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Top 10 Best Tourists Places To Visit In September In The World

September is the month when the autumn season begins. That’s why people often search for the best places to visit in September to enjoy the autumn season.

Although, the best places to visit in September besides this, people also search for similar topics like- the best countries to visit in September, top destinations in September, and many more.

And why not, in the month of September people love going outside the city or country. And, want to enjoy the autumn season with lots of outdoor activities.

That’s why people often search on the internet for, Best places to visit in September. Yes, we can say that for people who love traveling in good weather then September is the best month. Because September is the month when the autumn season starts.

The weather this month is neither too hot nor too cold that’s why people love roaming around in this weather. And also to enjoy this season people love to visit new places.

Moreover, there are many destinations that depend on tourists, to fuel their economy. They often reduce the price in the month of September to attract more and more tourists to visit their city.

Here, we will discuss the 10 best places to visit in September.

List Of Best Places To Visit In September

1.  Barcelona, Spain

It is the cosmopolitan capital of Spain which is located on the northeast coast of the Iberian Peninsula. 

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain

Moreover, people can visit this colorful city in the month of September. And also enjoy their festival “Fiesta de la Merce” which is in full swing in the month of September.

Barcelona city is famous for its art and architecture even this city is known for its award-winning industrial design. Furthermore,  this city is the second-largest trade fair and exhibition center in Europe.

Moreover, Barcelona is a renowned tourist place, it is the 20th most visited place in the world. And, it comes in the fifth number the most visited city in Europe after London Paris, Istanbul, and Rome.

Tourists can visit places like historic monuments, recreational areas, the best beaches in the world, and also eight UNESCO world heritage.

2. Buenos Aires, Argentina

It is the city that comes to the second most desirable city to visit after Florence and Italy.

Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires

Visitors can enjoy the Tango show, the Province of Buenos Aires, and also the traditional Asado. Moreover, famous tourist places can be found in the historic core of the city. The Monserrat and San Telmo neighborhoods of this city.

Furthermore, tourists can enjoy the parks, theater, and some beautiful landmarks in this city. This city contains more than 250 parks to visit. However, the most visited parks are the Botanical garden, Parque tres Febrero, Plaza de Mayo, and Congressional Plazza.

Talking about the theaters, tourists can see more than 280 theaters. But, the most visited theaters, are Teatro Colon, Cervantes theater, Teatro Gran Rex, and Avenida theater.

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3. Portland, Oregon

Portland is the largest city in the state of Oregon. Moreover, the portland city holds something interesting for its tourists.

 Portland, Oregon
Portland, Oregon

Tourists can enjoy the amazing view of Mount Hood, offering something for every traveler. Also, tourists can enjoy Hiking in the morning, shopping, or roaming around downtown.

After spending quality time a tourist can go for dinner in the city at a futuristic, rooftop restaurant, or Departure.

Portland is the home to numerous museums ranging from art museums to the institute of science and wildlife. However, the world Forestry center discovery museum is located in the city of Washington park tourists should visit this place.

Tourists who love the art gallery can visit the Portland Art Museum which is the oldest art museum.

Moreover, people who love eating then definitely you will love this city which is famous for street food. Tourists should also visit a voododonut place where they can have some good desserts with great toppings on donuts. And enjoy their meal.

4. Aix-en Provence, France

This is the place where most travelers flock typically in the month of September. This place is famous for its elegance and high culture.

Aix-en Provence, France
Aix-en Provence, France

The Aix-en culture is all about music, dance, festival d’ Aix-en Provence, museums and libraries, European capital culture, and others. Tourists can enjoy their culture while roaming around.

Furthermore, tourists must give visit Villa La Coste which is quiet outside of Aix-en Provence in the French countryside.

The interior of the villa is designed with spectacular gardens, biodynamic vineyards, an art park, and a pavilion. Tourists will definitely enjoy this place while roaming around other places.

However, if you are planning a honeymoon in France, then Paris is the best place to visit.

5. Riviera Maya, Mexico

This place is an awesome place to enjoy the September month with all-inclusive resort facilities.

Riviera Maya, Mexico
Riviera Maya, Mexico

The all-inclusive resort facility provides visitors staying and three meal facilities with soft and alcoholic drinks. Besides this these resorts also offer other sports services or any other.

Moreover, the coastal and reef aquatic activities are the major attraction in Riviera Maya. However, this barrier reef system is the second-longest in the world.

People can enjoy many outdoor activities such as scuba diving, jet-skiing, snorkeling, sailing, zip-lining, and of course a jungle tour. However, tourists like to swim with dolphins and love horse riding.

Literally, tourists can enjoy at this place at most with lots of outdoor activities.

