights are included domestic and international, then you have to pay the charges as per the international flight.

Pets in Cargo

Copa Airlines recently made changes to their cargo program to ensure that you are up to date on all changes. You can request your pet cargo booking here, but I recommend you read all the details below before making a reservation.

  • Dogs and cats that do not meet the requirements for transportation to the cabin can travel as cargo instead of Copa pets.
  • They only send pets from Monday to Thursday to ensure that the animal does not pass quarantine over the weekend. 
  • To be accepted as cargo, animals must be between 2 months to 11 years old.
  • During the flight period, the pet should be placed inside a carrier which should be sufficient for him/her to stand up, turn around, and sit comfortably. 
  • The dimensions of the carrier must be either 16 x 15 x 21 or 27 x 30 x 40 inches for that purpose.
  • They do now not take delivery of the following breeds as cargo – English Bulldog, Canary Catch Dog, Argentine Dogo, American Staffordshire Terrier, Pit Bull Terrier, Cane Corso, and Brasilian Phila.
  • Snub-nosed races will not be permitted on all flights and are treated with extra caution.
  • These breeds include Boston Terrier, Boxer, Griffon de Brussels, Bull Terrier, Holland Pug, English Toy Spaniel, French Bulldog, Japan Chin, Japan Pug, Pequin, Staffordshire, Bichor Principal, Maltese, Cavaliers King, Charles Spaniel, Chow Chong, Lhasa Are included. Apso, Sharpei, Shihtzu, Yorkshire Terrier, Carlino Mastiff, and Dog de Bordeaux.

Pet In Cargo Charges

For all the pets that will be transported through the cargo, then you have to bear some charges as per the excessive baggage rates:

Pet travel in CargoCharges
International FlightsUS$125
Domestic FlightsUS$25


  • If you are traveling through Panama, and you want to leave your pet at the airport for a few hours. You can do so by paying the charges of US $9.50 per pet.
  • However, if you have a connected flight, in which both flights are included domestic and international, then you have to pay the charges as per the international flight.

Emotional Support/Service Animal

Each passenger is allowed to bring an emotional support or service dog to the cabin of the aircraft. However, Copa Airlines requires that passengers present them with the necessary documents.

  • In the case of a service dog, it should be recognized as trained and have vaccination and a certificate of good health.
  • In the case of an emotional support dog, an ESA letter issued by a medical practitioner stating that the dependent traveler makes a diagnosis of mental disability as recognized in DSM-IV or V.

Terms & Conditions For The Transport Of Pet

  1. Pets are not allowed in business class. ConnectMiles PreferMember cabin travelers flying with pets are not limited to complimentary change. 
  2. Pets in business class are not approved. Passengers visiting with pets in the ConnectMiles PreferMember cabin will no longer be liable for free upgrades.
  3. If your trip includes a connection on an airline other than the Interpa segment or Copa Airlines, pets are not accepted onboard.
  4. Passengers must go on the same aircraft as their pet and use a cage that is ideal for its transport.
  5. Passengers are responsible for enclosing their pet in its cage, as well as removing it.
  6. In case of emergency, pets will not be given oxygen. Copa also allows you to upgrade your seat with them effortlessly.
  7. If customers need a rescheduling in the flights then pets are allowed subject to the availability on the new flights.
  8. Both paperwork needed to ensure the departure and admission of your pet to both the cities of deportation and destination are carried out by travelers. The documentation needed for travel to a foreign country, if applicable, shall also contain, in the country of origin, transit, and destination, any conditions or additional or special documents required by the legislation and regulations. To meet your pet’s needs, please contact the sanitation authorities of each country.
  9. On international flights, the customer must provide a health certificate for their pet, which is emitted by the appropriate authority, along with all necessary documents for entry to their next destination.
  10. Owners must provide evidence of current vaccination and health certificates for domestic flights inside Panama.
  11. The pet must have a vaccine against rabies.
  12. Remember to check for restrictions to/from specific destinations.

So for any other questions about Copa Airlines’ pet policy, then contact the Copa Airlines official site directly or ask the customer support team to get the appropriate help from them. Apart from them, you can additionally contact us, Treknova on toll-free wide variety + 1-800-831-1547 for our first-class advantages for 24 * 7.

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