Furthermore, people who are interested in archeology study will find this place best for them. As archeology is also a big tourist attraction over there, there are many famous archeological places. But, Tulum, Coba, and Chichen Itza archeological sites are famous tourist attractions sites.

6. the Florida Keys

September month can be the finest month to give your visit to this place. 

Florida Keys
Florida Keys

As the summer crowd has gone and the weather is best to have water activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, etc. 

The hawks’ cay resort offers a fresh dining concept which includes a chop house with signature seafood and prime cut. Earlier, the resort is the best place for families but now the oasis cay is for adults.

Moreover, the major industries in Florida Key are fishing and tourism. Tourists can visit some places and resort including ecotourism. Ecotourism involves undisturbed natural areas.

Visiting this place in the month of September let the tourists enjoy the rainy season. However, doing water activities in the rainy season will add more fun.

7. Glacier National Park, USA

To feel a close connection with nature, visit this place “Glacier National Park”, especially in the month of September. 

Visitors can see active wildlife preparing for winter. Also, people can go camping in the park which is first come first served. Also, there are bus services for those people who want to enjoy the scenery while traveling.

Moreover, tourists can enjoy the views of the most famous seven tidewater glaciers in the park. They are named Grand Pacific Glacier, Johns Hopkins Glacier, Gilman Glacier, Margerie Glacier, and Laperouse Glacier. These glaciers are the ones that actively calve icebergs.

Furthermore, tourists get lots of services to enjoy, among them kayak is one of the best services. Kayaks offers tourists to get around the park and see many things at the same time. However, Muir inlet and Johan Hopkin Glaciers are the most visited place among tourists.

Above all, there are many more places to visit in the USA. Also, there are a few low-cost airlines in the USA that will make your travel cheap.

8. Glencoe, Scotland

Glencoe is a popular tourist place because of many beautiful landmarks, historical museums, climbing, skiing, and many more.

Glencoe, Scotland
Glencoe, Scotland

Tourists can enjoy lots of outdoor activities at this place like climbing, hillwalkers or hiking. This place is popular, especially for such activities. Moreover, this place was selected for movies like Harry Potter, James Bond, and sky fall.

Furthermore, tourists can enjoy the experience of adventure, hillwalkers the Aonach Eagach which offers the finest scrambles in the mainland. However, there are many visitors who come from Glencoe on the west highland way from the old military road crosses the River Etive at the king’s house hotel.

Visitors can enjoy the peaceful nature, wildlife, beautiful landmarks and of course many outdoor activities. There are many outdoor activities like a hiking trail, waterfall, best views of peaks with great vistas and many more.

To know more exotic places to visit in Scotland.

9. Vienna, Austria

It is the most visited place and attracts over eight million visitors every year.

 Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Austria

This city is popular for its museums, art museums, parks, cafes, food and many more.

The tourists can visit many places in Vienna. However, the major tourist attractions in Vienna city are the imperial places of Hofburg and Schonbrunn.

Also, tourists can visit the oldest zoo Tiergarten Schoenbrunn and see many wildlife over there.

Moreover,  the tourists can visit Wiener Riesenrad it is the Ferris wheel in the entrance of the  Prater amusement park.

The culture of Vienna also attracts tourists, most popular places are Burgtheater, Lippizaner horses at the Spanish Hofreitschule, Wiener Staatsoper.

People who love arts will find more than 100 art museums to look around in Vienna. The numerous art museums attract many visitors to Vienna. However, the most popular art museums are Albertina, Leopold Museum, Bank Austria Kunstforum, Museumsquartier, KunstHausWien.

10. Chicago, USA

The eminent Chicago architecture, thousands of restaurants, state street and upscale shopping continues to draw tourists.

Chicago, USA
Chicago, USA

Tourists can enjoy many things in Chicago like the jazz festival, local artists, food, beer. Besides this, tourists can visit places like Tiffany Glass dome, Millenium Park, Buckingham Fountain and the Art Institute of Chicago. 

Moreover, tourists can enjoy delicious food in Chicago. The most famous one is deep-dish-pizza the thin crust pizza is also popular in the city. Lou Malnati’s and Giordano’s are also the most popular pizza. Visitors must enjoy the taste of these pizzas at once.

The Chicago city is well known for there parks. Also, known for “City in a Garden” it contains around more the 570 parks. However, Lincoln Park is the largest in the city park where many tourists visit. Moreover, visitors can also visit beaches as Chicago contains 31 sand beaches.

In Summary

Definitely… You are looking for the best places to visit in the month of September when the autumn season begins.

That’s why you visited this blog.

I hope this blog helps you to find many beautiful places to visit in September. We give you a brief idea about the places you may visit to enjoy the autumn season.

Still confused about which place to select maybe because every place has something good in it. My personal advice, select any place every place is the best place to visit in September.

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